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Blog log from R6 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R6 of 2023

McCarthy leaps in front of Ash to clunk a long Coleman ball up the guts to the hotspot for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 5:21)
Coleman runs away from congestion through the centre and goes long again, Dunkley sets Hipwood off into the open goal. (Q1 8:15)
Greene plays on to advantage from a HTB free to Cadman 45m out on the flank, reaches 40m on a slight angle but his snap is poor and intercepted for no score. (Q1 10:40)
Cameron marks a Bailey kick in front of Idun at the hotspot for his first goal. (Q1 15:22)
Cadman marks in front of Joyce 20m out on a slight angle for his first goal, and the first for GWS. (Q1 18:37)
Ashcroft answers that goal from a #1 draft pick with one of his own from the run near the hotspot, after a feed out from from a pack by McCluggage. (Q1 20:33)
O’Halloran kicks another goal from a centre bounce, this one roosted from 50m on a slight angle after a handball clanger by Coleman and feed by Kelly. (Q1 22:07)
Gunston marks a short McCluggage pass on the lead 35m out on the flank but his set shot is narrow left. (Q1 23:27)
Gunston marks again 45m out on the flank and this time just misses to the right. (Q1 26:04)
Cameron backheels a sensational goal from mid-air 15m out while leaping in front of Ash, who does he think he is, Wayne Rooney? Come on Charlie, that was ridiculous. (Q1 28:12)
Gunston passes to Rayner 40m out in the corridor who hangs it left. (Q1 30:37)
Kelly misses from a big pack at half forward. (Q1 32:35)
O’Halloran converts a set shot from 45m on a slight angle from an extremely short pass by Coniglio across half forward, lucky to be paid a mark. (Q2 3:27)
Daniels gets a high contact free on Wilmot 35m out in front under a Coleman tackle at a ball up, he kicks straight too. (Q2 6:53)
Daniher’s link mark on the wing leads to Cameron roving behind a pack 25m out and running into the open goal. (Q2 10:27)
Daniels checksides wide from the pocket 20m out off a few steps, disappointingly. (Q2 12:58)
Greene juggles a Coniglio ball for a mark in between two Lion defenders 45m out on a slight angle, Joyce getting no body on him at all in the lead up. He kicks truly. (Q2 13:57)
Haynes comes off Gunston to try to impact a ground ball contest near the Lion hotspot but fumbles, the ball flips out to Gunston who snaps the goal off the right. (Q2 15:54)
Perryman snaps his third goal from near CHF after the next centre bounce with a goal assist feed by Ward, goals from the centre are piling up in this game. (Q2 17:22)
Hipwood takes a strong contested grab in the pocket from a Zorko pass in front of Buckley. He shoots with a J-curve from 20m… narrow. (Q2 20:48)
Rich intercepts a dump kick by Haynes at half forward and delivers a lovely long ball to the pocket for Rayner to mark 15m out and goal. (Q2 22:58)
Hipwood passes to Daniher 50m out on the flank, his sort of range but his set shot falls on the line… review shows Flynn just didn’t get to it in time, goal to Joe. (Q2 26:58)
Rayner roves near Daniher at CHF despite Haynes pressure and feeds forward to Cameron who gives over Buckley for Gunston to enjoy a Joe the Goose special. (Q3 1:03)
Himmelberg marks on the lead in front of Joyce 40m out near the boundary. Thor will need to hammer this with some accuracy… no good. (Q3 2:23)
Rich and McKenna are involved twice in the coast-to-coast rebound from the kick in, McKenna’s kick lands in the lap of Cameron in the pocket 20m out for goal number four. (Q3 3:43)
Joyce tries to kill a chaos ball by Kelly at half back but falls on it and gets claimed HTB by Himmelberg 45m out. Easier set shot, but Thor hits the post. (Q3 6:24)
Himmelberg gathers a Callaghan kick on the HFF and feeds Daniels who chooses a pass to Greene on the boundary 40m out. Greene threads it with a pearler of a set shot! (Q3 8:04)
Cameron catches Coniglio HTB at the Lions hotspot for his fifth goal. (Q3 13:49)
Rayner marks on the HFF and goes to the pocket for Cameron to mark 25m out and shoots for goal number six… screwed in like a nut on a vintage motorcycle. (Q3 15:52)
McCarthy gets a free on Greene at the next bounce, Bailey roves the drop by Buckley for another one from the hotspot. (Q3 17:49)
Greene sets up a ground battle between Cadman and Andrews at half forward, Daniels comes in to thieve the footy and snap a nice goal from 20m in the pocket. (Q3 20:44)
Greene passes to Daniels in the pocket 30m out on the end of a rebound started by Himmelberg on the last line. Daniels screws in another one for the Giants! (Q3 24:49)
Hogan is over the back of Joyce to mark a long Himmelberg ball up the guts to the hotspot on the end of another orange tsunami rebound. He goals as well! (Q3 26:40)
Perryman roves a high Greene speculator 40m out in front but misses off a step. (Q3 30:36)
Daniher snaps across the face on the lope from 40m on the boundary. (Q4 1:04)
Whitfield coughs the ball up by hand on the last line, ten blokes jump in to try to win it but the ball flips out to Cameron who just about kills it off with his seventh. (Q4 3:37)
Hipwood marks at the back of a pack at the hotspot and kicks off garbage time with a goal. (Q4 4:57)
Rayner marks a Zorko pass just inside 50m on the flank but doesn’t score. (Q4 8:57)
Peatling baulks past Wilmot on the wing and goes long to Hogan to mark 45m out on a slight angle. Hogan kicks long and straight. (Q4 9:57)
Centre clearance to GWS goes long to the square… somehow Himmelberg marks it with one arm in a wrestle with Andrews for another one! (Q4 11:41)
Kelly passes to Greene in the pocket 30m out, he plays on and misses off the left across the body. (Q4 14:52)
Ward marks a Haynes pass in space and snaps from the HFF but it’s wide left. (Q4 17:36)
Bailey misses a flying snap from the HFF after a quick rebound. (Q4 17:55)
Cadman fumbles a ground ball under pressure in the centre, the crumb falls for Ashcroft who has Cameron on his own 30m out on a slight angle. This for eight… no good, left. (Q4 19:38)
Neale cuts off a Daniels toepoke on the HBF to start a rebound, Ashcroft feeds Gunston who baulks Idun and passes to Cameron 35m out on the flank… who hits the post. (Q4 22:38)
Angwin coughs the ball up under big pressure at the Lions hotspot, Gunston tries to give Daniher a Joe the Goose special but sails the handball over his head for a point! (Q4 26:18)
Cumming soccers a loose ball straight to McCluggage 40m out who fends off Callaghan and snaps wide off the left. (Q4 26:56)
McCLuggage gives wide to McKenna who slams a snap into the post from 40m on the flank. (Q4 28:16)
Himmelberg roves a Greene contest on the HFF and goes to the top of the square for Daniels to mark and goal in the last minute. (Q4 29:07)

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