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Blog log from R14 of 2022: Richmond vs Carlton

Blog log for Richmond vs Carlton, R14 of 2022

Lambert soccers a point to kick us off. (Q1 0:40)
Rain starting to fall early in Q1. It’s going to be a bit slippery. (Q1 1:32)
Bolton roves a loose ball at half forward, draws a man and gives to Daniel Rioli who feeds Pickett on the outside to screw through the first goal off his left from 35m. (Q1 2:14)
Three Blues fly to spoil a long ball to Lynch, the crumb falls to the square where Bolton gets a boot to it but Docherty’s hand is right there… ruled a goal! (Q1 6:30)
Owies leaps in front of Baker and shows strong hands in driving rain to clunk a low ball by Boyd to 45m on the flank. His set shot is touched through in the square. (Q1 9:59)
Grimes’ dump kick to half back is straight to Walsh 45m out on a slight angle. Walsh trots in rightish and kicks left. (Q1 11:30)
Curnow’s dropped mark at CHF leads to a switch rebound around outer wing, Graham goes long to Lynch who draws a contact free on Young 20m out on a slight angle and goals. (Q1 12:50)
Repeat inside 50s for Carlton eventually lead to a Hewett scrubber landing in the arms of Newnes 30m out on a slight angle, who misses badly. (Q1 16:30)
Rain has eased off, typical Melbourne winter’s day where the rain always threatens but you get reprieves. (Q1 21:02)
The Blues surge through midfield in somewhat chaotic fashion, O’Brien eventually snaps wide from near the hotspot. (Q1 21:48)
Newnes slides in to slap a loose ball to a teammate but gets pinged for taking the legs of Balta out. Balta shoots across the face from 40m on the flank. (Q1 24:34)
Edwards plays on to advantage at half forward from a free to Bolton on Boyd, and passes to Balta 40m out in front who kicks truly. (Q2 2:43)
Richmond is belting the highly-fancied Blue midfield in clearances, and their style is far more conducive to these conditions with their surge mentality. (Q2 3:23)
Lynch stands in front of Young to mark a blind clearance kick by Short from wing to the flank 45m out. His set shot is near the left goalpost but falls inside for another one. (Q2 6:33)
Young has the sit for a centre clearance to the flank 25m out but punches rather aimlessly towards Riewoldt who kicks it over his head for a nice finish off the right! (Q2 8:23)
Lambert is somehow on his own 40m out in front for a mark, he gives off to Short who snaps wide. (Q2 9:43)
Cripps gives forward of a pack at half forward to Hewett who spins and tries a checkside off a step from 35m… it falls in! About time Carlton scored. (Q2 16:25)
The Blues finally get a clearance win out of the centre out the front, Fisher gives to O’Brien who baulks onto his left to kick a big goal from 50m on a slight angle! (Q2 17:43)
Edwards shanks a volley of a loose ball at half back after some frenetic play, Hewett mops up and has a running shot from 40m on the flank… across the face. (Q2 20:54)
Young’s rebound kick after an interception hits grass, Pickett has a lash from 50m on a slight angle but it’s wide. (Q2 24:52)
McKay juggles a nice mark from a Corey Durdin pass to the flank 45m out. The set shot starts eft and draws right in beautiful style, Blues are back! (Q2 27:29)
O’Brien roves and snaps in one motion from 30m on the flank but it’s off hands for a point. (Q2 28:54)
Lynch is running behind Young down the flank to mark a Graham ball and keep running into the open goal just before the HT siren. (Q2 30:20)
Grimes loses his feet to allow Curnow to mark unopposed 40m out on a slight angle, but the set shot flies wide. (Q3 1:55)
Big rain falling at the start of Q3. (Q3 3:29)
After Prestia beats Silvagni to a loose ball at half forward, Bolton marks a Short kick to the hotspot and misses an easy one, as he did many times last week. (Q3 6:58)
Curnow had an extremely quiet first half but he marks and plays on for his first goal from the hotspot, after some tortured build up. (Q3 8:19)
Dion Prestia has had nine clearances so far, Carlton has had 15. (Q3 10:30)
Sam Durdin roves on the last line but gets pressured by Lynch and kicks straight to Daniel Rioli 35m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q3 13:37)
Corey Durdin runs freely without an opponent around the pocket to rove a long ball to Curnow and run into the open goal. (Q3 17:58)
De Koning takes a trademark grab 30m out on the flank, flying in front of three Tiger defenders, but misses. (Q3 19:18)
Lynch gives to Baker who has a flying snap from 25m near the boundary but misses. (Q3 21:21)
Clarke intercepts the short O’Brien kick in 25m out on the opposite boundary, he misses as well. (Q3 22:12)
Boyd mops up a pressured Pickett turnover handball at half forward and bombs it back in, big pack 25m out, crumb over the back for Martin who avoids Cotchin and goals! (Q3 23:26)
A melee at 3QT was moderately entertaining, but Carlton lifted in Q3 to reverse the clearance trend and now lead by 12 in contested for the game. Playing wet weather footy at last. (3 Qtr Time)
Bolton roves a grubbing ball to Lynch on the flank, shows the footy to the chasing Docherty with some arrogance, and runs into the open goal. (Q4 4:00)
Bolton gets another chance for a snap across the body from 30m on the flank but it falls in the square to be rushed. (Q4 5:11)
Sam Durdin gives Plowman a hospital handball in the pocket 25m out, Riewoldt catches him HTB and screws through the goal. (Q4 7:45)
Lambert strips De Koning in a tackle at half forward, Riewoldt roves and shoots from 45m but it falls in the square for Young to rush. (Q4 10:17)
Curnow misses a long snap. (Q4 10:57)
McKay marks an O’Brien pass to 25m on the flank and punched through the low set shot. Carlton still within touch, four kicks with 12:43 to go. (Q4 11:50)
Boyd kicks long to the pocket for the lead of McKay 25m out, his checkside set shot is a peach, Blues right back in it now! (Q4 13:27)
Gibcus flies to spoil a long ball to the pocket but the ball skids on its point and stays in for Martin to gather and give McKay a Joe the Goose special! (Q4 15:59)
O’Brien has a set shot from 50m on a slight angle, falls in the square, crumb to the front where Newnes roves and shoots… was it touched by Broad? Yes, just a point. (Q4 17:50)
Bolton worries Docherty off a ground ball on the wing after the kick in, he feds Rioli who grubbers a kick to Edwards, Titch does the rest off the right from the hotspot. (Q4 20:00)
Maurice Rioli jnr roves a Saad fumble but misses a flying snap from near the hotspot. (Q4 21:35)
McKay hurries and misses a set shot from 40m on the flank. (Q4 25:54)
4:16 to go at the kick in and the Blues are just about done. (Q4 26:16)
Riewoldt marks 40m out on the flank but doesn’t score with his set shot. (Q4 29:01)
McKay gets a free at the hotspot, plays on and snaps but it’s off hands for a point. (Q4 30:56)

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