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Blog log from R16 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Collingwood

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Collingwood, R16 of 2022

The ball is rushed over for the Suns in a scramble (Q1 3:49)
Daicos links up on the wing and pumps a kick to Elliott on the lead 45m out on an angle, but he can’t make the distance and the ball is grounded for no score (Q1 4:05)
Hoskin-Elliott intercepts a loose ball and dashes forward kicking long to the square where Elliott is there but is unable to hang onto the ball and it’s rushed through (Q1 5:06)
Swallow kicks to the advantage of Chol who’s able to take a simple mark 30m out on an angle. He splits the middle for the first of the match! (Q1 6:06)
Swallow dumps a high ball towards the pocket where Levi Casboult is lurking. He jumps and pulls down a great contested mark before snapping the set shot for the Suns’ second! (Q1 8:51)
The ball spills from a Casboult contest down to Flanders who flicks a handball out to Hewago Paul Oea. He has time and space to snap and kick his first goal in AFL footy!!! (Q1 11:22)
Maynard kicks inside 50 to the pack, it gets past Cox and falls right into Henry’s lap! He kicks from 25m out in front and gets the Pies on the board! (Q1 12:46)
It’s a big contest inside Collingwood’s forward 50 and the ball finds its way to Ginnivan in the pocket who snaps through a nasty goal on his left foot! (Q1 19:06)
The Pies chain up the handballs to end with Adams chipping it up to Ginnivan in the pocket who barely marks it in play 30m out. He runs around and curls through goal number two! (Q1 20:34)
Sidebottom gives Anderson a bit of extra love and coughs up a free on the 50. He kicks to the square but it’s punched through in the contest (Q1 26:51)
The Suns kick inside 50 and the ball spills out the back, but Sidebottom is there to usher it through (Q1 28:22)
Maynard sets off through the middle of the ground, kicking out in front of Adams who marks 30m out in front. Surely he can convert from here? Apparently not as he hits the post (Q1 28:50)
Elliott lines up a set shot from 35m out on a sharp angle, but he can only manage a behind (Q1 30:20)
Sidebottom ignites a late late charge for the Pies, Mihocek dishes to Elliott who then hits up Henry juggling a mark 20m out on a slight angle. He kicks after the siren and misses (Qtr Time)
Markov hacks a kick out of defence but it’s straight to Pendlebury who then kicks to Daicos in a better position 35m out on an angle. Daicos makes no mistake to start the second! (Q2 3:58)
Pendlebury kicks in front of Mihocek who runs out of space but chips a brilliant kick to Crisp who marks 35m out on a sharp angle. Crisp kicks to the pack it smacks into the post (Q2 5:30)
Adams kicks goalward but it’s offline and Mihocek marks on the line. He rushes his snap kick though and makes a meal of it, going through for a minor score (Q2 9:12)
Daicos sends the perfect kick towards Ginnivan who out-muscles Budarick to mark 35m out on a slight angle. He opts for a run-around kick but converts all the same! (Q2 10:23)
Chol marks near enough on the 50, but tries to kick out the back to Casboult. The Pies defence are able to rush it through (Q2 15:57)
The Pies work it forward to Ruscoe who lines up from 50m out on an angle, but he sprays it to the left (Q2 18:30)
Ginnivan scoops up the ball and kicks Gryan Miers style to Mihocek in space 30m out on an angle. He steadies and kicks, but hooks it to the left slightly (Q2 19:30)
Swallow and Hewago combine to set up Rankine who snaps under pressure on the run from 35m out on the boundary, silding through a spectacular goal! (Q2 22:14)
Rosas plays neatly along the boundary as he centres the ball for Chol, but it’s Anderson who comes steaming in to put through another goal for Gold Coast! (Q2 23:56)
Hoskin-Elliott centres a ball to the square but it spills through in the contest
(Q2 28:09)
De Goey pumps a ball long, it spills off Cox and then Mihocek before Josh Daicos sprints forward and kicks his second goal! (Q2 28:56)
Ainsworth kicks to the lead of Casboult who marks 30m out on an angle. He steadies himself, but the kick ricochets off the post (Q3 1:54)
Holman lines up a set shot from 35m out on an angle but misses to the left and the ball is rushed over (Q3 10:07)
The Pies go through the middle of the ground to Ginnivan who marks 35m out in front. He runs around and misses the lot! (Q3 11:17)
Ellis marks a Miller kick 25m out on an angle but hooks to the right (Q3 12:54)
Ginnivan gets caught high in the middle of the ground and spears a ball to Henry who marks 20m out in front. A goal would be handy here, but he kicks it into the post! (Q3 15:31)
Pendlebury turns it over against Rowell and the Suns break quickly ending with Rankine running into space and slotting a big goal! (Q3 18:33)
Chol marks a Miller kick 35m out in front. This to change the lead, but Chol misses badly to the right (Q3 19:29)
Hewago chips a neat little kick inside to Anderson who marks 45m out on an angle. He shanks the kick though and flies OOTF (Q3 22:37)
Markov pumps a ball inside 50 and it’s Casboult who rises on top of Quaynor to drag down a great mark 35m out! The kick doesn’t stack up though for a behind (Q3 24:20)
Ellis intercepts a hacked Quaynor kick and then passes to Ainsworth who’s 45m out near the boundary. Ainsworth kicks way too narrow though, missing everything (Q4 2:53)
Swallow kicks to Rankine who can’t hang on, but manages to flick a boot at the ball as he’s falling in the pocket, kicking a ridiculous goal off the deck!! (Q4 4:43)
Bowes shovels a kick out and forward where Rankine is waiting to take a chest mark 20m out on a slight angle. He kicks the hard ones and he nails the easy ones! Suns up by 13! (Q4 6:21)
Anderson smashes a ball in the Chol direction, but it’s rushed through (Q4 8:59)
Elliott tries a running snap but misses to the left (Q4 9:57)
Ballard kicks inside 50 but the ball spills off hands for a behind (Q4 11:50)
Cameron marks 15m out in front. He lines up for a much needed goal for the Pies, but smashes the ball into the post! (Q4 12:16)
Daicos finds space in the middle of the ground and sets off, running to the 50 before unloading, but the ball rolls through for a point (Q4 14:00)
It’s Daicos to Daicos as Nick kicks across the ground to Josh. He sets off running, reaching the 50 before pumping the ball through the big sticks! 1 goal in it! (Q4 17:42)
Adams spears a ball to Mihocek who goes back with the flight to mark 25m out on an angle! He splits the middle to level the scores! (Q4 20:21)
Sidebottom kicks to the pack at the top of the square, it spills to Hoskin-Elliott who has enough time to snap, and GOAL!! (Q4 22:22)
The tackling is ferocious in the middle of the ground with a ball up resulting with 3 minutes left (Q4 25:22)
A pause in play as Moore is assisted and stretchered off (Q4 27:32)
The ball is rushed through for a Gold Coast point. 2 minutes left. (Q4 29:37)
Collins pinged for HTB in the middle of the ground. 90 seconds remaining (Q4 30:15)
The Pies hold off a fast finishing Suns to win by 5 points! (Full Time)

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