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Blog log from R10 of 2023: Hawthorn vs West Coast

Blog log for Hawthorn vs West Coast, R10 of 2023

Mitchell fumbles a handball by Frost at half back after a stoppage, ball hits grass, Allen roves and gives to Sheed, he has Jones running past for the first goal of the day. (Q1 1:23)
Brockman marks on the HFF, dithers and is called to play on, Hunt corrals and Brockman eventually centres for Day 45m out on a slight angle who tugs it left and OOTF. (Q1 6:33)
Brockman hits a crumb at pace on the HFF after Nash bashes a loose ball from a stoppage on the wing, he jinks, changes his mind three times then goes himself… fades in the goal! (Q1 8:08)
Sicily intercepts at half forward and delivers a lovely long pass to Moore 20m out on a slight angle, who kicks truly. (Q1 9:28)
The ball is living in Hawthorn’s half in Q1, it’s only a matter of time before the scoreboard reflects it. (Q1 13:52)
Breust wears a high tackle by Ginbey in a pack 40m out on the flank, he has had the yips lately and this is the worst flank at Launceston to shoot from but this set shot is fine. (Q1 14:30)
Sunny day on Launny and no wind apparent, no excuse for the Hawks not to run up a big score if early flow of play is any indication. (Q1 15:28)
Worpel catches Sheed high after a stoppage 30m out on a slight angle, bit of a knee drop but it was there. Sheed kicks straight. (Q1 18:03)
Weddle goals from the line after Hunt kicks OOTF and a 50m penalty against Williams for a block off the ball. (Q1 20:33)
Edwards roves in the back pocket but Lewis’s pressure forces a clanger kick straight to Weddle who bangs through his second goal from 40m on the flank. (Q1 24:08)
Koschitzke marks in the pocket 30m out for a miss. (Q1 28:55)
Koschitzke marks again in a pack 40m out on the flank from a high speculator by Nash from the wing, not much body on him there. Kosi sends that through, his first of the season. (Q1 30:27)
Lewis takes a contested grab in front of Edwards at the hotspot just before the QT siren for his first goal. (Q1 32:04)
Lewis takes another contested grab in front of Edwards 35m out on a slight angle but hooks the set shot left. (Q2 1:24)
Allen marks in the square over Blanck for his first goal, after a quiet Q1. (Q2 4:31)
Mitchell runs from half back to get involved twice after the next bounce, he sets up Mackenzie to shoot on the run from 40m on a slight angle, falls in the square but not touched! (Q2 6:03)
Day receives from Newcombe and kicks ugly from a pack in the pocket towards the square, Edwards dives to mark but it bounces off his chest, Butler volleys the goal from 15m. (Q2 15:29)
Butler runs down the flank away from a pack and gives to Koschitzke who checksides the goal from 20m. (Q2 19:05)
The Hawks play circle work on a rebound around outer wing, Brockman passes to the boundary for Breust 40m out, he plays on and misses. (Q2 22:41)
Butler hits the crumb from a Koschitzke contest 25m out in the pocket but misses under a tackle. (Q2 24:06)
Sheed sails through an excellent snap from the HFF for his second goal, after a loose ball get and feed out from a stoppage by Long. (Q2 28:04)
Waterman is pinged for a push in the back of Lewis going for an Amon long ball to 20m in front. Lewis boots his second goal in the last minute before HT. (Q2 31:29)
Bazzo is pinged for high contact on Lewis at the hotspot for his fifth goal. (Q3 16:46)
Moore misses a snap across the body from 35m on the flank. (Q3 19:32)
Newcombe runs from defence but Petruccelle chases and tugs the jumper as the Hawks bounces, ump pays HTB even though it was barely a hold. Petruccelle misses from 40m. (Q3 21:09)
Day passes to Lewis on the boundary 30m out on the end of a flowing rebound switching from the opposite HBF. Lewis kicks OOTF across the face. (Q3 22:46)
Bramble passes to Nash 50m out on the flank, his set shot falls in the square for no direct score. (Q3 26:32)
Sheed hits the post with a snap from the HFF. (Q4 0:46)
Mackenzie gives across half forward to Worpel who feigns a handball, baulks Bazzo and runs to 40m in front and kicks truly. (Q4 1:52)
Breust kicks his second goal from a long-range set shot. All the atmosphere of a pre-season VFL scratch match, this one. (Q4 4:31)
Bramble has had a picnic zoning up from defence today to get front half possessions, he joins the party with a long snap goal from the HFF. (Q4 9:27)
It’s one-way traffic in Q4, Mackenzie snaps Hawthorn’s eighth goal in a row from 20m on a slight angle after a feed inboard by Lewis. (Q4 11:32)
Brockman marks an Amon pass 40m out on the flank for his second goal. (Q4 12:42)
Mackenzie misses a snap from 40m. (Q4 17:32)
Brockman passes to Breust 35m out in front, fairly desultory defending by the Eagles who gave up long ago. Breust kicks his third goal to push the margin into three figures. (Q4 19:09)
Newcombe bombs long to grass in the pocket, Lewis roves and baulks inside to snap his sixth goal from 30m. (Q4 25:34)
Newcombe roves a Lewis contest and runs inside from the pocket for another one. (Q4 29:55)
Lewis takes another contested grab from a long Bramble kick to 20m in front, but he misses in the last minute shooting for seven. (Q4 33:02)

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