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Blog log from R3 of 2023: Melbourne vs Sydney

Blog log for Melbourne vs Sydney, R3 of 2023

Amartey stops and props from 45 out and takes a shot, but kicks it wide for a point (Q1 1:33)
Van Rooyen marks on the flank and hits up Neal-Bullen with a clever short kick. Neal-Bullen kicks from 30 out on the boundary, and steers it through for the first goal! (Q1 4:04)
Van Rooyen cops a high one from Ladhams in a ruck contest and lines up from 15m out as a result. It’s a simple kick, and a simple first goal as the Roo chants fill the ground! (Q1 7:44)
Heeney muscles out Grundy in a forward stoppage and attempts a blind snap, but misses (Q1 9:37)
Chandler collects on the 50m arc and slices a kick towards Spargo who takes a strange hanger of a mark. He hangs on and pokes the goal through from 15m out! (Q1 15:00)
Franklin rips the ball out of the air and pushes his way through with strength before managing to sneak through a dribbler and goals! (Q1 18:18)
McDonald takes a strong mark on Lever as Sydney move from the centre bounce, but his kick is offline for a behind (Q1 18:35)
Hayward drives Hunter into the ground in a tackle before the umpire picks out some dissent for a 50m penalty. Hunter strolls in and goals from the square (Q1 21:02)
Rivers winds up from just outside 50 but misses the lot (Q1 24:04)
Spargo demonstrates his skill by putting a turn on Stephens along the boundary. He kicks inside to Brown who marks and lays down the runway. Brown runs in and kicks the goal! (Q1 25:35)
Petracca and Jordon combine to get it to Oliver who is streaming inside 50 by himself. Oliver kicks on the run from 40m out and makes it 6 straight for the Dees! (Q1 27:35)
Langdon tries to sneak through a goal through a mass of bodies, but can’t make it work for a point (Q1 29:05)
Heeney kicks it high inside 50 to the advantage of Papley who gets away from Rivers to take a chest mark 35 out. He puts it through the big sticks to start the second quarter off! (Q2 3:24)
The umpires get involved as Sydney move forward, Lever pinged for a hold on Hayward who lines up from 20m out as a result. Hayward kicks the goal as the comeback begins! (Q2 5:22)
Petty is the beneficiary of a downfield free on Oliver, but can’t capitalise as the ball is handled into the post (Q2 7:25)
Chandler has a moment of brilliance as he darts around the defence of Sydney before slamming through a goal on his right! (Q2 8:52)
Oliver gets the ball to Jordon under pressure and he takes a shot, but it pings off the post (Q2 11:27)
Fritsch nudges out McCartin to mark a high Neal-Bullen entry, he makes no mistake from 15m out in front! (Q2 13:05)
Jordon tries to do too much and gets caught HTB by Gulden. He scans inside 50 and inexplicably finds Franklin in space who marks in the pocket and slots his second goal! (Q2 16:52)
Amartey rises to take a strong contest mark in the sun, but his effort from 50m out sacrifices accuracy for power as it fans out right for a minor score (Q2 19:05)
Viney manages to get a kick away under immense pressure but Rowbottom picks it off and is forced to play on as he snaps through a goal! (Q2 20:00)
Gulden scans the forward 50 from the centre square and spies McInerney out wide. McInerney marks, but his kick is low and wide, and handled over (Q2 22:15)
Hunter cops one high and gets a free kick from 40m out on an angle. His kick is as straight as an arrow as he stops the run of Sydney with a goal! (Q2 24:45)
Amartey presents strongly on the lead and May is forced to chop the arms, Amartey lining up from near 40m out. Amartey spreads this chance wide too though for another point (Q2 26:47)
Papley chips up short to McDonald who steams in on the lead to mark 45 out. He winds up and bombs it from the 50, and aces it! (Q2 29:25)
Oliver is caught late in the back by Mills on the wing and gets to walk 50m to about 35 out as a result. He threads the big sticks to kick off the second half! (Q3 2:30)
Amartey palms the ball directly down the throat of Papley who sprints out of congestion and kicks a goal! (Q3 5:57)
Franklin takes a tumbling mark with May hanging all over him, but his connection from 50m out is bad, and it skids to the right for a point (Q3 10:37)
Gulden runs onto a loose ball through traffic and slams it quickly on the boot to snatch a goal from nothing! (Q3 11:32)
Buddy gets another set shot attempt at closer range, but cannot make it stick this time either with another point (Q3 13:35)
Blakey takes a running shot from 40m out, but sprays it wide (Q3 14:02)
Chandler takes a diving mark in the pocket, and makes it look simple as he slots his second! (Q3 17:22)
Fritsch marks a bullet pass on his chest 35m out on the 45, and he slots it to edge the advantage out again for Melbourne! (Q3 21:17)
Melbourne get a break going down the flank, Grundy’s handpass over the top to Fritsch working well as he instantly snaps and goals! (Q3 24:55)
Papley marks a Parker kick 35m out, he steers it through as Sydney try to claw the margin back! (Q3 26:35)
Spargo pinches a goal from the top of the square as the Dees punch back! (Q3 28:26)
Langdon streams inside 50 and takes a running shot, but sprays it right (Q3 28:56)
Sydney thrust forward in the shade of 3QT as Amartey pulls in a mark 45 out. The siren sounds as he lines it up, but Amartey’s kick falls short (3 Qtr Time)
Hayward flies in the square but cannot hold on and Brayshaw takes it over for a rushed behind (Q4 0:45)
Langdon pounces on an errant handball and takes a shot, but sprays it to the left (Q4 2:23)
Petracca goes for glory from 40m out on the flank but the ball slides past the wrong side of the post (Q4 3:05)
Langdon breaks away from Stephens on the flank and lowers the eyes to find Chandler 25m out in front. He makes no mistake and Chandler has 3! (Q4 6:06)
Parker gives away a silly 50m penalty against Rivers and the latter lines up from 40m out in front, but he hangs it out to the left (Q4 8:06)
Warner marks at true CHF before spreading wider to Blakey on the flank 50m out. Distance not an issue for the Lizard as he kicks a necessary goal for the Swans! (Q4 9:21)
Neal-Bullen snaps in traffic from 35m out, but it flies high and wide for a behind (Q4 10:26)
Van Rooyen bodies his opponent in Ladhams to take a strong mark 20m out in front. He pops it through to shut the door on Sydney! (Q4 13:46)
It’s Van Rooyen again who catches Paddy McCartin HTB 30m out in front of goal. His kick is on target and JVR has 3 on debut! (Q4 16:12)
Sydney tumble it forward as they look to create anything, the ball ends up with Hayward who pokes it through (Q4 17:01)
Chandler takes a strong mark on the 50, he quickly looks inside and finds Jordon closer to goal. Jordon slots it from 40m out in front as the result is a formality now (Q4 18:51)
Petracca pounces on a throw and takes advantage to kick to Petty in a 1 on 1. Petty marks, kicks and goals from 20m out in front (Q4 21:21)
It’s party time at the G as Sparrow gets the ball from Langdon in front of goal and snaps it through! (Q4 22:21)
McInerney puts through some junk from 35 out (Q4 25:21)
Hayward handballs it over the line as he’s tackled in the forward pocket (Q4 28:27)
McDonald lines up a set shot from 40m out, but it shades to the left for a behind (Q4 30:21)
Melksham takes a great mark on the boundary line, and as the siren sounds he screws through a lovely finish to cap off a perfect day for the Demons! (Full Time)

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