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Blog log from R4 of 2023: Geelong vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Geelong vs Hawthorn, R4 of 2023

Reeves and Day combine immediately out of the middle and get it down to Breust in the pocket. Duncan gets him in the back for a free kick. Short work for Breust to kick things off! (Half Time)
Hawthorn go forward again quickly, streaming past the Geelong defence, eventually it’s Day who handballs over the top to Greene who pokes one in from the top of the square! (Half Time)
Newcombe blasts a set shot wide from 45m out (Half Time)
Sicily sends a dart in the direction of Breust who easily disposes of Bews to mark 35 out near the boundary. The kick is no issue as he snaps it through for his second! (Half Time)
Breust and Brockman are strolling towards goal under minimal pressure, but despite getting a Joe the Goose special from Breust, Brockman misses to the near side from 10m out! (Half Time)
Stengle tries to sneak through a dribbler from the pocket, but it’s touched by a diving Frost
(Half Time)
Geelong get another rare foray forward and it’s scrappy as Miers and Cameron handball it around before Miers’ shot is smothered, Cameron is there to collect, snap and goal!
(Half Time)
Jiath’s kick to centre half forward spills to ground and into the hands of Mackenzie who darts forward and tumbles it goalward, but it rolls off to the right for a behind (Half Time)
Mackenzie is called to play on from a set shot 40m out in front, it falls short and Macdonald swoops and snaps instantly, but sprays it wide for a behind
(Half Time)
Miers kicks cleverly to Cameron in the pocket, he ignores a Hawkins lead and goes himself from 35 out, but it’sd a tricky angle and he keeps it too skinny, kicking a behind
(Half Time)
Hawkins leads up to mark on the 50, he plays on to kick towards Cameron, who is caught illegaly by Morrison 25 out. He converts this time for his second goal as the Cats claw back! (Half Time)
Cameron is involved again, as a kind bounce allows him to gather and centre it to Holmes with seconds remaining in the quarter. The siren sounds, and Holmes slots it! (Half Time)
The Hawks play hot potato on the flank, feeding it back to Amon who pops it up to the lead of Greene. Greene bends the ball back nicely from 35 out for his second goal of the game! (Half Time)
Greene fires a handball back to Amon who snaps around his body low and hard to goal from 25m out!
(Half Time)
Holmes dumps it to the pack that has formed 20m out from goal, and Cameron floats in to take a strong mark. He goes for the snap and slots his third as the crowd roars! (Half Time)
Macdonald opts for a rushed snap that soars high and wide for a minor score
(Half Time)
The Cats scrap around inside 50 as the rain begins to fall, it’s Hawkins who gets the snap away but Sicily is able to tap it over
(Half Time)
Breust receives from Greene and sizes up his options as he runs to the pocket. He kicks towards goal, but it bends wide and too far away from Worpel for a behind
(Half Time)
The ball rolls over for a rushed Hawthorn behind following a contest
(Half Time)
Dangerfield gets a kick away in the tackle that finds the chest of Hawkins. The Tomohawk slots the kick and brings the margin back to 2! (Q3 3:38)
Stengle keeps the ball alive in the pocket, tapping it into the square. Hardwick is there to take it over but fails and Henry pokes it through! Though after a review it’s a point (Q3 6:39)
Hawkins is held by Frost, but Rohan takes advantage and dishes off to the fast moving Cameron who pokes through his fourth goal and puts Geelong in front! (Q3 8:08)
Miers jabs a ball towards Henry who does well against two to mark 25 out in front. The ball slices through the middle as Geelong look to push forward! (Q3 11:08)
Jiath is pinged after running about 25m, and Close is the recipient of the free kick. He lines up in the pocket and punishes the mistake with a goal! (Q3 14:28)
Hawkins gives Frost some bodywork and easily pulls down a mark 25m out. He makes short work of the kick as the Cats take full control of this game! (Q3 16:38)
Cameron sneaks a kick through a couple defenders and Stengle rises to mark on his chest. He slots it from 20m out and it threatens to be an old fashioned thumping from here (Q3 18:09)
Close kicks short to Cameron on the lead. Jezza marks 30m out and strolls in to kick his 5th goal of the game! (Q3 24:09)
Cameron spies Smith at centre half forward by himself and kicks to him. Smith marks, but his set shot sticks to the right for a point (Q3 27:54)
Close marks in the pocket and makes short work of the kick, nailing his second goal from the same spot! (Q3 28:39)
O’Connor blasts through a goal from 45 out as he gets in on the party at the MCG! (Q3 29:54)
A sidewinder of an entry inside 50 finds the chest of Henry who adds another goal to the tally, and another nail in the Hawthorn coffin (Q3 32:39)
Hawkins muscles Frost out of the way and selflessly gives to Stengle who was passing by. He rolls it through for a goal as the Cats look to feast! (Q4 3:21)
Wingard is all by himself to mark an Amon kick, but his set shot coasts to the right and is handled over (Q4 5:50)
Cameron wins himself a free kick on Sicily, snapping through his sixth goal of the afternoon! (Q4 6:37)
Miers takes a shot at goal with his unique kicking style after receiving from Atkins, but it bounces off the post (Q4 9:22)
Breust kicks his third goal to the cheers of Hawks fans as they look to salvage something out of today (Q4 12:32)
Macdonald has a set shot himself as Hawthorn string some play together, but his kick pings off the post (Q4 13:36)
Smith tries to dribble one through from the pocket, but he also hits the post (Q4 15:34)
Henry applies the tackle to Ward who backs out of play, but is still pinged regardless, though Henry can’t complete the resulting set shot, kicking a behind (Q4 16:12)
Rohan helps himself to a goal at last, streaming through congestion and pouncing on an errant tap to slam it through from the square (Q4 18:35)
Tuohy tries to get in on the act, spearing the ball towards goal, but Hardwick is able to get a hand on it to force a behind (Q4 19:32)
Dangerfield swoops on a slow kick-in from Hardwick and pinches the mark 45m out. He puts a nice bend on the ball and adds his name to the goal-kickers list! (Q4 20:53)
Maginness sprays it to the right from 45 out in front, wasting the good work of Day through the middle (Q4 24:37)
Kolodjashnij has a rare shot at goal after getting the ball from Dangerfield, but his kick was always off to the right for a point (Q4 25:48)
Close pinches the ball in the middle of the ground, he kicks to the run of Cameron who streams in to make it a sweet seven before running flat stick into the umpire! (Q4 28:35)

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