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Blog log from R4 of 2023: Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Sydney vs Port Adelaide, R4 of 2023

Marshall gets a contact free on Blakey 45m out on the flank but hooks his set shot left and OOTF. (Q1 5:01)
Finlayson gets another contact free inside 50 for Port, this one against Campbell which hits the post from 30m on the flank. (Q1 6:31)
Lycett gives away a free in ruck to Ladhams 25m out in the pocket. Ladhams swings through the first goal of the evening. (Q1 8:37)
McEntee marks 40m out on the flank, his set shot is very high and wide right. (Q1 10:00)
Farrell is pinged for a hold on Papley as a bouncing ball comes to him just inside CHF, but Paps hooks left. (Q1 11:39)
Houston roves deep in defence, two Swans nearby so he deliberately rushes… but the ump pings him! Charity goal for McDonald. (Q1 15:34)
Heeney roves his own contest at the hotspot but hits the post off the left. (Q1 17:26)
Tom McCartin is caught HTB at a stoppage 40m out in front by Horne-Francis, who hangs it right. (Q1 22:31)
Parker sets up Warner to run to 50m on a slight angle and ram through a big goal. (Q1 26:19)
Franklin marks 50m out on the flank but tries a pass that bounces before its target, McInerney gives wide to Hayward who misses from the pocket 25m out. (Q2 3:03)
Rioli goes long to the square towards Dixon but it bounces wide for a behind. (Q2 3:39)
Papley marks 30m out on a slight angle and converts for his first goal of the night. (Q2 4:40)
Papley roves a contest on the HFF and hits the behind post OOTF with a very low percentage snap from 40m. (Q2 6:07)
Lloyd passes to Papley to mark in front of McKenzie 45m out on a slight angle, but he misses left again. (Q2 9:02)
McKenzie kicks too short on the rebound to Williams, bit red hot that decision, Heeney claims him HTB 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q2 10:26)
Dixon’s link work on members wing sets up Mead to mark a Drew kick over Lloyd just inside true CHF. The set shot may be short, was it touched on the line by Fox? Ruled a point. (Q2 13:07)
Powell-Pepper snaps very high from a stoppage 10m out in the pocket, the ball again falls on the line, another review… another long decision process for ARC, but that’s a goal. (Q2 17:07)
Drew kicks inside 50 after the next bounce, Boak roves and jinks for the inside give to Rioli who blazes wide from 20m. (Q2 18:52)
Warner is pinged for 50m under the protected zone rule to bring Finlayson from the centre to the hotspot for the goal. (Q2 21:42)
Dixon taps down in ruck to Butters who snaps a wobbler from 20m on a slight angle… that one goes through too! (Q2 24:18)
Farrell is pinged for deliberate OOB 20m out, Papley’s free is poor for no score. (Q2 27:43)
Horne-Francis takes a contested grab 35m out on a slight angle and puts Port Adelaide in the lead, somewhat amazingly! (Q2 29:23)
Parker gets a contact free on Wines at a stoppage 30m out on a slight angle, not much in that one. He misses, footy gods smile as the HT siren sounds. (Q2 34:26)
Parker reefs out a handball to Warner who feeds Papley for a left-foot snap from the hotspot that veers left. (Q3 0:44)
Ladhams is caught HTB by Finlayson 45m out on a slight angle, red hot that one as Ladhams had not moved much. The free kick sails through, Port leads again! (Q3 2:10)
Bergman catches Papley trying to jink out of trouble at half forward to prevent a Sydney score. (Q3 3:51)
Mead passes to Lycett at the hotspot to mark in front of Blakey and McInerney, no McCartins to come in late. Lychat shanks OOTF. (Q3 5:48)
Papley passes short from the HFF to Hayward 35m out on a slight angle, who hooks left. (Q3 10:34)
McEntee strips Lloyd running from defence outside CHF then receives for the inside 50 pass to Powell-Pepper 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 12:15)
Rioli roves Dixon’s contest to Horne-Francis’ kick to the hotspot but misses on the turn. (Q3 15:32)
The Swans rebound up the guts, Mills releases Florent to run through CHF and ram through the goal from 45m. (Q3 16:09)
McDonald marks a Gulden kick to 40m in front with two Port players sprawling behind him, he converts. (Q3 21:49)
Warner sprints away from the next bounce and goes to Heeney 30m out on the flank, nothing Jonas could do there. Heeney kicks OOTF, screwing too hard. (Q3 23:34)
Warner roves a Franklin contest and snaps off the left from 25m, it’s high… and just wide left. (Q3 24:28)
Out the front of a stoppage on the wing it’s Heeney to Papley to Warner running through half forward to 40m, that one sails through as well. (Q3 26:09)
Franklin gets a rather soft holding free in the pocket 20m out just before the 3QT siren, but he misses to the right. (Q3 30:59)
Heeney marks a Mills kick to the hotspot after the Swans clear from a stoppage on outer wing, he boots his first goal to just about ice the contest in a low-scoring game. (Q4 8:50)
Finlayson passes to Powell-Pepper near the boundary 35m out who misses across the face. (Q4 12:02)
Byrne-Jones passes to McEntee just inside true CHF. This just has to go through for Port, right on his range though… hooked for no score. (Q4 13:03)
Amartey’s rebound kick is deliberate OOB, eventually McInerney fumbles the repeat inside 50 for a point. (Q4 14:08)
Byrne-Jones sharks Fox at the hotspot and throws the ball on the boot, it falls on the goal line for Rampe to touch through, confirmed on review. (Q4 15:50)
Marshall falls over as he goes for a McKenzie ball to the HFF and draws a soft free on Rampe 40m out. Crowd hoots as he lines up, then shuts up as he kicks straight. (Q4 17:23)
Port has been outplayed for large parts of this game but they could pinch it with ten good minutes here. (Q4 17:52)
Byrne-Jones retrieves a ground ball on the HFF and centres towards the hotspot where Parker is pinged for a hold on the arm of Rozee, who steers it through! Kick the diff! (Q4 20:03)
Marshall puts his body on the line to tap a loose ball to Byrne-Jones at half forward who turns and hits up McEntee 40m out in the corridor. This for the lead… it’s good! (Q4 22:03)
Dixon takes a big relieving mark in defence with the clock under 3:30. (Q4 24:53)
Dixon is pinged for timewasting to bring Blakey from outer wing to 40m on a slight angle. This for the lead back… the Lizard kicks truly! (Full Time)
After a Dixon centre clearance, Horne-Francis kicks to the top of the square where Finlayson juggles a skilful mark with one hand in front of Rampe and restores Port’s lead! (Q4 27:53)
1:37 left and this game is anyone’s, it’s a ding dong battle! (Q4 28:08)
Turnovers by both sides in midfield after the next bounce, ball up on outer wing, 51 seconds. (Q4 29:51)
Rozee kicks inside 50 to no one, Rampe, to Heeney to the flank 45m out where Florent marks, it will be a shot on the siren to win the game! (Q4 30:22)
Florent’s kick is straight but short, Aliir spoils, Power wins! (Q4 30:48)

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