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Blog log from R4 of 2023: Adelaide vs Fremantle

Blog log for Adelaide vs Fremantle, R4 of 2023

Michalanney intercepts a rebound kick by Henry and pumps it back to the pocket where Walker beats Pearce to mark 20m out for the first goal of the day. (Q1 2:58)
Walters gets a holding free on Laird in midfield and passes to the lead of Banfield in front of Doedee 40m out on a slight angle. Banfield’s kick is ugly but straight. (Q1 4:25)
Laird catches Clark HTB in the midfield and the Crows are off to the races, Walker gathers the bouncing inside 50 and gives to Rachele who blazes wide from 35m. (Q1 7:19)
Aish and then Brayshaw are smothered trying to dump kick from a stoppage near the Crows hotspot, the ricochet falls for Walker who turns and goals. (Q1 8:21)
Darcy clears after the next centre bounce, Amiss flies in front of Doedee to clunk a strong mark 45m out on a slight angle, good hands. Amiss shoots short, off hands for a point. (Q1 10:01)
Banfield leaps in front of Doedee for a pass near the boundary 40m out, not much contact but the ump pays the free to the Docker. The set shot is hooked right. (Q1 13:16)
After Thilthorpe’s chase causes Pearce to cough up the footy, Keays passes to Rankine to mark in front of Henry at the hotspot, he goals. (Q1 17:26)
The Crows attack from the centre again, Thilthorpe can’t mark but Murphy gives outside to Milera whose right-foot checkside from 40m on a slight angle curls in. (Q1 19:51)
After Michalanney’s intercept on the wing he tries a squaring ball but misses the target, leading to Clark passing to Taberner in the pocket 20m out who goals, confirmed on review. (Q1 22:11)
Laird’s kick down the flank lands in front of McHenry 30m out but the Crow forward is good enough to gather and give inside for Rachele who does the rest off the right with ease. (Q1 27:56)
Walters goes quick and long from the HFF to the pocket where Banfield is over the back, the ball bounces off his chest but falls behind for him to gather and goal. (Q1 31:31)
O’Brien roves an Aish dump kick at half forward and kicks to the hotspot where Gollant shows strong arms to mark in front of Young just before the QT siren… he goals. (Q1 33:56)
Hughes’ free kick from the HFF lands short and is rushed. (Q2 5:24)
Keays marks untouched 35m out on a slight angle and misses, as he often has this season. (Q2 6:36)
Serong’s dump kick from a stoppage deep in Adelaide’s forward 50 goes OOTF, comes straight back in with Rankine marking in the pocket 20m out for the goal. (Q2 9:46)
Freo is under siege trying to rebound against the Adelaide wall, Soligo intercepts on the flank 40m out and sends that one through. (Q2 13:46)
Rankine roves on the boundary 45m out, looks inside but tries himself with an outrageous bouncing Eddie Betts attempt… nup, too many bounces, skews for a behind. (Q2 17:44)
Fremantle whips the ball forward coast to coast from the kick in, quick ball to the hotspot where Murray is pinged for high contact on Amiss, who kicks carefully and accurately. (Q2 18:27)
Gollant marks 25m out on the flank and punches low and hard for his second goal. (Q2 21:32)
The Crows get another quick attack going through the centre, Jones passes to Rachele at the hotspot who draws an arm chop free on Ryan and kicks truly. (Q2 27:42)
McHenry passes to Gollant 45m out in front just before the HT siren who misses. (Half Time)
Brayshaw runs free through the centre but turns the ball over by hand, Crows counter at speed with McHenry passing to Rankine leading to 45m on a slight angle for a miss. (Q3 4:31)
Schultz roves at a ball up 30m out on a slight angle, Smith falls into his back trying to tackle, obvious free there. Schultz kicks the much-needed goal for the Dockers. (Q3 11:12)
Switkowski gives wide of a stoppage at half forward to Hughes who is at true CHF but chooses a pass to the pocket which flies OOTF. (Q3 16:12)
Brandon Walker is pinged for a high tackle on McHenry on the boundary 30m out. McHenry, who has had some good moments, kicks wide for a rushed behind. (Q3 17:27)
McHenry is pinged for contact on Wilson at half forward, the inside 50 kick from 65m bounces past everyone for a behind. (Q3 19:53)
The Crows rebound coast to coast from the kick in, Rankine marks on the boundary 30m out but shanks the kick for no score. (Q3 20:42)
Repeat inside 50s for the Crows after a pressured dump kick by Brandon Walker, Dawson caps off a stellar game with a bomb from the HFF! (Q3 21:42)
Serong bombs long to the square, Schultz is over the back of Taylor Walker who had drawn the defenders, he waltzes into the open goal. (Q3 22:56)
Smith feeds Rachele who misses the lot on the run from 40m in the corridor. (Q3 23:59)
Smith feeds out of a pack 35m out on a slight angle to Laird who checksides off a step but it’s wide right. (Q3 25:57)
Amiss hits the post with a flying snap from half forward. (Q3 26:14)
Brandon Walker bursts off half back following the first bounce of Q4, Walters has done nothing but he is involved as Schultz feeds Taberner to snap a goal from the pocket. (Q4 0:49)
Walters gets a chance himself from the boundary 25m out but his set shot falls on the line to be touched through. (Q4 2:30)
In a galaxy brain move, Jordan Dawson who has been clear BOG in midfield has been switched to defence for Q4. (Q4 3:03)
Rankine gives to Keays who misses a snap from the flank 30m out. (Q4 3:46)
The long kick in to the centre by Freo comes straight back in, Rankine roves Taylor Walker’s contest then gives back to Tex for the goal. (Q4 4:39)
Schultz marks at half forward and passes over traffic to Jackson to mark 20m out on the flank, the ex-Demon kicks very straight. (Q4 6:45)
Henry snaps across the body from 30m on a slight angle, the ball lands in the square where Doedee backheels it through for a point! (Q4 10:04)
Keays hits the lead of Rankine in front of Ryan 40m out near the boundary. This would just about seal it… falls in the square, off hands, fumble, did Soligo score? Review… (Q4 11:44)
It was Johnson who fumbles right on the goal line from Taylor Walker’s contest, review shows Soligo got a boot to it for the sealing goal! (Q4 12:24)
Amiss drops a mark near the hotspot and gives wide to Walters who blazes wide from the boundary 20m out. (Q4 16:29)
Jackson misses another difficult snap. (Q4 18:37)
Taylor Walker turns rover for a contest 35m out on the flank and curls in his fourth goal. (Q4 19:53)
Thilthorpe snaps a champagne footy goal from the pocket after beating Pearce in a ground battle and swinging onto his left. (Q4 25:05)
Walters misses another low-percentage snap from the pocket. (Q4 26:07)
Hughes catches McHenry HTB 40m out on the flank after some broken play from a centring ball by O’Meara. Hughes converts to general crowd disinterest. (Q4 28:31)
Rankine brings the crowd to their feet with a booming set shot from the boundary 50m out. (Q4 31:06)
Cox roves deep in defence but his rebound kick is into a teammate, McHenry roves at the hotspot and feeds Rachele for another one in the last minute. (Q4 32:23)
Henry roves near the hotspot and snaps a junk time special just before the final siren. (Q4 33:44)

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