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Blog log from R18 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R18 of 2022

Riccardi leads out of the square down the flank to mark a Cumming pass 40m out, but he kicks the right side of the post which is the wrong side. (Q1 1:13)
Green’s kick across half back is turned over but Idun tackles to prevent a score. (Q1 4:58)
Answerth encroaches to bring Greene from centre wing to 30m out on a slight angle with a 50m penalty, Toby strokes through the first goal of the afternoon at a still Manuka. (Q1 5:49)
McStay marks just outside CHF, the Giants don’t man the mark so he runs up to it and kicks the goal from 50m. (Q1 11:05)
Rayner snaps wide from near CHF. (Q1 15:58)
Rayner gets up after earning a high contact free on O’Halloran in midfield, he plays on to pass to Cameron 40m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q1 23:44)
Cameron gathers a bouncing inside 50 ball by Neale on the HFF, Idun corrals so Charlie has time to spot up an inside pass to McCluggage 40m out on a slight angle, who goals. (Q1 25:09)
McStay gets a ruck free on Flynn for tunnelling 35m out in front, he shoots for goal number two… perfect. (Q1 28:49)
Neale gets clean bowled by a loose ball on the wing, Coniglio second to it but mops up and starts an attack that ends with Greene marking at the hotspot for a much-needed GWS goal. (Q2 2:21)
McCLuggage tumbles through his second goal from a ball up near the hotspot, with a lovely handball for the goal assist by Neale. (Q2 6:08)
McStay catches Green HTB at a ball up at the hotspot but hits the post. Brisbane have bossed this game on the inside all day, all they need is full value on the scoreboard. (Q2 8:53)
The Giants rebound quickly with Greene playing on in the centre to keep it quick, O’Halloran feeds Kelly who snaps the goal from 45m on the flank. (Q2 9:53)
Coleman’s third touch in a rebound is a pass to the lead of Hipwood 45m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q2 14:38)
Riccardi roves an Andrews drop 20m out but grubbers wide. (Q2 17:14)
Mathieson gets a free for legging by Flynn at a stoppage 30m out on the flank, but misses. (Q2 20:19)
Greene is over the back of Starcevich again to mark 35m out on a slight angle for his third goal. (Q2 22:22)
Greene marks 20m out in the pocket on another hook lead and screws through goal number four! (Q2 26:59)
Rayner catches Wehr HTB 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot is short and rushed. (Q3 0:35)
Mathieson gets a free kick for a swinging arm to the neck by Hopper at a stoppage 30m out on a slight angle, but misses again. (Q3 3:55)
McCluggage gets a high contact free for a tackle by Bruhn at the hotspot, he converts for his third goal! (Q3 8:47)
Taylor is out of position for a quick inside 50 kick and is pinged for an arm chop on Hipwood 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 11:50)
Rayner marks behind a pack 20m out in the pocket, plays on and screws through the finish. Lions are dominating territory, it’s hard work but they are putting up scores now. (Q3 14:35)
Hipwood leaps in front of Taylor on the lead to mark again 40m out in front from a Sharp long ball up the guts. He kicks truly. (Q3 15:20)
Clearance totals were terrible for GWS in the first half but they are even worse in Q3. (Q3 15:20)
Himmelberg roves an Andrews spoil at half forward and gives to Green who decides to feed Taranto for a snap off a step from the hotspot… falls in. (Q3 19:15)
Ground ball at the top of the square for Brisbane, plenty of Giants milling about but Cameron beats Ash to the footy and snaps the goal over his shoulder from 15m. (Q3 26:59)
McCluggage marks a long ball behind Ash 20m out in front just before the 3QT siren and boots his fourth goal! (Q3 27:55)
Peatling tugs right and OOTF from a set shot from near CHF. (Full Time)
Bailey roves a kick to the hotspot and gives Cameron a Joe the Goose special. (Q4 2:39)
Neale roves the next centre bounce and passes to the lead of Cameron 50m out on a slight angle, who doesn’t score. (Q4 3:49)
Rayner snaps his second goal from a stoppage at the hotspot off the left, after a rove and reef out by McStay. (Q4 4:37)
Coniglio plays on from a Cumming free on the HFF and gives to Riccardi who snaps from 20m in the pocket, but Andrews gets back to touch it through for a point. (Q4 6:37)
Daniher marks on a hard lead in front of Keeffe 35m out near the boundary but shanks for no score, as he can tend to do with drop punts. (Q4 11:44)
McStay passes to McCluggage 20m out on a slight angle. This for an unprecedented five goals for Clug… no good. (Q4 14:43)
Rayner feeds Coleman who zips to 50m on a slight angle and delivers a fabulous finish, that is a Rolls Royce of a goal from Kiddy. (Q4 17:02)
Hogan marks a Flynn snap on the behind line and nicks the post. (Q4 18:33)
Bailey intercepts at true CHF, his set shot falls in the square where Mathieson roves and feeds Rayner for his third goal. (Q4 21:33)
Greene kicks to grass near the hotspot, Lloyd gets a good bounce and dribbles through some garbage. (Q4 22:18)
Hogan marks an O’Halloran pass to 40m in front, who feeds Himmelberg for the junk goal. (Q4 24:48)
Hogan marks an Ash kick to the top of the square for the smelliest junk imaginable after the final siren. (Q4 31:18)

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