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Blog log from P2 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane, P2 of 2022

Bontempelli gets the first centre clearance kick of the game and it’s Naughton who loses his man Andrews to take a pack mark in the square for the opening goal. (Q1 0:19)
Fullarton gets involved in a RIch rebound around outer wing, McStay provides the link play to connect McCarthy and Robertson to run into the open goal. (Q1 4:53)
Naughton shepherds through a running snap from Dale from 50m on a slight angle through for a goal. (Q1 6:21)
Fort marks over Martin on the HFF and gets a soft 50m penalty for Martin moving on the mark… but the ex-Cat sprays it from point blank range, Cam Mooney areas! (Q1 13:42)
Bailey volleys the crumb from a stoppage in the pocket to the top of the square where McStay marks and gets bullocked by Keath, 50m penalty and easy goal. (Q1 16:36)
McStay is the only one who goes for a quick inside 50 to a big pack 35m out on a slight angle, excellent vision to see where that wobbler was going. He converts. (Q1 18:18)
A wayward Vandermeer snap from the HFF lands near the behind post where Naughton marks and goals. (Q1 20:09)
Cockatoo mops up a wayward Williams handball to green grass and snaps a nice goal from 30m on the flank, weaving through traffic to reach the crumb. (Q2 3:11)
Cameron catches Hunter HTB 60m out on the flank, he gives inside to Rich who strokes through a trademark finish from 55. (Q2 6:26)
Cameron outjudges Richards to get to a bit of a shank kick inside 50 to 30m on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q2 8:11)
Daniel tries a lairy banana kick on the last line but Cameron intercepts, his snap from 20m is off hands for a point though. (Q2 9:59)
Macrae tries a too-cute bouncing handball in traffic at half back, Bailey toepokes it inside 50 to McCarthy who marks and goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 11:08)
Three Lions fly to spoil Martin in the pocket, the crumb falls straight down where Dunkley zooms in and grubbers through a nice finish. (Q2 12:37)
Bontempelli accepts a gift from Starcevich kicking across the backline on a slow play, he goals from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 18:00)
Daniher marks on the lead near the boundary 35m out, it’s a terrible set shot which is not surprising, no score. (Q2 21:57)
Daniher has another ping in general play from the HFF, that one goes narrow for a behind. (Q2 23:24)
McCluggage gets a running snap on target from the hotspot, also not a great kick for goal generally but that one was not under much pressure after a good tap by McInerney. (Q2 25:47)
Bailey centres from the pocket, chain of quick hands ends with Lyons feeding Neale for the snap goal from the hotspot. (Q2 29:31)
Treloar delivers a trademark running goal from centre half forward after a feed by English following the centre bounce. (Q2 30:57)
Naughton takes an impressive pack mark near the hotspot, eight blokes flew and he juggled it down nicely. But he misses as the HT siren blows. (Q2 32:57)
Naughton turns rover for a Weightman contest on the HFF and feeds outside to Treloar whose hard run has him in space, the ex-Magpie settles over the plodding snap for the goal. (Q3 1:23)
Cameron marks a McCluggage pass leading up the guts to 45m, he strokes through the goal. (Q3 4:53)
McStay takes another strong contested grab in a pack 25m out on the flank, from a Fort inside 50 kick. He misses left. (Q3 10:34)
Cockatoo uses some zip to reach a loose ball at half forward but rather chips the kick from 45m on a slight angle and misses. (Q3 13:58)
Weightman sends an ugly looking kick from half forward to the top of the square where Naughton has three to beat but he manages to hang onto another good mark, his third goal. (Q3 15:34)
McStay roves a chaos ball on the behind line but can’t get the angles right running full tilt and misses. (Q3 16:55)
Bailey uses trademark verve while swerving through traffic to rove a Daniher tap and snap a goal from 20m in the pocket. (Q3 20:52)
A comedy of errors including a shank by Dale ends with a scrubbing behind by Neale. (Q3 23:04)
After Fort coughs the ball up by hand at half back, Answerth turns goalkeeper for a volley by Bontempelli from 20m but the crumb falls for Johannisen who goals. (Q3 28:09)
Bailey gathers a loose ball on the HFF, jinks clear of the chaser Macrae and bounces through a lovely finish as the 3QT siren blows. (3 Qtr Time)
Crozier is on the end of a chain of handballs for a nice loping goal from CHF. (Q4 4:27)
Treloar and Bailey Smith wax it running up the wing but Johannisen hits the post from 30m on the flank, deserved better that play. (Q4 7:54)
Williams has two Lions hunting him at half forward but manages to evade them both with a nice dodge and lets fly from 50m on a slight angle for a fabulous goal! (Q4 13:42)
McStay misses a relatively easy mid-range set shot. (Q4 16:04)
Bailey Smith blazes well wide from the boundary 40m out. (Q4 20:26)
Treloar roves a Neale cough up and feeds Weightman who snaps wide off a step from 35m on a slight angle. (Q4 22:25)
Bontempelli goes to Johannisen one out with Payne 20m out but it’s the taller Lion who wins out for a rushed behind. (Q4 25:22)
Bontempelli passes to Weightman to mark on a hard lead 45m out on the flank, who gives back to the Bont, doesn’t work and the ball is eventually off hands for another point. (Q4 25:50)
1:15 to go and a straight kick in it. (Q4 26:09)
Weightman dives for a loose ball at half forward but takes the legs of Starcevich, that’s just about the ball game. (Q4 27:32)
Siren sounds with ball on the wing, Lions win. (Q4 28:13)

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