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Blog log from R19 of 2022: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R19 of 2022

Daniher kicks a long low ball from the forward flank, and it’s allowed to go through with little resistance!
Rich kicks long to the lead of Zorko who is able to mark on his chest 25m out on an angle. It’s an interesting kick and it stays to the right for a behind (Q1 4:56)
Cameron stays down behind a Daniher contest and does what good small forwards do, pounces on the ball and sneaks through a goal! (Q1 5:46)
Lukosius ends up with the ball after it spills off hands, he has space in front, but messes up the kick and can only manage a point
(Q1 6:58)
Robinson gathers and handballs to McCluggage who stops and props before taking a shot, but it bends to the wrong side of the post for a behind (Q1 10:26)
Lukosius wraps up Berry in a perfect tackle and is rewarded with a set shot from 20m out on the 45. This time he kicks truly for the Suns’ first! (Q1 12:02)
Ainsworth spots Hollands calling for it and hits him up. He marks strongly in the pocket, goes back and nails the set shot for his first goal! (Q1 14:36)
Lyons stabs a short kick to Cameron in the pocket 30m out. He opts for a drop punt, but can’t keep it narrow enough as it slides across for a behind (Q1 17:13)
Cameron gets loose from his opponent again to dart in front of the pack and mark the short Ah Chee kick. Charlie lines up from 35m out on an angle, and puts it through! (Q1 18:11)
MacPherson is caught in the back and pops a ball up to the square where big Levi Casboult rises above to pull in a big mark! He then converts simply from 15m out (Q1 20:32)
Zorko lets loose a massive torp from half back, and it falls right into the hands of McCarthy who jumped in front of the contest. He kicks from 35m out in front, and goals! (Q1 24:06)
Zorko chips a kick to Daniher who marks in the pocket 20m out, he tries the snap, but snaps it too much to the near side (Q2 1:49)
Lyons tries a snap from a stoppage, but hooks it to the near side (Q2 6:24)
Hollands kicks it right into the hands of Daniher who smothers and kicks from 10m out, dribbling through a unlikely goal! (Q2 7:50)
Chol barely manages to hang onto a big pack mark 15m out, but he does, and he goes back and puts it through the middle (Q2 10:04)
Atkins bursts from half back and kicks onto the chest of the leading Chol 40m out in front. Chol can’t squeeze it through though, sliding past the wrong side of the post (Q2 11:24)
The Suns work it forward and out of the contest, Hollands to Miller to Ellis who’s got acres of space, Ellis snaps and goals! (Q2 12:24)
Lemmens and Graham are all over Cameron to prevent him getting the ball, and it’s eventually rushed through (Q2 14:51)
The umpire conjures a free kick out of nowhere and Hipwood is the one who steps up to take it. He runs in from 35m out and puts through a goal (Q2 16:49)
Lukosius hooks a brilliant kick off the deck that finds Swallow on the flank! He lines up from near 50m out, and is able to float it through for a goal! (Q2 19:02)
The Suns pounce on a turnover and move forward, eventually it’s Miller who takes a running shot at goal, but the ball drops late onto Casboult’s chest! He runs around and goals (Q2 23:00)
Cameron tries to poke through a loose ball but kicks it into the foot of Lemmens for a behind (Q2 25:25)
The Suns chain up the handballs ending with Hollands running into space and snapping at goal… He’s got two! (Q2 30:05)
McCluggage weights a nice ball to the advantage of Daniher who marks 30m out on an angle. Daniher can’t finish the job though before half time (Q2 32:30)
Rayner handballs back to Mathieson who kicks off one step from 45, getting some vicious spin on the ball as the Barometer slots the first of the second half! (Q3 1:24)
Rowell and Anderson combine from the middle of the ground to get it in quick to Casboult who marks 20m out! He pops it through and we have two goals in a minute! (Q3 2:03)
Robinson coughs up a front on contact free and a 50m penalty to boot allowing Ellis to waltz in to 25m out and slots his second goal! (Q3 4:39)
Zorko stabs a low kick from 50m out, but sprays it to the left (Q3 6:38)
Chol snipes a switch kick to intercept 45m out on a slight angle, it’s a gentle kick all things considered, and is touched on the line as a result (Q3 8:37)
Ballard is way too casual in defence, kicking the ball OOTF, allowing Robinson to quickly kick back inside to McCluggage 35m out on the 45. He steers it home in a costly blow (Q3 11:39)
Ah Chee marks on the wing and is then awarded a dubious 50m penalty to get within range. The former Sun pops it through and the Lions edge ahead! (Q3 14:19)
Cameron catches Rowell HTB and lines up from 35m out on a decent angle, but he shanks it horribly OOTF (Q3 16:22)
Levi stands tall in the pack to mark strongly 35m out on an angle. He slips the ball through the big sticks to perfection! (Q3 18:39)
The Lions’ smalls combine, Cameron to McCarthy in the pocket, McCarthy snaps, goals! Goal for goal action at the Gabba! (Q3 19:24)
Flanders busts through the middle of the ground, his kick a good one for Hollands who marks 40m out on a slight angle, he’s looking for three, but kicks across the face (Q3 22:23)
Neale kicks directly onto Ainsworth’s chest 50m out in front. Ainsworth gives it a roost, it goes through the middle, and somehow isn’t touched! Goal! (Q3 24:39)
Miller analyses options inside 50 and chips it to Lukosius in the pocket. Lukosius opts for the snap, kicks it high, and it bounces off the top of the post! (Q3 26:35)
Lyons tumbles a ball inside 50 that Bailey somehow manages to mark along the ground. Bailey lines up from 30m out, and puts through the goal! (Q3 30:55)
Lukosius’ raking kick finds Chol who stands up in the contest to mark 20m out in front. He puts it through to counter! (Q3 32:40)
McCluggage pops a kick to the pack inside 50 that Hipwood is able to mark. He runs in from 35m out in front, but pokes it to the left (Q4 1:32)
The Lions crash and bash forward, getting to Daniher in the pocket, he disposes of his opponent to spin and snap through a checkside goal! (Q4 5:16)
Cameron draws a free against Lemmens on the flank 40m out, but his kick moves across the face and is punched through (Q4 7:59)
Hollands kicks across the 50 to find Rowell in front 45m out. Not a noted goalkicker, Rowell gives it some juice, but slides it to the left as a result (Q4 9:56)
Atkins is gang-tackled 10m out, and Lyons is rewarded the free kick, which he pops through to give the Lions the lead! (Q4 12:17)
McCarthy pops a high kick out of congestion which Mathieson is able to mark 35m out on the 45. He bends it through as the Lions surge late! (Q4 15:57)
Sharp tries a shot on the run, but it cruelly smashes into the post (Q4 16:57)
The Lions defence manage to tap the ball through after a defensive stoppage (Q4 19:18)
The Lions have a forward stoppage and the smalls can’t gather, so the big man McInerney scoops it up and tosses it on his boot. It’s high, it’s going, it’s there! 16 points! (Q4 22:21)
Cameron takes on Lemmens again, this time catching him HTB 35m out on the 45. He runs around and puts through another goal! (Q4 28:17)
McCarthy smashes a ball out of the middle and it goes right down Daniher’s throat! He stands and delivers from 40m out in front, but sprays it to the left (Q4 29:56)
Ainsworth pops a neat ball to Rankine who marks 50m out in front, the clock ticks down and the siren sounds as Rankine kicks a consolation goal (Full Time)

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