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Blog log from R4 of 2023: St Kilda vs Gold Coast

Blog log for St Kilda vs Gold Coast, R4 of 2023

Anderson lets loose a massive bomb from 55m out, but Wood is there to mark on the line (Q1 0:35)
Weller blasts it long into the pocket and King is held by Wilkie. King curls through the snap set shot for the first of the game! (Q1 3:29)
Ballard hangs onto the arm of Owens and gives away a free kick. Owens can’t capitalise though, as he fans it wide for a point (Q1 5:30)
Owens outmuscles Ballard this time in the pocket, but he misses everything with his set shot (Q1 6:59)
Ainsworth marks well against Battle 35m out, but his set shot slides to the right for a minor score (Q1 9:59)
Gresham hits Windhager lace out as he slides in to mark. He sinks the set shot from 30m out as the Saints get on the board! (Q1 12:29)
Oea darts through traffic to hit up Humphrey with a handball, the debutant takes his shot from 35 out, but misses to the left (Q1 13:31)
Marshall taps the ball down the throat of Seb Ross, who manages to deal with Miller in the tackle before spinning around and slamming through a magnificent goal! (Q1 15:31)
Swallow extracts from the middle of the ground, it falls to ground in the contest up forward, but Rosas runs onto it and into an open square to goal! (Q1 20:15)
St Kilda rush it forward, with a free kick pinged against Ballard for holding, Crouch plays on to Hill who lopes to 15m out before curling through an easy goal! (Q1 21:31)
Oea collects the ball at half forward and tries to hit up King in the pocket. King fumbles but Casboult crumbs and snaps it through anyway! (Q1 27:30)
Lukosius marks on the 50, and like last week signals he’s taking the shot from range. He steams in and kicks from the centre square with a bomb, but it slides to the left (Q2 2:20)
King scrambles as the ball pops out the back of Wilkie, he can’t gather cleanly and rushes a kick that misses (Q2 3:17)
Gresham attempts a wild snap from 25 out, but misses to the left (Q2 7:02)
Anderson dodges, ducks and weaves through the St Kilda jumpers in the contest, before swinging around and kicking a low one that bounces through for a magic goal! (Q2 8:12)
Windhager hits up Caminiti on the lead as he marks 35m out in front. His kick was always to the right though for a behind (Q2 10:04)
Windhager has an attempt on goal on the run, but keeps it to the near side for a point (Q2 11:20)
Sinclair blasts one from 45m out, but Ballard gets a fist on it for a rushed behind (Q2 12:17)
Butler pops up a short kick for Higgins who holds it in 40m out. He runs around wide to screw through a goal that levels the scores! (Q2 12:52)
Humphrey has another attempt at his first goal, but screws it to the near side for another point (Q2 15:18)
Hill darts out into space and snaps it inside 50 where Caminiti rises to take a good pack mark. He runs into 35m out and makes no mistake this time as he converts the goal! (Q2 17:57)
It’s chaos in the forward line as the smalls go to work for St Kilda. Gresham and Higgins combine under pressure to maintain possession and it ends with Higgins from the square! (Q2 22:48)
Higgins beats out Powell in a contest to mark 35m out on a slight angle. He goes for the snap set shot and aces the kick as St Kilda extend their advantage! (Q2 25:38)
Powell dumps it high inside 50 and the ball spills off the pack to Jeffery who weaves through the defence before dribbling it through! Or so he thinks as Battle touches it over (Q2 28:44)
Holman catches Wood late a bit clumsily and it’s on behind play! Phillipou gets the free kick and after it settles down puts through another goal for the Saints! (Q2 30:40)
Jeffery and Holman combine with a 1-2 and Jeffery puts through the goal to kick off the second half! (Q3 7:49)
The ball is fed to Sinclair from a forward stoppage as he spreads from the pack to snap one from a tricky angle! (Q3 8:47)
Sinclair goes on a big run inside 50 before handballing to Caminiti who finishes off the play with a goal! (Q3 9:22)
The ball is touched on the line as the pack converges, and it’s rushed through for a Gold Coast minor score (Q3 10:24)
Hill receives a free kick on the boundary 45m out, and he quickly plays on to open the arc and guide the ball through the big sticks as this threatens to be a smashing! (Q3 11:52)
Owens takes a strong mark before playing on as he handballs to Cordy who is in acres of space! Cordy steadies and adds another one! (Q3 13:39)
Owens chases after a loose ball on the flank, he gathers and quickly snaps from 45 out under Ballard pressure, and the ball soars right through the middle as St Kilda surge! (Q3 14:25)
Higgins pokes it up to Owens who snaps it high under immense pressure, but misses (Q3 19:45)
Anderson has a set shot attempt from 20m out to try and spark something, but he misses badly to sum up the night for Gold Coast (Q3 22:05)
Macpherson handballs in front of Powell who runs onto it and takes a shot from 50, but bends it back too much for a point (Q3 25:24)
Higgins takes a tumbling mark 35m out on a slight angle, once again going for the snap set shot, but this time he can’t get the bend as it bounces over for a point (Q3 27:05)
Higgins marks on the lead and quickly plays on, but he can’t get the distance from 40 out and it’s handled over (Q3 27:43)
Powell marks in front of the goal line but is called to play on, and is tackled over for a rushed behind for St Kilda (Q3 29:45)
Long tries to fend off Higgins but catches him firmly in the face and gives away a free kick 15m out from goal. Higgins converts easily for his fourth (Q4 6:42)
Powell slides a clever kick into the pocket that Ainsworth marks, and goals (Q4 10:19)
Owens stands tall in the contest to mark 20m out in front and the Suns let him play on and poke it through in the square (Q4 11:39)
Miller gets the ball to Sexton who then snaps through a clever goal in a late highlight for the Suns (Q4 13:13)
Byrnes misses a set shot from 25 out in front to the disappointment of St Kilda fans (Q4 16:58)
Holman slots a nice goal in a reward for his effort all night (Q4 19:17)
Gresham dances through the Suns defence, combining with Byrnes and Caminiti before flicking it to Butler who stops, props and goals! (Q4 22:19)
Wilkie can’t complete an intercept mark and rushes it over under Lukosius pressure (Q4 23:16)
Higgins snaps a goal out of nothing for his fifth of the evening! (Q4 30:43)

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