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Blog log from R5 of 2023: Collingwood vs St Kilda

Blog log for Collingwood vs St Kilda, R5 of 2023

Crouch receives a free kick in the square, and slots the first goal of the game as a result! (Q1 6:08)
Crisp dishes off to Mitchell who then unloads from outisde the 50 to get one back instantly! (Q1 6:08)
Marshall gives away a free for in the back on Adams, but Taylor’s kick is a wobbler and floats wide for a point (Q1 6:26)
Elliott gets the handball away to Hill in the contest and Hill screws through a snap across the body! (Q1 8:26)
Windhager and Owens combine before Windhager wobbles through a ball towards goal that dribbles past Moore and Cordy for a behind (Q1 11:45)
Ginnivan streams inside 50 and fancies his chances as he burns a couple teammates, but his kick slides to the left for a point (Q1 13:32)
A 50m penalty brings St Kilda forward, Butler kicking to Higgins who takes a nice mark 45m out, but his kick fans to the right for a behind (Q1 21:48)
A 50m penalty against McCreery or Mihocek brings Clark to 40m out, he slots the goal and punishes the error from Collingwood! (Q1 24:32)
Owens sends a grubber forward and it takes a massive bounce to get over the top, but Caminiti has to handle it and it ends up as a behind (Q2 0:40)
Higgins lurks out the back and pulls down a mark 30m out on the 45. He kicks truly this time and gets his name on the board! (Q2 7:22)
Hoskin-Elliot kicks a bit of a shank inside 50 but it lands on the chest of Mihocek who marks 40m out. He slides the ball past the post for a goal! (Q2 15:57)
McCreery invents a snap from nothing as he roves a forward contest, getting the lead back for Collingwood! (Q2 18:22)
Phillipou rises to take a strong mark ahead of Owens, and slots the goal as calm as you like from 40m out! (Q2 21:59)
McCreery marks on the flank just inside 50, but his set shot spirals out right for a behind (Q2 25:00)
Frampton receives from Adams and streams forward to kick from 30m out, but sprays it to the right for a behind (Q3 4:12)
Hoskin-Elliot skies a ball directly upwards at the top of the square, Johnson taps it forward and it’s rushed over by Ross (Q3 6:38)
Ross is pinged for a hold on Elliott on the 50, but a clever lead from Mihocek into the pocket is rewarded as he marks 30m out. He snaps it through for his second goal! (Q3 8:13)
Wood intercepts a rushed kick out of Collingwood’s defence on the 50, he decides to go himself, but his kick sticks out to the right for a behind (Q3 9:45)
Caminiti takes a strong mark against Moore, but plays on as the players hear a call for touched, the umpires stop the play and Caminiti gets his set shot, slotting the goal! (Q3 11:34)
Sidebottom dumps a high ball inside 50 and Hill gets under it to mark 30m out in the pocket. He goes for the drop punt and squeezes the ball through for a goal! (Q3 14:42)
Mihocek gathers a loose ball 45m out, he turns and runs on to snap from 40m out, but Battle is there on the line to tap it over (Q3 18:56)
Johnson rips the ball out from the ruck and tries to snag a goal from the contest, but kicks it wide (Q3 20:13)
A risky inboard kick by Brad Hill pays off as St Kilda surge through the middle, they spread wide to Wood and they’re out the back with Caminiti who marks, plays on, and goals! (Q3 26:00)
McCreery stops and props 40m out, snapping the ball to the top of the square, it spills in the contest and rolls over for a point (Q3 27:27)
Collingwood cut back inside to Johnson who marks 45m out in front. He has the distance covered, but hangs it out left for a behind (Q3 29:02)
Hill sneaks through an underground kick that finds Ginnivan in loads of Space, he takes a turn and snaps through a goal! (Q4 1:17)
Daicos spears a ball inside 50 and it’s a raffle between Johnson and Mihocek. Johnson marks, and converts the set shot! (Q4 4:35)
Mihocek plows through a couple of St Kilda defenders and gets the handball off to Johnson who then handballs in front of Hill, who throws a boot at it in midair, kicking his third! (Q4 7:20)
Owens finds Hill lurking on the flank and kicks to him, marking 35m out. Hill’s kick starts left and ends left (Q4 9:18)
Hill has another attempt at goal from the same spot, this time a rushed snap, but gets the same result (Q4 10:14)
Byrnes burns a couple teammates as he streams forward and kicks from 35m out, but sprays it to the right (Q4 14:06)
Phillipou collects and spins through the Collingwood defence before taking a shot, but hangs it out wide! (Q4 17:20)
Ginnivan forces a turnover and sends it towards Elliott who is told to take the shot and does, so sending it through the big sticks and potentially sealing the game! (Q4 18:36)
Owens tries to get one back late by taking a shot from 45 out on the run, but the ball snicks the post and is called a behind after review (Q4 25:11)
Maynard gives away a free kick against Higgins, and the Saints small forward slots his second goal for some consolation (Q4 28:22)
Wood whirls around on his left boot and takes a shot at goal but misses to the left, poetically (Q4 28:55)
Phillipou handballs out the back to Byrnes who is able to sneak through a goal and bring the margin back to 12 with just over a minute left! (Q4 29:51)
Byrnes pounces on a loose ball and shovels it out to Crouch who bursts to 40m before slotting a big goal on the run to cut it back to a 6 point game! (Q4 31:13)

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