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Blog log from R3 of 2023: Fremantle vs West Coast

Blog log for Fremantle vs West Coast, R3 of 2023

Shuey clears from the first centre bounce up the guts to the hotspot where Darling draws an arm chop free on Pearce for the first goal. Simple game, footy! (Q1 0:18)
Cox drops an intercept mark from an Allen inside 50 kick to the pocket and then gets in Darling’s back as they fight for the crumb. Darling misses from 20m on a slight angle. (Q1 2:50)
The Dockers flip the ball around from a stoppage in the pocket, Schultz gives to Jackson who has been slaughtered in the press during the week, he wobbles through the goal! (Q1 4:10)
The Dockers get a loose man going on an attack around outer wing started by Clark, Schultz has Walters over the back to stroll into the open goal. (Q1 7:26)
Darling is one out with Pearce for a long Long ball up the guts to the hotspot, he gets rid of Pearce to mark and run into goal. (Q1 9:06)
Allen marks a Williams floater on the dive 40m out on the flank. His set shot starts on line but swerves right for a point. (Q1 10:01)
Clark picks off a Chesser rebound kick and hits the lead of Amiss 40m out on a slight angle for his first goal. (Q1 13:26)
Aish goes long up the corridor after getting a holding free on Gaff at the next bounce, Amiss has position on Hurn and gets a free at the hotspot for his second in a row. (Q1 15:17)
Shuey passes from the next centre bounce to Allen a step inside true CHF, he goals. (Q1 17:02)
Allen marks again 45m out on the flank and bangs through his second in a row to give the Eagles the lead. (Q1 20:52)
Allen leaps over a flat-footed Cox to mark a low, hard Duggan ball from the HFF to the teeth of goals. He boots his third in a row! (Q1 21:58)
Wilson intercepts at half forward and sits it up, crumb through pairs of hands until Walters comes in at pace and draws a high contact free on McGovern for a cheap goal. (Q1 27:42)
Switkowski marks a wobbling inside 50 kick by Young in front of Witherden 40m out in the corridor, he converts. (Q2 3:10)
Fremantle handball their way from the next centre bounce ending with Darcy receiving from Serong 40m out in front, the quick snap floats wide right. (Q2 4:44)
Sheed pilfers the footy from Serong and misses from half footy. (Q2 5:53)
Chesser misses on the run from the HFF. (Q2 6:15)
Walters stands in front of Barrass to take a strong contested mark in the pocket 15m out from a Ryan long kick, he snaps his third with a left-foot screwing ball. (Q2 10:37)
Frederick marks a Serong pass 45m out in the corridor and kicks straight and long. (Q2 12:06)
Long feeds Allen who snaps across the body from the hotspot but it’s just wide right. (Q2 15:27)
Henry marks a short Fredericks pass untouched 30m out on a slight angle, but sprays it to the right. (Q2 16:26)
Long roves on the HFF and gives inside to Cripps who bounces the left-foot snap across the face. (Q2 19:20)
Amiss backs into a pack to take a contested grab 20m out on a slight angle but hits the post. (Q2 20:26)
Hunt passes to Hewett 25m out on the flank after the Eagles rebound around the outer wing, but the kid misses. (Q2 20:56)
Walters forces Ginbey to cough up the footy at half back and then gets the goal assist give to Darcy for the score from a snap from 30m on a slight angle. (Q2 25:26)
A short lull as Witherden trudges off. (Q2 29:27)
Allen marks a Liam Ryan pass on the boundary 15m out, bangs his knee then gets up and misses. (Q3 6:39)
Darling releases Liam Ryan to scoot up members wing with a couple of bounces, he gives to Sheed who wobbles through the goal from the hotspot. (Q3 9:10)
Serong is on his way to the Showdown Medal, he gets another score assist here with a pass to Schultz 45m out on a slight angle. Schultz’s kick flirts with the goalpost, review… (Q3 10:45)
Goal umpire thought it nicked the post, review shows nothing on Edge so it’s reversed as a goal. (Q3 11:30)
Clark is pinged for contact on Long in the pocket 30m out after Long fumbled a give by Allen, crowd boos but it was there. Then they cheer as the kid shanks for no score. (Q3 14:15)
Long snaps very high and just wide from the top of the square. (Q3 16:49)
Amiss gives to O’Driscoll who blazes wide from 30m in the pocket. (Q3 17:18)
Walters misses a low-percentage snap from the boundary 15m out off his left. (Q3 21:45)
Kelly roves a Darling contest and snaps too quickly off the right from 40m on the flank, goes wide right. (Q3 22:19)
O’Driscoll marks 45m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q3 22:19)
Hunt marks 60m out on the flank, runs about 20m with Pearce closing and slots a nice goal from the boundary! (Q3 28:59)
Hunt breaks the lines again with a run to half forward and goes to Waterman in the pocket 20m out, he goals as well! (Q3 30:46)
West Coast literally have no one on the bench with five game-ending injuries, and yet they are mounting a comeback. (Q3 31:05)
Allen gives to Hewett streaming down the flank but the kid misses from 20m! (Q3 32:32)
Darling gets a holding free on Darcy in ruck just inside 50m near the boundary. Surely this wouldn’t sail through after the 3QT siren… straight but just not long enough, rushed! (Q3 34:38)
Hurn goes long and strong to the pocket where Darling takes a strong contested grab in a wrestle with Luke Ryan. He shoots from 20m and punches it through. (Q4 1:09)
West Coast is only a kick behind now with Liam Ryan the only man standing up on the bench with his left knee in a mattress. (Q4 1:24)
Brayshaw has had a quiet day so far but he is in a rare bit of space on the HFF to receive a handball, he snaps off a step from 45m and kicks the big goal! (Q4 3:09)
Liam Ryan plays for and doesn’t get a high contact free on Luke Ryan 30m out, Freo whips the ball forward, Switkowski runs to CHF and passes to Walters 20m out who kicks truly. (Q4 6:09)
Darling is involved twice in a chaotic buildup that ends with Kelly getting smothered and then trying again from the hotspot but missing. (Q4 8:27)
Sheed turns the ball over at half forward by kicking into Gaff, Freo sweeps forward again with Taberner feeding Frederick for a miss on the run from the HFF. (Q4 9:55)
Taberner marks in front of Hurn 40m out on the flank but misses. (Q4 10:30)
Liam Ryan is pinged 50m on the wing under the protected zone rule to bring Young to 40m, poor bloke can barely walk. Young kicks the goal. (Q4 14:34)
Frederick runs around the boundary and gives inside to Switkowski who screws through the goal from 35m. (Q4 19:59)
The dam walls are just about shot to pieces for West Coast, just too many soldiers down and they have been running on fumes. (Q4 20:25)
Jackson leaps in front of a pack in the square for a mark and very popular goal with the home purple horde. (Q4 21:30)
Darcy marks over Petrevski-Seton 25m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 25:10)
Schultz roves at CHF and feeds Frederick for the goal from 40m. (Q4 27:55)

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