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Blog log from R5 of 2023: Fremantle vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Fremantle vs Gold Coast, R5 of 2023

Lukosius’ link mark on outer wing leads to a pass to the lead of Chol 30m out on a slight angle, Cox trailing badly. Chol’s set shot swerves left into the post. (Q1 2:08)
Long roves the kick in on the wing and goes quickly to Lukosius just outside true CHF. Kicking into a slight breeze, Luko roosts through the first goal! (Q1 2:38)
Brayshaw intercepts on outer wing and gives off to Ryan who bombs long from 70m… not quite enough breeze to carry it but Walters marks over Long for the first Dockers goal. (Q1 4:48)
Ryan’s kick in is turned over by Wagner at half back, Ainsworth feeds Fiorini who misses off the right from the hotspot. (Q1 12:41)
Macpherson is out of position on Walters as they wait for a Sturt long ball from the HFF to the square, Walters drops it but the ump pays a contact free, second goal Sonny. (Q1 16:54)
Wagner intercepts in defence but his disposal skills let him down, a sack straight to Ainsworth 30m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q1 18:45)
Walters beats Macpherson in a ground battle on the HFF for a ball which was very, very close to the boundary… he centres for Schultz for the goal from 20m. (Q1 22:53)
Swallow marks a Lukosius pass 20m out on the flank for another goal into the wind in red time. (Q1 24:56)
Lukosius again goes long inside 50 from members wing, this one clears Chol who was clear but King clutches the mark over Cox near the hotspot and converts. (Q1 26:41)
Chol marks an Ainsworth pass to 40m out on a slight angle ans sails through a nice set shot. (Q1 28:09)
Anderson spoils a long ball from the HFF to the Freo square, Banfield roves but gets tackled and misses. (Q2 1:45)
Walters breaks up the kick in chipping in front of Andrews and centres for Schultz 25m out on a slight angle, he converts. (Q2 2:28)
Lukosius misses a set shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 5:13)
Ryan tries a long kick in but it’s spoiled back inside 50 and rolls past a few, Holman roves and goals from the hotspot. (Q2 5:58)
Holman passes inboard to Lukosius 40m out on a slight angle. This should be a doddle with the breeze behind the kick… but he tugs it left again. (Q2 7:44)
Brayshaw feeds Aish at a stoppage 35m out, he snaps straight but the wind blows it down and wide… Amiss claims the mark on the behind line and goals. (Q2 11:13)
Humphrey marks a Miller ball over Ryan with one hand 25m out on a slight angle, fine skill after being caught HTB minutes before. He kicks his first senior goal. (Q2 16:10)
Holman passes to Humphrey in the pocket 20m out, who centres for Swallow at the hotspot for his second goal. (Q2 18:04)
Clark falls into the back of Humphrey as they chase a crumb 45m out in front from the Suns goals. Humphrey gets up and hooks the free kick left. (Q2 21:29)
Jackson marks a Brodie pass in front of Long 40m out on a slight angle. Tricky set shot into the breeze… but he swerves it right to left and through! (Q2 22:29)
Frederick feeds Schultz on a wave move through the corridor, has all the goals to aim at from 20m but sprays it, disappointingly. (Q2 24:29)
The Suns go coast to coast from the kick in, again it’s Lukosius delivering inside 50 and the long ball is for Swallow to mark over Clark 20m out for his third goal! (Q2 24:59)
Weller’s tackle forces a spillage after a Holman kick to the square, Fiorini roves and bangs through the goal from 30m. (Q2 29:15)
Night has fallen in Norwood and the rains are looming as Q3 begins. (Half Time)
Walters misses kicking over his shoulder off the left from the pocket 20m out after a stoppage. (Q3 2:47)
After a Ryan intercept on outer wing, Jackson marks a Young pass in front of Collins 45m out on the flank and rides the breeze for a nice goal. (Q3 5:50)
From a throw in next to the behind post, Darcy taps down to Walters for his third goal from near the behind line. (Q3 8:25)
Weller passes to King to mark in front of Clark 40m out on a slight angle for his second goal. (Q3 12:35)
Rosas roves a Lukosius contest in the pocket and runs into the open goal. (Q3 14:52)
Amiss marks just inside true CHF but his kick is amiss, fading right. (Q3 16:51)
Chol marks well within range but goes inboard to Anderson at the hotspot… but that kick is wide. (Q3 18:41)
Brayshaw rams through a nice snap on the run from the HFF to give the Dockers some hope with rain imminent and going into the breeze in Q4. (Q3 21:54)
Rowell feeds Swallow in a pack 30m out on a slight angle but the snap off the left is across the face. (Q3 24:56)
Ballard is pinged for some rather soft but early contact on Amiss in a marking contest 20m out, Amiss doesn’t miss this one. (Q3 26:26)
Lukosius catches Walker HTB 45m out in front but misses. (Q3 28:41)
Schultz marks a wobbling inside 50 kick from Hughes in front of Weller 40m out in the corridor and converts. (Q3 30:41)
Brodie hits the lead of Amiss diving to 40m on a slight angle, nothing Ballard could do there. This to level the scores…. swings left. (Q4 0:40)
Anderson is behind a stoppage on the HFF and the ball flips out to him, he tries an outrageous checkside from 40m and curls it through! (Q4 3:30)
The Dockers rebound around members wing, Macpherson almost breaks it up with a big tackle on Schultz 10m out but Schultz powers through to feed Walters for the goal. (Q4 6:55)
Walters feeds Sturt for a snap across the body from 25m on the flank after a stoppage but it curls right for a point. (Q4 8:52)
The Dockers get an overlap running through midfield, Schultz goes long to Frederick one out with Lemmens, the Docker takes an acrobatic mark at the hotspot… but misses. (Q4 11:30)
Schultz misses from a snap from the flank 50m out. (Q4 13:12)
Amiss marks a Frederick pass 45m out then goes short to Johnson just outside the hotspot. This for the lead for Fremantle, it’s been coming… he goals! (Q4 16:30)
Amiss marks a Young speculator to the pocket 20m out, his drop punt is straight through! (Q4 18:50)
Anderson has a chance for a running snap from 50m on a slight angle, he sails that one through to give the Suns some hope. (Q4 21:01)
Rowell soccers wide from a stoppage 20m out. (Q4 22:43)
Darcy marks a Serong speculator in front of a pack 45m out on the flank, both Collins and Moyle in his wake. His set shot stays left. (Q4 24:51)
2:46 to go and the Suns need some magic from someone. (Q4 25:09)
Stoppage on outer wing, 2:25. (Q4 25:33)
Serong kicks to grass at half forward, the ball sits up for Frederick who feeds Banfield for a huge goal from the hotspot! (Q4 26:07)
2:06 and the Suns are just about shot, behind by two kicks now. (Q4 26:07)
Rowell clears from the next bounce, stoppage 20m out, 1:52. (Q4 26:56)
Another bounce same spot, 1:45. (Q4 27:14)
Serong stamps his BOG credentials by catching Miller HTB to ice the game. (Q4 27:51)
Serong passes to Sturt 40m out in front in the last minute, he takes his full allotment of time then hooks OOTF as the final siren sounds. (Q4 29:56)

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