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Blog log from R3 of 2023: Collingwood vs Richmond

Blog log for Collingwood vs Richmond, R3 of 2023

De Goey roves a Mihocek contest at the hotspot and hits the post to kick off the scoring in this one. (Q1 1:01)
McStay roves a Mihocek contest at the top of the square but his left-foot snap from the top of the square goes wide. (Q1 1:31)
Bolton hits the crumb from a pack 40m out on the flank front on, performs an acrobatic blind turn to get free and checksides the opening goal with consummate skill! (Q1 3:11)
Hill marks 20m out in front for his first goal with an assist by Johnson. (Q1 8:22)
Sidebottom goes long to Hill again behind Grimes in the pocket 20m out. Hill tries a set shot screwing ball… into the near goalpost. (Q1 11:21)
Nick Daicos marks another Sidebottom inside 50 kick to 40m on the flank, the Tigers struggling to rebound past Collingwood’s zone. Naicos runs in right and shanks left, OOTF. (Q1 15:11)
De Goey misses a snap from the HFF. (Q1 19:30)
Yet more repeat inside 50s for Collingwood, McStay hits the post from the other HFF. (Q1 19:57)
Ralphsmith gets back to rush the latest Magpie attempt on goal, this one from McStay. (Q1 27:15)
Cotchin roves a rare stoppage inside 50 for the Tigers but blazes wide off the left from 30m on a slight angle. (Q1 29:16)
The Maggies whip the ball upfield on the rebound, Mihocek finally holds onto a mark inside 50 from a Pendlebury pass to 20m, he converts. (Q1 29:52)
De Goey clears by hand from the first bounce of Q2 then runs to receive for the inside 50 to Johnson 35m out on the flank, who goals. (Q2 0:58)
Johnson spins and misses from half forward. It’s one way traffic in this game. (Q2 10:32)
Taranto misses from a thrown in deep in attack. (Q2 13:29)
Pickett feeds Riewoldt who torpedoes a left-foot wobbler from 55m on the flank over the chasers and through for a point. (Q2 26:05)
Sidebottom has had a picnic tonight but he gets beaten in the air by McIntosh 35m out on a slight angle. Just before HT, he pushes it to the left. (Q2 26:59)
One for the purists and Daicos owners in fantasy, that half. Collingwood were all over them but couldn’t convert. Richmond are lucky not to have been blown away by now. (Half Time)
Richmond were going to score at some point, and the early parts of Q3 are a good time. Mansell is the man who kicks it, after marking 20m out in front. (Q3 1:17)
Pickett marks outside the hotspot and makes the momentous decision to give off to Clark, who makes it look good for the goal! (Q3 4:02)
De Goey snaps wide yet again. (Q3 5:01)
After review, Johnson just failed to get the boot to the leather in time to score a goal from a roller over the goal line off a Tiger defender. (Q3 7:01)
Adams holds Riewoldt without the footy in a pack near the hotspot. The old stager kicks truly, Tigers back within a kick all of a sudden! (Q3 9:13)
Pendlebury feeds Josh Daicos to kick the Pies away again with a right-foot snap from the hotspot. (Q3 14:24)
Taranto gets a set shot just right of true CHF but can’t reach the target and shanks for no score. (Q3 16:12)
After Moore engineers a turnover at half back, Hill passes to Elliott 45m out on the flank to mark in front of Ralphsmith and goal. (Q3 18:49)
Graham coughs the ball up deep in defence, Pendlebury makes time stop like he so often does and slaloms through three Tigers to bounce through the goal off the left from 15m! (Q3 20:11)
Lynch sprays a set shot from the hotspot to the left, much to the delight of the Collingwood home crowd who are having a rollicking time. (Q3 24:18)
Frampton has his hand in the back of Lynch as they go for a mark 40m out in front, ump pays a rather soft free but the crowd hoot as Lynch misses again. (Q3 26:03)
Grimes is pinged for diving on a loose footy in the pocket 25m out, Elliott wins the HTB free but misses badly. (Q3 28:32)
Elliott marks a Crisp pass and goals again just before 3QT to give Collingwood what should be a winning margin. (Q3 31:18)
Bolton clears from a stoppage on the HFF despite Nick Daicos holding his arm, Clark flies for a nice pack mark at the hotspot… but he misses as well. (Q4 2:51)
Lynch forces a cough up by Murphy on the HFF, Prestia roves and passes to the boundary 35m out for Riewoldt, who threads the needle! (Q4 13:06)
Maurice Rilo jnr jinks through traffic at half forward with some twinkle toes and kicks long to Lynch who beats Frampton to mark 15m out… this set shot goes straight. (Q4 14:51)
9:29 to go and three kicks in it, Richmond haven’t looked like it at any stage but footy is a funny game and the Pies may well be punished for wastefulness. (Q4 15:46)
Lynch muscles his way under a tackle for a snap from 35m on the flank but it wobbles wide. (Q4 19:35)
De Goey pokes a pass into a hole at the hotspot for McStay to mark just before Balta arrives. This would be the sealer with the clock under 5:00… it’s good. (Q4 21:21)
Crisp throws Ross to the ground as they chase a loose ball on the Tiger HFF, Ross loads up for bear and bangs through the goal! 2:57 to go, too late she cried. (Q4 24:45)

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