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Blog log from R9 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Carlton

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Carlton, R9 of 2022

After a throw-in in the Carlton forward 50, Hewett flicks a handball to Durdin who snaps a very nice goal to kick off proceedings (Q1 2:24)
Hamilton cooks an intercept mark, causing the ball to spill around where the Giants cough the ball up directly to Walsh who snaps directly in front and converts! (Q1 5:27)
Callaghan is harried by Walsh and he rushes the ball over for a Carlton behind (Q1 6:44)
Owies marks on the 50 and dishes off to O’Brien who sprays the ball to the right for a minor score (Q1 7:36)
Hamilton makes a meal of it again and can’t get rid effectively as he’s tackled allowing Walsh to mop up and snap goal number two! (Q1 8:59)
Curnow deposits the ball inside 50 and De Koning’s eyes light up using Haynes as a platform to launch and take a mark 20m out on the boundary, and he rewards the mark with a goal! (Q1 12:59)
GWS finally get their act together and push forward through Hamilton and then Coniglio, who runs inside 50 and handballs to Ward who straightens up and gets the Giants on the board (Q1 18:29)
Cumming pulverises a Carlton entry inside 50, smashing it a good 20m for a rushed behind (Q1 22:29)
Fisher spends a good amount of time looking for an option to kick to inside 50 but ultimately decides to go for it himself from 40m out and puts through another Carlton goal! (Q1 24:54)
Ash goes long from the centre bounce where Weitering is able to obstruct the mark allowing Newman to rush it through (Q1 26:04)
An absolute howler of a back pass from Docherty allows Greene to run on and send a dribble kick goalward which evades the Carlton defence and gives the Giants a bit of life! (Q1 29:05)
Tom Green tries to soccer it off the ground to get another quick goal, but it bounces wide (Q1 30:45)
A pause in play as Williams is assisted from the ground after suffering an injury (Q1 30:45)
Newman is caught holding Toby Greene’s jumper at a forward stoppage, allowing Greene to easily convert from 30m out, and the Giants are clawing back! (Q1 34:40)
Riccardi draws a holding free on Kemp right on the siren, kicking from 30m out on an angle. This to get it back to single figures… and he misses to the left (Qtr Time)
Ash surges from the centre square and pumps it long to the square where Riccardi is able to go from the back of the pack to mark 10m out. He makes no mistake to kick off Q2! (Q2 1:05)
Saad kicks inside 50 where the ball spills to Carlton’s advantage through Owies who passes to Curnow who’s then tackled which allows Durdin to crumb and snap and goal! (Q2 4:05)
Owies works hard again, flicking a handpass to Hewett on the run who snaps from 35m out, but it bounces off the post (Q2 5:47)
Kelly finds himself in big amounts of space and launches for the open goalsquare. It gets past everyone but the bounce is unkind and Newnes is able to knock it over (Q2 6:24)
GWS get it back quickly with Whitfield blasting long and the ball getting over the back of the pack allowing Himmelberg to snap it up and snap a goal! (Q2 7:48)
Stone gathers the loose ball and kicks near the boundary, but it’s too straight and goes through for a behind (Q2 12:12)
Cripps is brought down but gets a handball off which gets to Silvangi who breaks a tackle to snap through a brilliant goal! (Q2 19:49)
Fisher gets space on the flank and pops one up for Hewett who marks 40m out on a slight angle. He hooks the kick to the left however, and it goes through for a behind (Q2 22:03)
Adam Kennedy is the recipient of a holding free against Newnes. He lines up from 50m out right in front, opens up the angle and kicks it loong, getting the margin back to 6! (Q2 24:16)
The Giants work the ball to the forward flank, where Kelly is able to utilise his long left boot and level the scores with a stunner! (Q2 26:17)
Silvangi delivers into the forward pocket where Cripps outmuscles Green to take the mark deep. He steadies and runs around, but misses (Q3 1:05)
Cumming’s exit kick is shocking and Cripps intercepts before running into space and taking a shot. It wobbles to the square but is punched over (Q3 1:58)
Silvangi gets separation from Keeffe and runs onto a loose entry inside 50. He squares it up to Motlop who marks 20m out on a slight angle. He kicks true and they get around him! (Q3 2:53)
Kennedy is the beneficiary of a 50m penalty for movement on the mark, which gets him to 40m away from goal. He puts it through the middle and Bam Bam goes Bang! (Q3 5:58)
Greene burns off Newman and centres, but it spills off Coniglio’s hands and falls to Kelly who snaps high, but it flies wide (Q3 6:58)
Curnow tries to soccer a loose ball through but he bundles it over for a behind (Q3 7:57)
Greene sends it long and over the pack, but the umpire catches a held jumper on Himmelberg, who readies himself from 15m out. He goes the run around and makes no mistake! (Q3 10:00)
Docherty spears it low to the lead of Durdin who marks 45m out with little angle. He gives it everything but it falls short with De Koning flicking out to Owies, who misses (Q3 11:56)
Cerra snaps wildly from a forward stoppage, but it ricochets off the behind post (Q3 12:57)
O’Brien delivers to Cripps who can’t hold on, but the crumb drops into Owie’s breadbasket, who can’t make the most of the chance kicking another behind (Q3 13:43)
O’Brien marks 50m out on the boundary, he opens the angle quickly and pumps it high and long, it starts left, it stays left, it finishes right, and squeezes through for a goal! (Q3 17:58)
Cerra clears the ball from the square but picks out Perryman who intercepts 45m out on a slight angle. He gives it some serious gas and sends it through the middle! (Q3 19:03)
Hewett kicks to Curnow who drops the mark but Durdin is there to rove and snap, but his kick grazes the post (Q3 22:55)
Callaghan runs head first into Weitering’s legs while hunting the ball and gets a free that turns into a 50m penalty for dissent. He can’t miss and doesn’t to get it within a goal! (Q3 27:03)
Cumming gives away another 50m penalty and it’s Kennedy again who benefits from it, moving up to 40m out in front. His kick fades left for a behind though (Q3 28:29)
Silvangi marks on the 50 and gives it everything, but the ball falls short, and Curnow is able to mark it on his chest! He runs around quickly and extends the Carlton lead! (Q4 3:22)
Kennedy takes an advantage and passes to Curnow in the pocket. He runs around and has his second goal to get the Blues breathing space (Q4 6:20)
Carlton are well on top here, with Carroll marking 40m out in front. He butchers the kick though, going through for a point (Q4 7:21)
Giants get it forward with Kelly sending a dart to Stone. A crucial kick from 35m out, and Stone misses to the left (Q4 8:42)
Carlton surge back forward ending with Silvangi moving into the 50, he sends Haynes off to the Candy shop and jogs another 5 meters before putting the Giants under! (Q4 9:57)
The Giants get it forward but scrap around in desperation, beseeching a goal. Ward finds space for a snap, but misses to the near side (Q4 13:01)
Callaghan sends a high kick to the pack inside 50, with Riccardi able to mark in front 20m out. He puts it through and maybe the game isn’t over just yet! (Q4 15:22)
It’s party time in Canberra as Docherty has plenty of space to move and fancies himself a goal as he launches from outside 50. He’s got the distance and he nails it! (Q4 19:12)
Hill injects some pace from the resulting centre bounce, sending it long to Himmelberg who marks in the pocket. He sums up the Giants’ night by missing (Q4 20:46)
Taranto catches Walsh high giving him a set shot from 45m out. He opens the angle and kicks low and strong, but misses left (Q4 23:43)
Fisher catches Perryman HTB and gets a shot from 25m out on an angle. He puts it through to bring up the 100 for Carlton as they put GWS to the sword (Q4 26:43)
Carlton break up a GWS attack and counter, moving quickly and easily, with Durdin kicking to Curnow who marks on the 50 directly in front. He misses everything though (Q4 28:45)

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