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Blog log from R10 of 2023: Essendon vs Richmond

Blog log for Essendon vs Richmond, R10 of 2023

Mansell keeps low and draws a high contact free kick, he jogs into 35m out and puts through the first goal of the evening! (Q1 3:10)
Pickett tries to sneak through a goal along the boundary in the pocket, but it bounces through the near side for a point (Q1 7:08)
Bolton squares the ball up to the pocket, but it’s easily fisted over for a behind (Q1 9:30)
Cotchin screws through a bouncing behind to the chagrin of the crowd (Q1 11:11)
Vlastuin is pinged for high contact on Weideman, and the ‘Weed’ lines up from 35m out in front as a result. He pokes it through and Essendon are on the board! (Q1 14:05)
Grimes opts for a weird launch on top of Weideman, he catches him high and is pinged for unrealistic. Weideman slots his second goal as a result! (Q1 16:05)
Redman unleashes from range, but misses to the near side for a point (Q1 17:50)
Weideman shovels a quick handpass to Davey who finds just enough time to snap through another goal for Essendon! (Q1 21:17)
Pickett fumbles a mark and gives it back to the kicker in Rioli, Rioli steadies himself and snaps, but hooks it to the near side (Q1 22:52)
The umpire has his blinkers on as he pays a dropped mark to Samson Ryan in the square. Ryan pops it through as the Essendon faithful roar their displeasure! (Q1 23:55)
Prestia marks a short ball from Graham and is called to play on, he kicks under pressure and sprays it wide for a behind (Q1 26:41)
Mansell plucks a goal from nothing as Martin is able to get it away! (Q1 29:13)
Nankervis drops a mark he should’ve taken, and in the ensuing chaos Snelling is there to gather and snap through a goal to regain the lead! (Q1 29:56)
Ross marks 45m out, but kicks back inside to Taranto who marks 35m from goal. He runs in and kicks off the second quarter with a goal! (Q2 4:00)
Essendon chip it forward to Langford 35m out on an angle, usually accurate, but he misses to the right (Q2 6:37)
Davey curls a kick towards goal, Weideman and Vlastuin scrap over it, but Vlastuin is eventually tackled over (Q2 7:35)
Baldwin kicks a low dart that lands right in front of Weideman, who takes a diving mark. He puts the ball out to the right though for a point (Q2 8:36)
Weideman marks in the middle of the ground, kicking off a little team play that ends with Weideman marking 35m out. He sprays this kick as well though, levelling the scores (Q2 10:58)
Riewoldt sidesteps Snelling and snaps on the run, putting it wide (Q2 15:59)
Draper tries a checkside kick but it bends back too much for a point (Q2 18:38)
Richmond chain up the handballs across the arc ending with Dusty who snaps through a goal from 40m out! (Q2 20:16)
Caldwell kicks a bullet pass to Weideman who charges in to mark on his chest. He puts this one out left for a change, as he wastes another chance (Q2 22:01)
Stringer mongrels a ball forward that Menzie is able to mark after a few juggles. He sends it through the big sticks to get Essendon back in front! (Q2 22:46)
Graham swoops on an errant Caldwell kick, and punishes the loose kick by slotting a goal! (Q2 25:01)
Menzie snaps across his body in the pocket, it looks as though it’s through, but it’s called a behind (Q3 3:41)
Ryan hooks a high ball in the square that goes straight up, it goes to ground amidst a mad scramble, and is rushed through by Essendon (Q3 6:41)
Dow is out the back and tries to dribble through a goal from range as Hind closes in, but it rolls through for a point (Q3 10:41)
Merrett spots Langford deep and kicks to a 1 on 1, Langford marking 15m out from goal. He doesn’t miss and the scores are level once more! (Q3 11:39)
Essendon are under siege in defence, and it’s McGrath who gives it away cheaply to Pickett, who flicks it to Bolton in the square and goals! (Q3 14:19)
Perkins bombs one long from the 50m arc, it drops short to Langford but he can’t complete the mark on the goal-line and it rolls over for a point (Q3 16:20)
Taranto soccers off the deck, but it bounces wide for a behind (Q3 17:41)
From a forward stoppage Bolton dribbles through a goal Eddie Betts style from the pocket! Wow! (Q3 19:25)
Perkins marks a short Snelling kick 45m out, his set shot falls short though, and Nankervis kicks it over after a short struggle (Q3 21:26)
Martin gets a short away as the siren sounds, but Hind rushes back to get a hand on it and force a rushed behind (3 Qtr Time)
Dustin Martin marks on the 50m arc. He opens the angle and just barely gets it home to extend the margin to 3 goals! (Q4 2:36)
Merrett marks in the middle of the ground and sets off instantly, spotting Durham out wide by himself. He stands tall to mark and converts a big goal for the Bombers! (Q4 8:52)
Draper and Merrett combine out of the middle to get it to Stringer. He has space ahead so runs to 55m out and the Package delivers when he needed to! (Q4 10:07)
Martin kicks towards a vacant goalsquare, Redman and Clarke give chase, with the former believing he’d rushed it over. It stays in however, and Clarke just pokes it through! (Q4 18:02)
Essendon get loose out the back and Davey pumps it inside 50. It’s a footrace, 3v3. Balta overshoots it and Durham gathers the loose ball, to Langford, to Menzie! GOAL BOMBERS! (Q4 23:05)
McDonald-Tipungwuti snaps from the pocket looking for a miracle, but finds a behind instead (Q4 23:50)
Cotchin gathers and spears a short one inside to Mansell who marks 35m out. A big moment on a big stage, and he misses everything! (Q4 25:08)
Essendon work it inside 50. It goes to ground and Stringer is there in the pocket. He squares it up and Durham MARKS IN THE SQUARE! He milks the clock, he runs in and kicks! GOAL! (Q4 28:32)
7 seconds left on the clock! 1 point in it now! Last chance for the Tigers from the centre bounce! (Q4 29:08)

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