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Blog log from R21 of 2022: Brisbane vs Carlton

Blog log for Brisbane vs Carlton, R21 of 2022

Carlton win the opening bounce and it’s Fisher who collects from distance and takes a shot, but it flies high and wide for a point
Lachie Neale collects a handball from true CHF and fancies his chances from there, it’s a strong kick, and it’s the first goal of the game!
Cameron and McCarthy combine with Charles flicking a handball to Lincoln who snaps from 35m out, but his kick goes to the left (Q1 14:32)
McCarthy wins a free kick on the wing and sends a dart onto the chest of Hipwood who marks 20m out. A simple kick, but not simple enough as Hipwood kicks to the right (Q1 16:36)
Mathieson tries his luck from 45m out on the flank, but his shot is wide (Q1 18:37)
Newnes turns the ball over on the wing and the Lions counter with Carlton open at the back. Berry is by himself in the square and he marks before sneaking in the set shot! (Q1 20:33)
Neale is held without the ball by Cerra but Rayner takes the advantage as he runs to 50 and takes a shot, but it’s a floater and drifts to the left for a behind (Q1 21:59)
Zorko catches Docherty HTB and kicks towards the rucks where McInerney eludes De Koning to mark 35m out on an angle. His kick goes to the pocket and is thumped through (Q1 25:34)
Zorko and Rich combine, Rich sending a rocket through the middle of the ground to Charlie Cameron all by himself inside 50. He runs into an open goal and slams it through! (Q1 27:34)
Weitering disposes of an inside 50 entry, hitting it through for a minor score (Q1 29:14)
Neale forces a turnover from the kick-in which allows the Lions to take possession, with Zorko sneaking through a miraculous goal from the pocket! The Magician!!! (Q1 30:14)
Silvagni kicks to Curnow on the flank who marks right on the boundary. His kick goes across the face and is hit into the point post (Q2 2:42)
Cripps gets the ball to Martin from the resulting throw-in and Martin has a shot, but can’t convert the chance kicking a point (Q2 2:42)
McCluggage cleans up a loose Rich kick and has a shot on the run, but hooks it to the left (Q2 5:41)
McCluggage receives the ball 30m out from goal but decides to handball forward to Bailey instead who straightens up and converts! (Q2 8:02)
It’s too easy for Brisbane inside 50 right now, as they chain up handballs before Hipwood kicks to Mathieson in the pocket. Rhys jogs in, but pokes it to the right (Q2 10:12)
Cripps catches a glancing arm high in the square and gets a set shot as a result. He pokes it through to the jeers of the crowd. (Q2 14:40)
McCarthy almost takes a ripper of a mark in the middle of the ground but McGovern steals the ball as if it were a Zinger before getting it to Newnes who runs to 40 and goals! (Q2 18:11)
Carlton have all the momentum from the centre bounce as they move forward again! Motlop is in the pocket with the ball as he evades the defenders before slamming it through! (Q2 18:57)
McInerney is caught HTB and Owies gets to line up from 35m out on the 45, but he can’t keep the momentum going as he misses to the right (Q2 21:39)
Zorko’s kick to the pack spills off hands to Mathieson who handballs to Cameron who spots McStay lurking in the square. A quick handball and McStay kicks a steadier! (Q2 24:37)
Fisher collects cleanly at half forward and tries his luck again at a long range snap, but this one also floats wide for a point (Q2 25:57)
Brisbane get it from end to end in a heartbeat, finishing with a Hipwood kick to McCarthy who marks 30m out on a slight angle. He guides it home to re-establish the lead (Q2 27:13)
It’s the Lions turn to put through some quick goals, Cameron enabling a Bailey standing shot from on the arc that he powers through the middle! (Q2 28:38)
Brisbane thunder down the corridor once again and it’s Bailey who runs from CHF to take a shot at goal, but McGovern chases him down and affects the kick which is a behind (Q2 31:13)
Brisbane walk it out of the middle with Zorko sending a neat kick to the lead of Hipwood. He kicks from 45m out on the 45 but the kick bends to the left for a point (Q3 0:51)
Owies takes advantage for a high free kick and kicks long to Cripps in the pocket. He runs in to the boos of fans which turn to cheers as he misses to the left (Q3 2:32)
The Lions carve Carlton up on the counter, able to switch across the forward 50 to Bailey who runs into open space 35m out. He doesn’t miss as he kicks his third goal! (Q3 6:47)
Paddy Dow runs onto a loose ball and tries his luck at a shot but curls the ball too much to the right for a point (Q3 8:31)
Brisbane punish on the counter attack once again, Coleman dashing through the middle to kick to McStay who takes the mark in the pocket. He snaps around and goals! (Q3 9:07)
Daniher kicks long to the pack and Robinson crumbs the contest to snap through a goal from the square! (Q3 14:07)
Bailey produces a bit of magic in the middle of the ground, weaving through and putting on the jets before kicking out in front of Cameron, who runs onto the ball and taps it in! (Q3 16:06)
McKay has a chance to get back a goal (and some of that precious percentage), but he burns the opportunity (Q3 19:10)
Zorko tries to get in on the act with another goal, but kicks a behind (Q3 22:34)
Martin marks 50m out on the boundary and lines up the set shot. He gives it some power, but it sticks to the left for a behind (Q3 24:47)
Cripps kicks smartly to Martin 35m out in front, it’s an easier kick, and this time Martin gets that goal! (Q3 25:48)
Rayner gets a handball over the top to Bailey who runs to 35m out and curls through his fourth goal! (Q3 27:04)
Docherty intercepts and sends a kick towards Curnow who takes a spinning mark 45m out in front. There’s a pause in play as Adams is helped up, before Curnow slots the goal (Q4 3:01)
Curnow marks 50m out on the boundary, it’s a difficult kick but Curnow flushes it as he kicks his second goal for the quarter! (Q4 7:01)
Motlop takes a strong pack mark at the top of the square! He has to convert the goal and he does! 3 quick goals for the Blues means this game may not be over just yet! (Q4 8:36)
Curnow taps on a ball in front of McKay who runs onto it and puts through another Carlton goal! (Q4 14:16)
Newnes stands and marks in the middle of the ground before chipping to Fisher who goes back with the flight. Fisher runs in from 40m out and kicks ANOTHER Carlton goal!!! (Q4 17:50)
Daniher lets loose a monster torp that flies to 25m out and almost bounces through but is dealt with by Silvagni (Q4 20:16)
Carlton get it down the other end again where Cottrell is able to feed a handball out to Fisher to stops, props, snaps and goals!! (Q4 21:16)
Robinson tumbles a ball down to the lead of McStay who marks on his chest 20m out in front, he puts through the goal to give the Lions a breather! (Q4 22:19)
McKay lets loose a shot from range, but misses to the left (Q4 25:16)
De Koning knocks the ball to the pocket where Durdin collects and splits the middle of the Lions to defender to snap through a goal worthy of the #19!!! (Q4 28:01)
Cottrell sets off down the wing and kicks a long ball to the twin towers that goes down into Curnow’s hands. Curnow smashes a kick forward that Owies marks in the square! Goal!! (Q4 29:17)
Neale and McCluggage win the ball out of the middle before Lyons spanks a kick down to the talls. It spills to ground allowing Mathieson to handball to Hipwood who pokes it through (Q4 30:37)
Cameron gets the ball in the pocket and sneaks a handball to McCarthy who then gives it off to Mathieson who then launches it into the upper levels! Game over! (after review) (Q4 32:17)
The Lions waltz it out of the middle as it seems the Blues are spent. McStay takes a strong mark 25m out and puts through another goal! (Q4 33:38)

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