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Blog log from R18 of 2022: Fremantle vs Sydney

Blog log for Fremantle vs Sydney, R18 of 2022

Florent kicks to Papley in a 1 on 1 with Ryan, but Ryan does enough in the contest to knock it through for a behind (Q1 1:30)
Mills rushes a kick out of defence, but only finds Lobbs who intercepts 45m out on the 45. Lobb gives it a fair roost, but is offline for a minor score (Q1 5:29)
Walters and Fyfe combine from a forward stoppage to get a handball up to Lobb, who snaps from 20m out, and kicks the first of the night! (Q1 9:07)
Franklin gives up a 50m penalty to Chapman, who jogs forward and chips simply to Mundy 45m out. The veteran steadies himself, and kicks long, putting through another Freo goal! (Q1 13:27)
Lloyd coughs up a free kick to Walters, who scans inside 50 spotting a Banfield lead into the pocket. The angle is no trouble, as he sneaks the drop punt home! (Q1 15:27)
The Swans surge and Heeney pops a kick out in front of Amartey. He has time and space to run onto the ball, and snap through the Swans first goal! (Q1 19:02)
Lobb juggles a mark over the boundary 45m out. The angle is tough, and as a result Lobb can only manage a behind (Q1 21:26)
Walters receives from a forward stoppage and kicks to the square where Taberner is able to outmuscle Rampe and mark 15m out. The siren blares, and Taberner… misses! (Qtr Time)
Ryan is caught holding onto Heeney, and the Swans man lines up from 35m out on a slight angle, important kick, but Heeney kicks it into the post (Q2 3:04)
Parker kicks to the pack inside 50 and Reid stands above the rest, marking 35m out. Opposite flank to Heeney, but the same result (Q2 4:49)
The Swans are getting repeat entries inside 50 now, this time Hayward marking 40m out on a slight angle. But he also sprays it wide as the Swans burn chance after chance (Q2 5:32)
Darcy taps it down the gullet of Schultz, who tosses it on the boot to the square where Taberner brings in a mark. He plays on quickly, and snaps through a goal! (Q2 8:29)
Banfield and Shultz do the old 1-2 as Banfield runs into space, he goes for the running ba-na-na and it curls and bends in midair. It’s through! (Q2 10:29)
Florent lets loose from just outside 50, but he sacrifices accuracy for power, the ball soaring through for a behind (Q2 11:31)
Walters invents a snap from nothing, but can’t slide it through for a goal (Q2 13:07)
Freo turn it over on the wing, and Sydney are able to punish on the counter, eventually getting it down to Gulden 40m out. Gulden nails the kick as Sydney finally get their second! (Q2 18:05)
It’s Mills this time who has a shot on goal, but like so many before him, it’s sprayed to the right (Q2 19:00)
Clarke kicks to the pack, and Amartey brings it to ground where Gulden gathers and kicks, but it slides wide (Q2 20:01)
It’s scrappy play as Fremantle centre the ball, Sydney desperately work it to the goal line, and eventually rush it through (Q2 21:46)
Clarke tries a snap from the pack, but it’s touched off the boot and goes through for a behind anyway (Q2 28:13)
Brayshaw invents a brilliant toepoke to Lobb, who centres to the free man in Schultz, it’s very high and Fox almost intercepts, but Schultz steadies himself and goals! (Q2 29:30)
Sydney get a free kick in the resulting celebrations and get it forward where Logue coughs up a free kick against Franklin right on HT. He kicks straight and Sydney get a real gift (Half Time)
Acres kicks long to a 2 on 2 inside 50, but the ball spills to ground, eventually it’s cleaned up to Taberner who snaps at goal, but misses (Q3 2:37)
Heeney kicks to the top of the square, and Papley is there to crumb and snap at goal, sneaking one through for the first of the second half! (Q3 5:24)
Brayshaw delivers perfectly to Lobb who marks 40m out on an angle, but Lobb can’t kick straight, the ball sliding to the left for a behind (Q3 6:51)
Papley marks on the 50 near the boundary, he gives it everything, but kicks to the left in search of power (Q3 8:20)
Chapman is lazy in defence, and coughs it up to Heeney who intercepts 30m out on the 45. A simple kick, but Heeney also misses (Q3 9:17)
Lloyd kicks to Warner who moves quickly to get it down to Amartey who marks on the boundary 30m out. It’s a tight angle, but Amartey splits the middle all the same! (Q3 11:24)
Lobb walks over the arc and unloads from 50, but it’s off target, with Taberner unable to mark it in time (Q3 18:15)
The ball gets out the back to Warner who fancies himself, slapping it on outside of the boot, and sneaking through a goal! (Q3 22:15)
Acres kicks long to the square where it bounces off the Swans defenders, and through for a behind (Q3 24:32)
Darcy’s tap down goes into space, which Papley is onto in a heartbeat, he dashes into the pocket, but can’t kick the tricky angle (Q3 25:55)
The Swans have a late charge inside 50, chaining up handballs, finishing with Warner in a similar spot to his goal, but this time can only manage a behind (Q3 28:48)
Bodies crash into each other as the Dockers quickly move inside 50, eventually Fyfe stands tall and gets it out to Schultz who craftily snaps through a goal! (Q4 0:54)
Walters ducks and weaves, eventually catching McCartin out. He stands and delivers from 30m out on an angle, as Freo look to end this game quickly! (Q4 3:09)
Papley tries to sneak through a goal from the pocket, but Walker puts on the clamps, resulting in a grubber kick that rolls through for a behind (Q4 5:31)
Gulden spots Hayward lurking near the boundary, and with a neat little kick hits him up. The location is no worries for Hayward who snaps around and curls through a goal! (Q4 7:48)
Parker tries a running shot, but it bounces wide for a minor score (Q4 8:11)
Papley defers his set shot to Heeney in a closer position 45m out with little angle. Not at his best tonight, but this one is straight as a nail as the Swans reclaim the lead! (Q4 10:34)
Frederick pops it up to the pack on top of the square, but no one can mark it, and it’s rushed through (Q4 13:32)
Parker takes a contested mark, but the space opens up so he plays on and runs to 50 before letting loose, but the ball bounces off the post! (Q4 15:33)
The ball spills out to Gulden in the pocket, he straightens up and uses that left foot to slice a kick from the pocket, Gulden? More like Golden! He’s kicked a ripper! (Q4 16:52)
Colyer chases a loose ball into the pocket, and tries his luck at a miracle goal, but it ricochets off the post (Q4 19:33)
Hayward kicks to Hickey and Lobb, who knock it down front and centre and right into Papley’s lap! He steps forward into goal and the Swans are up by 16! (Q4 20:49)
Hickey tries his luck from a ruck contest, but can’t convert (Q4 25:58)
Clark pumps it long to a 2 on 1 in the square, the Sydney players fall to ground and the ball bounces up perfectly for Taberner who chucks a boot at it, and kicks a goal! What? (Q4 27:45)
Freo are panicking now trying to surge forward, Young misses a handball and the Swans pounce, Stephens the one who gets a shot on goal, and he blasts one through from 50! (Q4 30:30)

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