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Blog log from R11 of 2022: Collingwood vs Carlton

Blog log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R11 of 2022

Collingwood get out the back and Elliott marks uncontested 25m out on a slight angle. He ignores Mihocek in the square and lines up the set shot, kicking the first of the game! (Q1 8:06)
Carlton respond quickly with Cerra getting the clearance straight to Curnow who bends low to mark 40m out in front. He sends it flying through the big sticks! (Q1 9:22)
Durdin burns off Howe and runs to the 50, kicking towards the empty goalsquare, the ball bounces once, twice, and through for another goal! (Q1 12:27)
Dow gets the clearance and pumps it long, the ball spills but it’s the big man Curnow who scoops it up and has a snap, but on review it’s called a behind (Q1 14:08)
After Cox takes a ripper mark on the 50 he pumps it inside where the ball spills around before Lipinski is able to kick a high ball that Sidebottom marks 10m out. Play on and goal! (Q1 18:07)
Moore intercepts and gets running, pumping it between the arcs where Henry takes a great mark on Plowman 45m out on a slight angle. Last weeks super sub makes no mistake! (Q1 20:22)
Hoskin-Elliot smacks a ball forward that spills off Mihocek, Henry gathers and snaps, but it’s touched over the line (Q1 21:52)
Collingwood get separation and Elliott spots Ginnivan all by himself inside 50. He marks, runs forward and SMASHES the ball into the post! (Q1 24:26)
Hewett handpasses back to De Koning who stands and delivers from 45m out in front, but the ball swings to the right for a behind (Q1 26:04)
Mihocek leads up and marks 55m out, it’s too far to kick so he pumps it to the square, it spills to Lipinski who paddles it forward, but also over the line (Q1 27:45)
Newnes is pinged for a dangerous tackle on Elliott in the pocket. He opts for a drop punt, but the kick is too skinny and results in a minor score (Q1 29:01)
Cameron rips the ball from the centre bounce and gets it forward where Henry is able to get it out to De Goey who has enough space to go from 50m on the run and kicks a big goal! (Q2 0:42)
Pendlebury sets up the pack but the ball spills and in the chaos it eventually is rushed over (Q2 3:19)
Elliot marks a Daicos entry inside 50 35m out on a slight angle. He gives it a good shout but the ball drops just short and is rushed through (Q2 4:22)
Lipinski keeps it in and dishes to Henry who centres into space that Ginnivan quickly fills to mark 20m out in front. Ginnivan’s kick crosses the face and it’s another behind (Q2 6:22)
The Pies get out the back and move forward effortlessly, with Henry marking 30m out on an angle, ignoring Elliott in the square. Henry’s kick flies to the right for a behind (Q2 9:22)
Stocker gets a high free against Cameron, he sets up the kick and Cripps is there to mark 30m out on the 45. He steadies, kicks, and goals to get the margin down to 2 goals! (Q2 12:54)
Carlton move forward and it’s Cripps passing to Walsh who spins and lets loose 25m out in front, the ball bouncing through for a second goal in a minute! (Q2 14:23)
Noble is pinged for in the back on Cerra 35m out on a sharp angle. He puts it through and ledger is even once again! (Q2 17:38)
Owies spanks it goalward but it soars OOTF (Q2 21:58)
Howe drops one of his trademark marks and Curnow is able to clean up the mess, kicking 40m out near the boundary. GOAL! (Q2 24:53)
Curnow can’t hang onto a mark but Moore can’t keep with him and he’s able to gather and snap, but he kicks a behind (Q3 1:29)
Cox marks and dishes to Adams who centres to Sidebottom, who then kicks to Lipinski in the pocket. He kicks around the corner and it’s good! (Q3 2:08)
Fisher is taken high by Quaynor but O’Brien takes the advantage and his high kick is punched through (Q3 4:53)
Fisher darts out to the boundary with a loose ball and tries a snap from the pocket but it keeps skinny for a behind (Q3 5:53)
Young is pinged for holding Cox’s arm 50m out. Ignores the give to De Goey and goes himself, but misses to the left (Q3 7:26)
De Goey kicks in front of Mihocek who gathers and flicks a handball to Lipinski on the run, he kicks and goals! Pies in front! (Q3 8:48)
Walsh hits up Cripps who marks 40m out on an angle. His kick falls just short and is offline, and is rushed over (Q3 11:08)
Crisp gets a ball out to De Goey who spots Sidebottom creeping up from the wing. He marks 35m out on a slight angle, but the kick was always to the left (Q3 13:54)
Daicos pumps it inside 50 to the pack where Mihocek is there to mark 30m out in front. He lines up, but his kick is also to the left (Q3 15:16)
Carlton move the ball around inside 50 and it’s Durdin who snaps at goal, but Sidebottom has worked back from the wing to punch it through (Q3 17:24)
Elliot crumbs the pack inside 50 and has time to get a kick off, but misses the lot and it bounces OOB (Q3 18:25)
Noble takes a strong intercept mark on the 50 but is alerted to Sidebottom who has crept forward once more. He marks 25m out on the 45, and this time he puts it through! (Q3 21:09)
Crisp attempts a blind snap that bounces through for a behind (Q3 24:49)
The ball is crashing around the pack, when Motlop is there to soccer it through! After review it is determined that the goal will stand! Game on! (Q4 1:54)
Collingwood move forward off a Tyler Brown smother, De Goey getting it to Mihocek who then kicks to Cox in the pocket. Cox nails the kick and the margin’s out to 11! (Q4 4:52)
Lipinski drives it long to the pack but no one can get hands onto it so it spills down to Brown who manages to snap and goal in the congestion! (Q4 7:12)
The Pies chain up the handballs to move forward, Pendlebury dishing off to Quaynor who kicks at goal but misses to the right (Q4 10:11)
Fisher has a good chance to get one back from 35m out on a slight angle, but hooks the kick to the right (Q4 12:31)
Collingwood surge forward again, Adams chipping it up to Henry who marks 30m out on an angle. He splits the middle and it’s dangerous now for the Blues! (Q4 14:08)
Owies lines up a set shot from 40m out, this to keep the Blues in the hunt, and he’s kicked it! (Q4 16:28)
Elliott pumps a ball long to the pack where Henry is able to get separation on his man to slide in from the side and mark 30m out on an angle. He converts the chance! (Q4 18:28)
Docherty dashes from half back to assist O’Brien and kick it inside 50 to the lead of Owies, he marks 35m out in front and kicks the goal to again give the Blues some hope! (Q4 20:03)
Carlton get out the back and get it to Curnow who marks on the 50. He starts the kick left but it swings back right, and the Blues are back in this game! (Q4 23:34)
Walsh pumps it long to Silvangi who marks uncontested, he spots Curnow out the back and handballs to him, he runs into the goalsquare and KICKS A GOAL! 1 minute remaining! (Q4 30:08)
Walsh pumps it to the goals but Moore is there with the diving spoil! Throw in in the pocket with 50 seconds! (Q4 31:04)
Newnes squares it from the stoppage and it bounces off the pack. Ginnivan takes it over, throw in. (Q4 31:26)
Silvangi gets the chance from the throw-in, he takes his shot. To get the Blues in front, but he misses! (Q4 32:12)
Ball up with 5 seconds remaining, Carlton desperately try to get any boot on it but they can’t, and the Pies hold on for a ripping victory! (Full Time)

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