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Blog log from R12 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Collingwood

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Collingwood, R12 of 2022

Cameron passes to Pendlebury at half forward and runs into forward 50 to mark the pass 25m out on a slight angle, he misses. (Q1 1:35)
Lipinski holds his position with strength on Jiath to mark with the left hand in the pocket 30m out, his set shot is wide and rushed. (Q1 2:54)
Jiath is pinged for a hold on Ginnivan near the boundary just inside 50m. Ginnivan slots the first goal of the afternoon with a fine set shot. (Q1 6:15)
Howe runs across the back line after roving but kicks OOTF 20m out, Wingard misses the free. (Q1 8:31)
Sidebottom wobbles a kick to the behind line where Henry gathers and shoots but it’s narrow. (Q1 12:18)
Collingwood has been pressing for five minutes, the Hawks get a rebound going finally with Impey breaking lines, and Macdonald goals from 35m in front! (Q1 13:30)
De Goey passes to Cameron 30m out on the flank after Sidebottom spoils Koschitzke at half back to start a rebound up the guts. Cameron kicks truly. (Q1 15:15)
Morrison is pinged for getting in Ginnivan’s back in a tackle 20m out in front, bit of a scrum forms afterwards and 50 is paid to ensure the goal. (Q1 18:12)
Sidebottom leads Shiels to a crumb 40m out on a slight angle, he snaps at full pelt, looks leftish but curls and bounces through with a shepherd by Mihocek! (Q1 21:16)
Breust gets the first free kick of the game for eh Hawks at half forward and sizzles a pass to the hotspot for Lewis to mark on the lead. Vintage Breust goal assist in his 250th. (Q1 22:31)
Hardwick roves but then coughs up a handball to McCreery who pounces to grubber through an opportunist goal from 20m. (Q1 25:31)
Lewis keeps his feet after contesting in the pocket and centres for Reeves 25m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q1 28:31)
Mihocek receives from Pendlebury in the pocket, steadies over a snap off a step but misses from 20m. (Q2 0:34)
Howe turns the ball over by foot on the wing to Morrison, switch to attack through the midfield, Jiath has a lash from near true CHF, Moore flies on the line, ruled goal! (Q2 3:04)
Josh Daicos passes to the boundary for Mihocek 30m out who misses. (Q2 7:05)
Newcombe slaps a loose ball at half back to a nest of Magpies, Lipinski snaps the goal from 40m in front. (Q2 9:59)
Sicily grubs a shanked kick from the back pocket straight to Sidebottom who snaps from 35m but it bounces into the goalpost. (Q2 12:02)
De Goey marks 45m out in front but hooks his set shot left. (Q2 12:38)
Dylan Moore roves on the HBF but gives straight to Pendlebury who feeds over the top to Hoskin-Elliott for a Joe the Goose special to Mihocek. (Q2 15:00)
Lewis roosts a long snap from the HFF for a goal against the run of play, which has been all Collingwood. On review, it cleared the line by a pixel before Sidebottom got there. (Q2 18:20)
Nash clears from the centre, Breust roves and has options for a give but goes himself off the left from the hotspot… across the face. (Q2 19:42)
McCreery roves a stoppage and tries a running checkside from the pocket, it lands in the opposite pocket where Mihocek marks over Sicily and misses from 20m. (Q2 23:21)
Breust fends off Pendlebury and snaps wide again from 25m in the pocket. (Q2 24:20)
Driving rain as Q3 gets underway, which will advantage Collingwood with a handy lead. (Half Time)
Koschitzke toepokes the first goal of Q3 inside 20 seconds after Mitchell engineers the centre clearance. (Q3 0:32)
Breust takes a contested grab over Lipinski from a Morrison speculator to 40m on a slight angle. He’s been a bit hungry today, big kick this… it’s good! (Q3 8:28)
Lewis gets a high contact free 55m out on a slight angle, Hawk fans give the Bronx cheer, Lewis plays on and thumps a massive kick in the wet for a huge goal! (Q3 12:23)
The third out-of-zone free of the game is paid to Butler in the square for the go-ahead goal, against Darcy Moore for taking the legs out in a slide, oh boy wowee! (Q3 14:55)
De Goey misses from a throw in to the pocket. (Q3 24:48)
Crisp passes to Henry at the hotspot just before the 3QT siren, who converts to restore the Collingwood lead. (Q3 29:59)
Lewis gets a contact free on Darcy Moore in a pack at the hotspot, he converts to give Hawthorn the lead back. (Q4 1:27)
Newcombe’s hard ball get on the wing starts a convoy, Wingard takes a big contested mark 20m out, melee forms so Chad plays on to waltz into the open goal! (Q4 4:27)
Shiels roves at half forward and feeds Newcombe who snaps wide from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 5:26)
Lewis taps a loose ball to Wingard who misses on the turn from 20m. (Q4 7:01)
Wingard roves at the hotspot and gives to Macdonald who snaps wide off the left. (Q4 8:29)
De Goey marks a lovely Mihocek pass from the wing to 50m on a slight angle. He goes back for the set shot… big goal! (Q4 9:58)
Henry wobbles a snap wide from half forward after a frenetic passage of play, it’s slippery and freezing cold but both teams are cracking in in classic winter footy style. (Q4 17:58)
Repeat inside 50s for Collingwood piling up now, eventually Henry marks in front of a pack at the hotspot but he hooks the set shot left. (Q4 18:43)
Josh Daicos sends another speculator towards the hotspot, Henry leaps over Impey to mark at the same spot as his last set shot… this time he slots it! Pies lead. (Q4 20:28)
Stoppage on the HFF for Hawthorn, 1:06 to go. (Q4 27:01)
Newcombe tackles Lipinski, secondary stoppage, 58 seconds. (Q4 27:29)
Out for a throw in same spot, 49 seconds. (Q4 27:46)
Lipinski is pinged for deliberate OOB, O’Meara hits the post, Noble gets it to half back, Breust roves but gets caught HTB by McCreery, that’s the game! (Q4 28:31)

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