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Blog log from R11 of 2022: Geelong vs Adelaide

Blog log for Geelong vs Adelaide, R11 of 2022

Keays stands up in the tackle and smashes a kick out that manages to get to Hately 35m out on a slight angle. His kick is too straight and he kicks a behind though (Q1 5:56)
O’Brien pumps it into the pocket and a mad scramble ensues. Murphy eventually finds a bit of space and tries a checkside but it doesn’t get enough for another behind (Q1 7:21)
McAdam finds space out the back to mark a Dawson delivery on the boundary 30m out, but he also misses the set shot (Q1 8:42)
Crouch scoops up a blind Murphy handball and chips it to the square, but the ball is punched over the line (Q1 9:43)
Cameron loads up from general play 45m out, but misses just to the right (Q1 13:58)
Parfitt dumps it high to the square where Hawkins outmuscles Butts easily to take a mark. He runs around and kicks the first of the afternoon! (Q1 15:16)
Adelaide move forward with Laird drilling a ball to McAdam who marks on his knees 35m out on a slight angle. However he misses to the left once again for another behind (Q1 17:51)
Stephens cleanly distributes a loose ball from a forward stoppage to Miers who runs into space and snaps a goal from 5m out! (Q1 21:02)
McHenry backpedals into his defensive post under massive pressure from Geelong (Q1 23:00)
Smith turns it over to C Guthrie who can’t make the most of the chance and kicks a behind (Q1 23:44)
Hately kicks inside 50 after Berry leaves due to the blood rule. Fogarty marks it 25m out on a 45 degree angle, but the usually so accurate kick misses to the right! (Q1 27:58)
The ball spills to Tuohy from a Geelong entry inside 50, he handballs to O’Connor on the run who kicks from 35m out but misses to the left (Q1 28:59)
Geelong surge forward, finishing with Close hitting up Cameron 35m out near the boundary. Cameron wastes no time running around and curling through a goal! (Q2 5:16)
The Cats work quickly from the resulting centre bounce, Selwood driving it down to Hawkins who marks and goals from 25m out in front (Q2 6:36)
Stengle is lurking out the back of the pack and the ball lands in his breadbasket allowing him to snap quickly and put on another goal! (Q2 9:56)
Geelong crush Adelaide out of the centre bounce again, this time Close receives a handball from Hawkins but his running shot misses everything (Q2 10:44)
Soligo manages to shovel a handpass out to Fogarty who has enough time to snap and kick Adelaide’s first goal! (Q2 12:21)
Dawson carves up the Cats on the wing and his entry inside 50 hugs the boundary perfectly to McAdam, marking 30m out. He makes the kick look easy and the Crows have 2 quick goals! (Q2 13:41)
McHenry plows into Selwood after missing the ball, Doedee decides to put the ball on the ground and coughs up a 50 for his trouble. Selwood lines up 15m out and gets one back (Q2 16:20)
Soligo finds some space to snap a shot on goal, but it’s just fisted over the line (Q2 17:37)
Stengle centres the ball inside 50 and Murray dives on top of it before being beset by tacklers. Cameron gets the free for HTB 25m out on an angle, and kicks his second! (Q2 22:22)
Stewart smashes a long ball inside 50 and the Cats apply the pressure which allows Miers to collect and goal! (Q2 26:37)
O’Brien gets a free kick just outside 50 and kicks it long to the pack. Fogarty rises and marks it easy as you like! He lines up 15m out in front and puts it through! (Q2 32:35)
Keays goes for a checkside punt on the run from 50m out and McHenry is able to mark in the square. McHenry runs around very quickly and kicks it into the post! (Q3 3:32)
Adelaide are able to force a turnover, McHenry getting it to Soligo who kicks on the run and slots a goal! (Q3 4:35)
The Crows work forward again, Milera hitting up Fogarty 40m out on a slight angle. He nails the set shot and the Crows get the margin back to 15 points! (Q3 8:10)
Berry breaks through the Cats defence and the ball hits the deck inside 50. It gets to Keays who spins and kicks a grubber along the ground that bounces through! (Q3 13:46)
Dawson marks 55m out and he stands and delivers, smashing it long towards goal, but a behind eventuates (Q3 15:56)
Geelong work it quickly back down the other end with Cameron passing to Miers, who manages to get a kick off as he’s tackled around the neck and goals! (Q3 17:59)
Guthrie intercepts and wastes no time getting it to Tuohy 35m out near the boundary. He opts to centre the ball, but no score eventuates (Q3 20:16)
Cameron gathers from the stoppage and makes his own space by running away from goal and snaps around the body from 35m out, kicking a magnificent goal! (Q3 20:46)
Parfitt tries a high snap from general play but misses (Q3 24:55)
Adelaide move forward thanks to Milera off half back, no one wants to take a shot so it’s Hately from the boundary who tries, but misses (Q3 28:14)
Stewart steps over the line to concede a behind under pressure (Q3 29:12)
Milera coughs up a late 50 to encourage Geelong to try for another goal, the ball spills with Guthrie blasting through the defence and getting it to Tuohy who checksides and goals! (Q3 31:31)
Cameron grabs the ball behind him and manages to get it in front before snapping an insane goal from 35m out on the boundary! (Q4 2:13)
The procession is in full swing now with Geelong dominating another centre bounce and they move forward with Close handballing to Stengle in space who snaps a goal (Q4 3:23)
Neale finally drags down a mark just outside 50 and immediately signals the shot on goal. He takes a big run-up and lets loose, falling just short of the target for a point (Q4 5:27)
Hawkins smashes a handball about 25m in front of Stengle who runs onto it and kicks his second of the last quarter (Q4 11:17)
McHenry snaps a neat goal to claw back the margin slightly (Q4 13:32)
Evans lines up for goal 50m out and gives it everything, but it falls short and is rushed through (Q4 14:16)
Rowe snaps out of the stoppage but the ball bounces off the post (Q4 17:22)
Close sneaks out the back of the pack and runs into space, kicking a goal as a result (Q4 23:52)
Adelaide get forward late through Thilthorpe who chips it to McAdam, but his kick shades the inside of the post to sum up his and Adelaide’s day (Q4 30:43)

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