Blog log from R19 of 2022: Collingwood vs Essendon

Adams catches Kelly HTB 60m out, but chips a short one to Daicos on the run, he dashes to 40m out and takes a shot, but misses to the left (Q1 3:03)
Mihocek flicks a handpass forward to Pendlebury who has space to run into and take a shot from 45m out in front, Laverde can’t get a touch on it and it goes through for a goal! (Q1 4:05)
Crisp kicks low and strong to the pack and Cameron is able to take a mark while falling backwards. He goes for the snap 20m out, and kicks truly (Q1 6:05)
Zerk-Thatcher is caught dragging the ball in and Lipinski is rewarded the free kick 40m out on the 45, but his kick stays out to the right (Q1 8:41)
Josh Daicos gets the ball and has time and space to kick long to the square, where Johnson has gotten away from his opponent to mark 15m out. A simple kick and goal! (Q1 10:45)
Collingwood surge through the middle of the ground and it’s too easy as they handball forward eventually finishing with Johnson snapping from the square (Q1 15:40)
Langford kicks long to Phillips but it spills to Howe who then handballs to Noble who just walks it over for a behind (Q1 20:10)
Daicos cleverly handballs to himself along the wing and is able to waltz inside 50, getting all the way to 25m out before snapping through a great goal! (Q1 25:25)
Quaynor streams off half back, runs to 55 and lets loose, but sprays it OOTF (Q1 25:25)
McCreery pops a ball to the top of the square, where Johnson somehow manages to clunk one! He jogs in from 10m out and pops it through! Johnson has three! (Q1 28:31)
Moore is pinged for a hold on Wright and the big man runs in from 25m on the 45, putting through Essendon’s first goal (Q2 0:45)
Shiel tries to snap through a second Essendon goal, but he can’t sneak it through (Q2 4:37)
Wright marks 60m out and pumps it long to the pack where Jones stands up to take a strong mark 15m out. He puts it through as the Dons try to claw their way back (Q2 6:19)
Martin hooks a short ball across to Snelling who marks 30m out on an angle. His kick slides across the face, but is marked by Wright on the point post, who converts the snap! (Q2 9:04)
Hobbs is caught high and gets it out to Heppell who then kicks to the pack and Phillips presents! He marks at the top of the square, runs in and puts through another Essendon goal! (Q2 13:45)
Shiel weaves through the Pies players and chips to a 2 on 1 where Guelfi is able to hang onto a chest mark somehow! He runs in from 25m out and pops through Essendon’s 5th! (Q2 20:19)
The Pies finally get something going forward, McCreery driving the Pies inside 50, the ball is scrambled forward and eventually Mihocek scoops it up off the deck and snaps a goal! (Q2 27:19)
Elliot snaps from about 30m out but it bends to the left for a behind (Q2 28:04)
Wright lines up from 35m out on the flank, but kicks across the face for a behind (Q3 1:56)
Ginnivan centres a kick to the pack, but it’s fisted through for a behind (Q3 2:30)
Merrett slices a kick to Martin at 35 out on the 45. He steadies himself and pops through a goal to close the margin further! (Q3 3:55)
Durham gets a neat little touch to Merrett who then spreads and pops a kick down to Wright 25m out in the pocket. He flushes the kick and it’s back to a point! (Q3 8:25)
Hobbs’ kick to the pack is touched off the boot, it spills off hands down to Langford who spins and goals! Essendon in front! (Q3 11:25)
Phillips scoops up the ball and dashes from the middle, kicking right to Langford who takes a tumbling mark 40m out on a slight angle, but this time he puts it to the right (Q3 12:50)
The Pies work out of defence quickly, Daicos streaming on the wing and kicking long to a 2 on 2 but it’s Mihocek who goes back to take a mark in the pocket. He snaps and goals! (Q3 14:25)
Essendon burst forward but get too handball happy, sharing it around eventually getting it to Langford right in front who has to snap, and misses! (Q3 15:53)
Kelly pumps it long to the waiting Draper but the ball spills, Draper cleans up the mess though tapping off the deck to Stringer who snaps at goal and nails it! (Q3 18:31)
McGrath gets a free kick and then 50 after a push by Elliott. He walks to 35m out on the 45, but can’t capitalise on the mistake (Q3 21:50)
Lipinski is pinged for HTB, Merrett kicks wide to Durham, who then plays on to Stringer, who kicks to the pocket and Draper stands tall! He goals and brings the house down!! (Q3 27:26)
Umpire picks out a free against Noble, meaning Guelfi lines up from 45m out on the 45, he flushes the kick and gets the fans involved! (Q4 2:52)
Draper and Caldwell combine to get it to Stringer on the run, Stringer takes a shot, but drags it way too the left, missing the lot (Q4 4:30)
McCreery gets on the end of a Hoskin-Elliott handball and kicks into a vacant goal square, but drags it to the left for a behind (Q4 5:08)
Snelling gets the ball at true CHF and has space to kick long and out the back to Durham who marks 30m out on an angle, but he slides the kick to the right (Q4 8:47)
Stringer catches Pendlebury cold, and lines up from 45m out on the boundary. It’s a difficult kick, and he keeps it too narrow for a behind (Q4 9:53)
Cameron links up through the middle of the ground and pops a kick right onto Carmichael’s chest 40m out on a slight angle. He aces the kicks to keep the Pies alive! (Q4 10:38)
It’s chaos ball inside the Pies forward 50, eventually Bianco takes a shot but it falls short and is rushed through (Q4 12:13)
The Pies capitalise off a turnover, Johnson kicking to a leading Elliott who marks 35m out on the 45. He spears it through and the margin is back to just 8 points! (Q4 14:36)
Mihocek demolishes Zerk-Thatcher in a massive tackle, he gets it to Pendlebury who kicks to Carmichael in the pocket. The medi-sub lines up, and the medi-sub has 2! 2 point margin! (Q4 16:30)
Lipinski kicks high and long into the pocket, Johnson is there to take the mark, but his snap shot hooks to the near side. Margin down to 1 point! (Q4 21:57)
Guelfi intercepts in defence, 2 minutes left (Q4 24:11)
Jones catches Howe cold HTB. He lines up from 35m out right in front, but his kick is narrowly a point. (Q4 26:12)
The pies move very quickly, getting it forward and down to Elliott. The clock runs down to zero. Elliott runs in from 45m out on a sever angle. The kick is on its way, IT’S HOME! (Full Time)

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