Blog log from R18 of 2022: Adelaide vs Collingwood

Adelaide rebound after Hoskin-Eliott fumbles the bag, it ends up to Murphy at half forward who swings the boot at it from 60m out, it tumbles goalward and rolls through! (Q1 4:05)
Laird kicks to the top of the square where the pack is crashed by Fogarty. The ball spills and it’s Murphy again who crumbs it and sneaks a ball through, but it hits the post (Q1 5:33)
Keays goes deep inside 50 and Moore knocks the ball down into Walker’s breadbasket. The Texan snaps quickly and Adelaide have another! (Q1 7:25)
Murphy kicks to the lead of Fogarty, who manages to juggle down a mark against the other Murphy 35m out on the 45! He starts the kick very left, but it swings back for a goal! (Q1 11:35)
Carmichael dumps a kick into Laird’s chest, he snaps quickly, but his kick slides to the left (Q1 14:18)
Pendlebury cleans up the slippery ball and dishes out to Nick Daicos on the 50, he has space to stream forward to 40m out, and blast through the Pies’ first goal! (Q1 16:39)
Johnson tries to poke through a cheeky goal in the square, but smashes it into the post instead (Q1 19:25)
Elliott crashes the pack and the ball spills out to Mihocek who stayed down, Checkers snaps, and goals! (Q1 22:40)
It’s a ball up in the forward square for Collingwood, Cox and O’Brien are nowhere near the ball though, and right as the ball hits the ground, Sidebottom pokes it through! What? (Q1 25:06)
Lipinski tumbles a ball to the square where Johnson has to deal with two Crows defenders, he does it well, gets the footy, and puts through his first AFL goal!! (Q1 27:46)
Parnell scoops up a rushed rebound 50 and deposits it back inside, where it just falls perfectly for Walker to mark 40m out on a slight angle. He puts it through to take the lead! (Q2 2:46)
McHenry smashes a ball off the deck at it flies right onto the chest of Thilthorpe 35m out in front. It’s not an easy kick in the wet, and he kicks it to the left (Q2 6:27)
The Pies get the break going, Crisp has time and space to kick long out the back to Elliott who marks 25m out on an angle. He plays on quickly, but skies it to the right (Q2 9:13)
McCreery kicks a high ball inside 50, it gets behind everyone, but Cameron is able to throw a boot at it, and kick a goal out of nothing! (Q2 10:57)
Sidebottom kicks neatly to McCreery 35m out on a considerable angle. He starts it left but it swings back right for a goal! (Q2 12:47)
Adelaide move quickly along the wing, ending up with Soligo running into 50 and taking a shot, burning Murphy in the process. The ball bounces into the behind post. (Q2 14:31)
Fogarty runs onto a loose ball in the pocket, and somehow manages to squeeze it through a disgusting angle! Fogarty has two! (Q2 15:17)
Thilthorpe intercepts 60m out, and hits up Walker on the flank 45m out. Walker’s going for his third, but puts it across the face for a behind (Q2 17:04)
The talls are crumbing like the smalls this quarter, as the ball spills off the pack and down to Thilthorpe who has space to straighten up and put through a goal! (Q2 17:42)
Hinge dumps a ball into McAdam’s chest, and he lines up from 45m out on a slight angle, but sprays it to the right for a behind (Q2 18:23)
Daicos fumbles the bag on the defensive flank, and the Pies defensive woes are put on full display as the Crows slice through and get it to McAdam on the square. Goal! (Q2 22:27)
Elliott loops a handball to Ginnivan on the run, he streams to 40m out on the flank and tries his luck, but misses narrowly (Q2 25:44)
Daicos and Johnson link up as the Pies spread along the wing, Elliott marks 45m out near the boundary, gives it a roost, but kicks offline and misses everything (Q2 27:48)
Murphy crashes the pack and eventually the ball spills out, Walker gets a crucial tap on to Fogarty, and then to Murphy who snaps and goals to start Q3! (Q3 1:06)
Lipinski kicks to Ginnivan in the pocket. He readies his set shot routine, and as he usually does, snaps it through for a goal! (Q3 3:01)
Elliot kicks to Mihocek one on one with Murray, Murray leaps up very high, but catches Mihocek high in the process 20m out on an angle. He guides it home and Checkers has two! (Q3 7:06)
Hamill bursts away with pace, running forward and kicking to the lead of Thilthorpe in the pocket. He goes for the snap, but doesn’t get enough on it for a behind (Q3 8:21)
Carmichael kicks a real grubber along the deck that Murray is able to cut-off and punch through for a behind (Q3 10:48)
It’s a real scrap right now but eventually Adelaide prevail through Schoenberg who gets it on the boot to the lead of Walker 35m out. He steers it through for a big goal! (Q3 19:19)
Milera catches Noble HTB, he gets it in quick onto the chest of Thilthorpe 40m out, but Thilthorpe can’t split the middle (Q3 20:20)
Daicos kicks it onto the chest of Hinge, who then milks a 50 against Cameron for contact after the mark. Hinge walks to 10m out, and puts through another Adelaide goal (Q3 21:42)
Lipinski and Elliott combine to get it out to Carmichael from a stoppage, he runs inside 50, lets loose, and kicks his first goal in AFL footy! How good?! (Q3 25:45)
Maynard takes advantage, flicks a handball out to Pendles on the run, he gets to 50, kicks, and goals!! (Q3 27:22)
Nick Daicos runs along the wing and kicks inside 50, it’s a bit dodgy, but it gets to Josh Daicos who runs around, snaps, and kicks a behind (Q3 29:03)
Pendlebury and N Daicos combine, the past and the future for Collingwood, Daicos runs into 50 once more, lets loose, and kicks his second! (Q4 3:39)
Cox gets his arms chopped in a marking contest, but Daicos gathers and is paid advantage, slotting through his third! (Q4 10:17)
McCreery deals with his opponent to get space and try his luck at the goal frenzy, but misses to the right (Q4 11:35)
Walker is paid a contentious HTB decision, and Pendlebury has something to say which the umpire doesn’t appreciate. Walker walks to the line and pops through his fourth. Spicy! (Q4 11:35)
Carmichael unleashes a monster kick from 55m out in general play, but it’s handled out of bounds (Q4 14:06)
Bodies fly as the game gets more physical, eventually the ball gets out the back to Ruscoe who can assess, and hit up Johnson 40m out. It curls, it bends, it’s through!!! (Q4 18:07)
Elliott jumps on a loose ball, invents the space, snaps, and puts through another Pies goal in this late surge! (Q4 22:29)
Adelaide force a turnover, McAdam flies, and gets the ball to ground where Murphy can crumb, and snap, and give the Crows some life! (Q4 23:10)
Keays smashes a clearance forward, Howe can’t hang onto the intercept mark and Walker pounces, putting through goal number five, and this match is anything but over! (Q4 25:05)
4 minutes left, 4 points the margin, throw up in the middle (Q4 29:04)
Down to 3 minutes, and we’re back where we were a minute ago… (Q4 30:30)
Deep in the Crows defence with 2 minutes left… (Q4 31:17)
Adelaide manage to rush through a behind, 1.53 on the clock, 5 points the margin with the ball in Adelaide’s hands (Q4 32:15)
Ball locked in the Crows’ defence, 90 seconds left… (Q4 33:08)
Schoenberg gets a free and Adelaide SURGE, Jones smashes it long, and it bounces out of bounds, throw-in in the pocket. 1 minute left (Q4 34:10)
Throw-in on the forward flank for Adelaide, 20 seconds left, is there time? (Q4 34:10)
Berry is tackled as he tries to kick inside 50, and it soars OOB, Pies hold on!!! (Q4 35:55)

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