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Blog log from R8 of 2022: Brisbane vs West Coast

Blog log for Brisbane vs West Coast, R8 of 2022

McInerney bombs it long from a stoppage and the ball spills to Rayner who fancies a dribble kick into an open goal, and it bounces through for the first of the night! (Q1 2:04)
McCluggage pings Winder for HTB and hits up the leading Cameron who marks 35m out on a slight angle. He makes no mistake and the Lions are well on top already (Q1 7:04)
McGovern coughs up a 50 allowing McStay to get up to the 50 and kick to the pack where Hurn coughs up a free on Rayner 30m out on an angle. His kick looks good but hits the post (Q1 10:06)
The Eagles move quickly and Petrevski-Seton kicks to the advantage of Ryan who scoops up the ball on the run and casually slots the first goal for West Coast! (Q1 11:20)
Bailey dumps a high one inside 50, the pack crashes and McCluggage is able to snag the ball and put through another goal for Brisbane (Q1 23:20)
Neale is all by himself inside 50 and takes a mark 40m out on a slight angle. His kick falls short and is tapped back in play for no score (Q1 26:05)
Lyons is the recipient of a similar mark as the Lions win the ball back, but his shot flies through for a minor score (Q1 26:38)
Rayner gets the ball from a stoppage inside 50 and slaps it onto the boot but the kick is hooked and goes through for a behind (Q2 1:00)
The Lions work forward and Zorko pops a kick out to the lead of Cameron who gets the smallest of gaps on his opponent and marks 35m out. The kick is simple and Charlie has two! (Q2 6:00)
Lyons extracts the ball in the middle of the ground and swings around kicking inside 50 where Cameron is waiting to mark 30m out in front, and puts through goal number three (Q2 9:40)
The Lions move forward as the ball grubbers towards Cameron, it spills up towards Tom Berry who snaps and misses (Q2 13:36)
Berry kicks inside 50 and the Eagles can’t mark cleanly and it spills to the ground, Lyons ends up with the ball and snaps kicking another behind (Q2 15:23)
Kelly bangs a kick towards Darling who pulls down the double-grabber about 30m out on a slight angle. His kick bounces off the post and an important chance goes begging (Q2 24:39)
Lyons gets his kick smothered, Zorko gets the ball and kicks to the square where Rayner leaps and marks. He runs around just before the siren sounds, meaning his goal doesn’t count (Half Time)
Neale marks on the 50 but the range is beyond him so he kicks to the pack and it bounces out the back to Payne who swings around and slams it onto the boot for his first AFL goal! (Q3 4:45)
Rich flicks the ball out of congestion to McCarthy who spots Cameron with space on his opponent and marks 40m out on an angle. He makes no mistake for his 4th goal of the night (Q3 7:11)
McCluggage flicks a handpass to Tom Berry who has another crack at goal but misses again (Q3 14:44)
Jones kicks to Winder who then passes back to Jones who kicks long to Ryan in the square but Lester rushes back to punch it over (Q3 16:05)
Ryan stalks Coleman from the kick-in and takes him down getting a set shot from 25m out in front. He nails the set shot to give a bit of relief to Eagles fans (Q3 17:05)
The Eagles are in the midst of a surge here as they work it forward through Kelly who hits up Ryan on a lead 30m out on an angle. He makes no mistake for 2 in a minute! (Q3 18:45)
Coleman receives a free kick and then a 50m penalty courtesy of Jack Darling after umpire miscommunication. Coleman puts the ball right through the middle to crush the momentum (Q3 21:27)
Zorko smashes the ball from the centre square where Rayner is waiting to nudge out Hurn and clunk a mark 30m out. He puts it through the middle as the Lions casually counter (Q3 22:45)
The Lions surge forward and Ah Chee kicks neatly to McCarthy who marks 45m out near the boundary. His kick is a bad shank and it soars OOTF (Q3 25:47)
Zorko kicks a grubber to Payne who shrugs off the tackle to get a handpass to space where McCluggage is streaming in to scoop up the ball and add another goal to the tally (Q4 2:51)
Zorko kicks to Bailey who spins around and spots Cameron leading up. Cameron marks 35m out in front, but his kick sails left for a minor score (Q4 3:51)
Kennedy spots Waterman with his arms waving all over the shop and kicks to him, marking 40m out on an angle. His kick comes off the side of the boot though and goes for a behind (Q4 6:00)
Jarrod Berry intercepts for Brisbane and the ball is mongreled forward where the forwards are lurking McCluggage snatches up the ball and snaps for goal number 3! (Q4 9:53)
Zorko pumps the ball to the square and the ball bounces out of the pack, McCluggage is there again and puts his fourth goal into the crowd! (Q4 12:08)
Foley kicks to the pocket where Darling drops a mark and Ryan is there to try his luck from an impossible angle that proves true as he kicks a behind (Q4 15:13)
Cripps chips to Kennedy who marks 45m out on the boundary. His kick goes central and it falls into Darling’s lap, who is able to go back and get some late joy for the Eagles (Q4 16:33)
Jamieson taps the ball down to McInerney who snaps from 40m out and the ball bounces through the middle to keep the 100+ margin alive (Q4 18:52)
The Lions move quickly again with McCluggage hitting up Tom Berry who marks 35m out right in front. He makes no mistake as the Lions have 2 goals within a minute (Q4 19:53)
Fort rips the ball from a stoppage inside forward 50 and slams it on the boot, but the ball bounces through for a point, ending Fort’s streak of goals with no behinds (Q4 22:17)
Barrass taps down to Darling who runs into a vacant forward 50 but his ball bounces through for a minor score (Q4 24:33)
Jarrod Berry chops off a Rotham kick, marking 25m out on an angle. He sends it through the middle as the Berry brothers kick back to back goals! (Q4 25:53)
Cripps bursts from the centre square with a thumping kick that flies to the right for a behind (Q4 27:14)
The Lions keep the ball in their forward 50 looking for a late one and McCluggage finds the handpass to Bailey out the back who brings up the 100 for Brisbane and “Ices it” (Q4 30:53)

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