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Blog log from R9 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Richmond

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Richmond, R9 of 2022

O’Meara gives to Moore on a runup the guts, he lets fly from just on 50m but it goes wide left. (Q1 1:32)
Cotchin baulks and shoots off a step from 45m on the flank but it’s well to the right. (Q1 2:32)
Broad is pinged foe deliberate OOB in the back pocket, Breust takes the free 25m out and misses near side. (Q1 5:31)
Sicily tumbles a kick to 40m on a slight angle towards Lewis who gets an arm chop free on Baker and hits the post. (Q1 6:26)
Grainger-Barras is pinged for holding Riewoldt as they wait for long Prestia ball near the hotspot, Riewoldt kicks the first goal of the day. (Q1 8:43)
Riewoldt flies for the next centre clearance to the hotspot, Lynch roves and hits the post with all the goals to aim at from 20m. (Q1 10:02)
Bolton passes short from a stoppage at half forward for Lynch to mark near the hotspot and goal. (Q1 11:45)
Riewoldt marks a Short inside 50 high ball over Grainger-Barras 40m out on the boundary, he tries a pass but it comes back to him for a quick snap, which is narrow. (Q1 13:32)
O’Meara marks a Newcombe tumbler 55m out on a slight angle and tries to kick behind the Tiger defence to the square, the ball skids on for the first Hawk goal! (Q1 16:02)
Koschitzke takes a pack mark at the hotspot but hits the left goalpost. (Q1 18:14)
Gunston has only Baker to contend with for a long Nash ball to the square, he marks easily for his first goal. (Q1 20:58)
Tom Lynch roves and snaps his second goal from near the hotspot after Frost drops an intercept mark and then fumbles the crumb. (Q1 23:22)
Tom Lynch marks a Daniel Rioli pass in front of Sicily 45m out on the flank after a test of strength, but he misses. (Q1 24:17)
Nash strips Graham in a tackle at half forward after some Tiger fumbles, crumb falls for Gunston who pokes a pass to Breust 40m out on a slight angle for the goal. (Q1 25:31)
Moore delivers a lovely inside kick on the run on the wing for Breust to mark in front of two Tigers 40m out on a slight angle, he converts again. (Q1 29:50)
Wingard marks a Breust kick to a pack 40m out on the flank and boots the first goal of Q2 in his 200th game. (Q2 1:03)
Maginness intercepts a Balta rebound kick and goes to the hotspot for Koschitzke to mark for his first goal. (Q2 4:34)
Lewis provides link play at half forward to set up Maginness to kick to Koschitzke who gets an arm chop free on Nyuon near the hotspot for his second goal in a row. (Q2 6:45)
Grainger-Barras roves in the back pocket but his handball towards the corridor goes to grass, Rioli taps towards Graham who volleys the goal from 20m. (Q2 9:05)
Nankervis spins out of a ball up 30m out on a slight angle and gives the Tiger fans a big cheering opportunity with a nice finish. (Q2 10:10)
Short goes long to Tom Lynch at the top of the square, Grainger-Barras leaves him man to spoil but Riewoldt crumbs and goals with ease. (Q2 12:06)
Sicily rushes a high Bolton kick from the HFF to the square. (Q2 18:11)
Bolton sets up Daniel Rioli for a running snap from 50m on a slight angle that flies wide right. (Q2 18:44)
Martin puts Richmond back in front with a mark from a Bolton pass and play on to goal from 35m on a slight angle. (Q2 19:24)
Lewis wins a battle of strength with Balta to mark a long Bramble kick to the top of the square with his left arm, he goals. (Q2 21:24)
Maginness roves a stoppage on the HFF but misses off a step. (Q2 25:11)
Frost drops a chaos ball kick to the top of the square, Bolton is there for the crumb, he jinks clear of two chasers and snaps truly. (Q2 29:11)
Bramble tries a switch on the rebound but Bolton picks him off on the wing, long ball to Lynch who has Soldo in the square for the easy turnover goal. (Q2 31:47)
Castagna takes a contested mark in front of Impey from a Vlastuin kick to 45m on a slight angle. The set shot is short and marked by Tom Lynch on the behind line for a goal. (Q3 4:49)
Castagna passes short to Riewoldt on the boundary 40m out, who hits the post. (Q3 6:51)
A 50m penalty for encroachment brings Riewoldt from centre wing to 40m on a slight angle, he shanks for no score. (Q3 10:46)
Pickett gives to Martin who baulks two Hawks and tries a checkside from 40m on the flank… doesn’t curl enough. (Q3 11:29)
Repeat inside 50s piling up for Richmond, Tom Lynch marks over two Hawks 20m out in the pocket for goal number four. (Q3 12:36)
Lewis gets a free for Balta taking out his legs 40m out in the corridor after Wingard engineers a rare Hawk centre clearance, he converts for his second. (Q3 14:06)
Koschitzke kicks to the top of the square, O’Meara provides a crumb with falls towards the goal line, did Butler toepoke it through or did Nyuon touch it? Ruled a behind. (Q3 17:26)
O’Meara roves a Lewis contest and snaps on the turn from 40m on a slight angle, needs an off break but doesn’t get one as the ball rolls for a point. (Q3 19:59)
Baker misses a snap on the run from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 21:13)
Martin snaps a wonder goal from a pack next to the behind post, using his left boot to squeeze through from the impossible angle! (Q3 24:26)
Prestia gives to McIntosh who tumbles a punt wide on the bounce from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 27:06)
Bolton marks a Lynch kick from one pocket to the other, but shanks OOTF from 20m. (Q3 28:27)
Lambert soccers a point from near the hotspot. (Q4 0:41)
Breust roves a loose ball at half forward and bounces through his third goal from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 2:03)
Soldo catches Bramble HTB 35m out in front and chips through his second goal. (Q4 3:32)
Cenrte clearance to Prestia, Riewoldt roves and gives to Lynch who has Martin to waltz into the open goal. (Q4 5:36)
Soldo takes a pack mark in front of Koschitzke 20m out on the flank, but misses. (Q4 7:16)
Martin runs from a stoppage on the HFF and passes to the lead of Riewoldt 30m out on a slight angle, this game is over now. (Q4 8:41)
Daniel Rioli hits the post with a snap from half forward. (Q4 10:54)
Daniel Rioli gets another chance with a snap from 30m on a slight angle but that one curls wide. (Q4 11:04)
Baker is pinged for legging Breust 45m out on a slight angle, whose set shot is short and rushed. (Q4 12:02)
Wingard roves a Lewis contest 50m out on a slight angle and snaps his second goal in game 200, a little finger point but not much more celebration from the Chad. (Q4 17:07)
Nankervis lopes to CHF and blazes wide with a lot of encouragement from the Tiger faithful. (Q4 17:46)
Max Lynch stands tall in a battle with Nyuon to mark a Newcombe clearance kick for his first goal. (Q4 20:35)
Worpel roves a Breust contest at the hotspot, has Max Lynch on for the give but goes himself and blazes wide, poor play. (Q4 23:23)
Lewis marks a long Nash kick over Nyuon 45m out on a slight angle, after a Worpel clearance give on the wing, he kicks his third goal. (Q4 25:42)
Three kicks in it, 2:57 to go. Hawthorn haven’t looked like it at all since QT, but technically they’re still a chance. (Q4 26:07)
Impey speeds through the next centre bounce and gives to Wingard who passes towards Worpel, who goals from 45m on a slight angle! (Q4 27:22)
2:41 to go and two kicks in it. Would be thievery! (Q4 27:22)
Grainger-Barras plays on after intercepting in defence but Castagna smothers, roves, shanks, regathers and finally goals from 20m. That settles it. (Q4 29:16)
Bolton runs ahead of Impey through the HFF and screws through a lovely finish from 30m on a slight angle. (Q4 30:41)
Broad passes to the lead of Riewoldt 45m out on the flank in the last minute, his kick is short and rushed. (Q4 33:10)

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