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Blog log from R9 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R9 of 2022

Finlayson taps down a forward entry to Gray who then flicks it out to Georgiades who steadies and goals! (Q1 2:16)
Goldstein wins a free on the 50 and chips it inside, but Larkey is taken off the ball by Jones illegally 15m out on a sharp angle. He squeezes the kick in to even the ledger! (Q1 5:31)
Motlop handles the ball cleanly and spots Wines in acres of space. Wines marks 35m out on a slight angle, but his kick stays to the left for a behind (Q1 7:32)
Powell-Pepper takes a mark on the wing and kicks it long to Marshall who easily handles Walker to mark 30m out on an angle. His kick starts right and ends left for a nice goal! (Q1 9:16)
Port chain up the handballs from the middle of the ground to end with Boak 25m out who snaps for goal but it bounces into the post (Q1 10:14)
Butters streams forward and pops a kick inside 50 that spills out to Rozee who fancies himself on the boundary but his kick also bounces into the post (Q1 16:00)
Wines rips the ball from a stoppage inside 50 and skies the ball as he’s tackled, but can only manage a minor score (Q1 17:16)
North turn the ball over from the resulting kick-in and it ends up in the hands of Georgiades who marks 30m out in front. His kick is true and he kicks his second goal (Q1 19:01)
Anderson pulls down Byrne-Jones without the ball, getting a free kick 45m out near the boundary. He looks to dish off, but backs himself and puts it right through the middle! (Q1 22:00)
Curtis brushes off Houston to mark a Powell kick 40m out. His kick is poor however, and registers no score (Q1 23:13)
Port rush forward after this and Motlop spies Powell-Pepper lurking in the pocket, who marks and tries the run around snap but misses (Q1 24:17)
North turn the ball over again from the kick-in with Wines marking and running forward to spot Marshall 25m out in the pocket. He makes it look easy and kicks his second goal! (Q1 25:17)
North move forward from the centre bounce and Zurhaar tries a dribble kick from 35m out that goes through for a behind (Q1 26:14)
Butters smashes it forward where Gray is waiting to scoop up the ball and chip it to Wines who’s playing out of the square. He marks easily and kicks the simple goal. (Q1 27:57)
Anderson kicks to Zurhaar who marks, but he can only manage another behind (Q1 30:00)
Frederick rushes the ball over from a fair way out but the umpire allows it (Q1 30:36)
Aliir coughs up a free to Zurhaar in a big contest who takes his set shot from 30m out on a slight angle. He kicks true to secure a valuable goal for North (Q2 2:35)
Both rucks miss the ball from a throw in inside Port’s attacking 50, so it bounces up to Rozee who takes a shot but sprays it (Q2 8:14)
Powell intercepts and spears it to Thomas who dives and pulls it in 20m out on an angle. He goes the drop punt, but his kick finishes left (Q2 9:14)
Amon tries a high kick from 40m out in general play, but only manages a behind (Q2 11:29)
Ziebell takes on Jones on the boundary and wins out, kicking inside to Stephenson who marks 35m out on a slight angle. He needs to kick this, but kicks it into the post instead (Q2 13:35)
Rozee scoops up the ball inside 50 and sprints out into space and tries again from long distance, this time kicking OOTF (Q2 16:37)
Houston kicks to Butters who marks 45m out who in turn spots Finlayson 25m out on the boundary. Finlayson runs around on the left boot and kicks a beauty! (Q2 18:36)
Zurhaar kicks from the middle of the ground to a pack, where Thomas is able to take an easy mark over the head. He lines up from 25m out on an angle, and kicks a big goal for North (Q2 21:51)
Butters chips to Finlayson, who doesn’t fancy himself. He kicks to Powell-Pepper in the pocket, who runs around but hooks it a bit too much for a behind (Q2 23:55)
Gray spots Finlayson leading up and kicks to him, marking 40m out on a slight angle. The kick bends truly as Port add another goal to the tally before half time (Q2 25:56)
Zurhaar catches Rozee HTB on the 50, but North play on quickly and spoil the chance (Q2 27:38)
Marshall applies a perfect tackle onto Young and gets the free kick 40m out on an angle. His kick looks good, but then smashes into the post (Q3 1:53)
Zurhaar takes a running shot from 40m out burning his team mates, but the kick bounces off the post. (Q3 3:11)
Amon flicks the ball out to Frederick who tries off the outside off his boot but hooks it wide (Q3 3:48)
Marshall rewards the lead of Georgiades who marks 35m out on a slight angle, but his resulting set shot fans to the right (Q3 5:49)
Port force a turnover and they tap the ball forward with Rozee passing to Motlop on the run but his rushed kick misses right (Q3 6:50)
Gray takes a shot from 30m out but can’t even make the distance (Q3 9:50)
Curtis squeezes a handball up to Zurhaar from a throw-in, and he’s able to run forward and kick a goal! (Q3 15:30)
Young turns the ball over to Powell-Pepper inside 50, who takes his set shot from 40m out with no angle. His kick is pure and makes Young pay for his error (Q3 18:25)
Drew gets the ball and spots Georgiades in space, who takes a simple mark 30m out on a slight angle. He makes no mistake to put through goal number three (Q3 20:35)
Stephenson dumps it high to the square but it’s touched, so it spills to the ground where Zurhaar is able to fashion a dribble kick that avoids Aliir and sneaks through for a goal! (Q3 24:14)
Zurhaar thumps a ball low and hard from a stoppage and Larkey is able to dive and mark 25m out on a slight angle. His kick misses to the right however (Q3 26:44)
Butters flicks it out to Rozee after a stoppage who then kicks it to the square where Marshall is waiting to pull down the ball. He makes no error and kicks another (Q4 2:51)
Motlop forces a turnover and gets the reward as Wines passes back to him and he slots a checkside in casual fashion. Party time in Tassie! (Q4 8:28)
Marshall passes to Gray who passes to Duursma in the square who gets a proper gift of a goal (Q4 10:29)
Wines kicks from a stoppage towards goal but the players all fall over and it rolls through for a behind (Q4 12:10)
Farrell tries to get in on the fun with a high kick but he misses to the near side (Q4 16:20)
Farrell gets another shot at goal and makes no mistake this time, putting it through the middle (Q4 17:34)
Motlop receives a free kick against Bosenavulagi and lines up from 30m out in front. He squeezes it through to pile on the late goals (Q4 20:54)
Hayden tunnels Gray and coughs up a free kick from 35m out on an angle. Gray sprays the kick wide and it lands OOTF however (Q4 22:19)
North move forward but make a mess of it, before Bosenavulagi dumps a kick to the square, but Byrne-Jones is able to rush it through with good desperation (Q4 24:19)
Port then quickly move forward again, with Motlop sending a handball back to Wines who then snaps and kicks his second goal (Q4 25:20)
North walk the ball out of the centre bounce, with Ziebell dishing off to Powell who snaps perfectly for some late joy (Q4 26:40)
Motlop takes the advantage from the middle of the ground and kicks to Duursma who marks and goals to paper over his lacklustre game thus far (Q4 29:45)

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