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Blog log from R8 of 2022: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R8 of 2022

Lukosius roves a Holman inside 50 near the hotspot but blazes wide. (Q1 0:17)
Swallow passes to Ainsworth near the boundary 40m out, he hits the square but no score results. (Q1 3:12)
Casboult handball to Weller who has a moment 20m out but tries to baulk clear and the moment is lost, Swans rebound. (Q1 4:54)
Rowell passes to Holman 40m out on a slight angle after the Swans turn the ball over at half forward. Holman hits the post. (Q1 5:55)
Hayward gives away a contact free to Weller at the Suns hotspot after a stoppage at the top of the goalsquare. Weller boots the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 9:10)
Gold Coast have come out of the blocks hard, Sydney barely touching the footy so far. (Q1 9:55)
Papley kicks long after the next centre bounce, Heeney provides enough interference to allow Franklin to mark over Collins at the hotspot and goal. (Q1 10:55)
McInerney bounces a handball through half forward to Warner who snaps on the turn from 45m but it’s just wide. (Q1 12:33)
Ballard intercepts at half forward and passes short to Miller 45m out on a slight angle, who kicks truly. (Q1 13:58)
Rankine roves Fiorini’s kick from the centre at half forward and chips across to Ellis 45m out on a slight angle, who hooks it left. (Q1 15:47)
Fiorini snaps across the face from a pack 25m out on the flank off the left. (Q1 17:48)
Heeney roves a Rowell handball to grass at a stoppage 25m out on the flank, his left-foot snap bounces across the face with an off break. (Q1 20:11)
Warner passes to Heeney 45m out on the flank who misses again, the fluky breeze pushing it right. (Q1 21:07)
McDonald feeds Rowbottom for a snap from 45m on a slight angle but that one also flies wide right. (Q1 21:22)
Rampe is pinged on the stand rule to take Thompson from centre wing to 45m on a slight angle. The much-missed Thompson has a rare shot for goal… no direct score results. (Q1 26:55)
Miller roves the resulting stoppage and gives to Swallow who misses from the square. (Q1 27:22)
Warner is pinged for encroachment to bring Swallow from centre wing to 45m on a slight angle, he kicks truly! (Q1 28:46)
Lukosius marks a Weller pass 20m out and converts after his man Paddy McCartin had turned the ball over on the rebound. (Q2 3:23)
Parker receives from Hayward for a snap off a step from the hotspot, Collins falls over on the goal line and can’t touch it, goal Sydney. (Q2 5:49)
Parker leads hard to the pocket to mark a long McDonald pass 30m out, but he misses. (Q2 9:24)
A Ballard kick clanger at half back leads to a Parker kick the hotspot which Heeney marks and hits the left goalpost. (Q2 13:49)
McInerney snaps a goal on the run from 25m on a slight angle after McDonald roves on the HFF and delivers a sensational pressured handball into space. (Q2 16:10)
Rankine sharks a Blakey handball on the wing and sprints away from a pack, does a one-two then passes to Ainsworth 30m out on the flank who converts. (Q2 19:24)
Ladhams kicks to Gulden well within range in the pocket, he centres to Kennedy near the hotspot who sneaks his set shot inside the left goalpost. (Q2 21:28)
Swalow goes long up the guts towards Casboult who provides a crumb 20m out and it’s Chol who roves and rolls through a big goal nearing HT off his right boot! (Q2 25:59)
Rankine snaps a fabulous goal from the HFF after the Sun boss the next centre clearance, that’s a taste of the Izak from junior levels! (Q2 27:24)
Paddy McCartin intercepts the next centre clearance at CHB and kicks to CHF where Franklin marks and passes to Ronke 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot is off hands, point. (Q2 28:28)
Chol taps wide of a marking contest at the hotspot who Rankine who performs a perfect rolling snap off the left from the pocket which turns nicely for a leg break goal. (Q3 2:05)
Hayward handballs wide of a stoppage to Warner in the pocket who misses from 30m. (Q3 2:39)
Powell snaps wide from the pocket 20m out. (Q3 4:37)
Powell roves the kick in and sends it to the pocket where Ainsworth gets a snap off but it’s across the face and OOTF. (Q3 5:24)
Again the Swans can’t rebound past half way, Powell passes to Casboult 40m out near the boundary whose set shot is narrow. (Q3 6:36)
On this rebound it’s Mills, Heeney then the pass to Papley near true CHF, he kicks truly to kickstart Sydney for the second half. (Q3 8:23)
Heeney centres from the pocket to Blakey 45m out in front, he chooses to play on but invites pressure and snaps wide. (Q3 12:01)
Chol roves his own contest near the hotspot and snaps across his body, it’s high but just wide right. (Q3 12:32)
Farrar cuts off a Tom McCartin kick across the centre, he goes to the pocket where Chol can’t mark, eventually Rosas sets up Holman who grubbers across the face from 15m. (Q3 14:32)
Ronke misses a snap across the body off the left from 20m after a throw in. (Q3 15:56)
Rowbottom beats Weller on the wing and passes to Franklin to mark 50m out on the flank despite a lunge by Collins. Buddy kicks high and short… McLean marks 15m out for the goal! (Q3 18:30)
Warner marks in front of Budarick 40m out in front and boots his first goal. (Q3 21:38)
Hayward snaps wide from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 22:36)
Rankine roves a stoppage 15m out in front and snaps, everyone in play acts like it was touched off the boot and a review confirms Kennedy did touch it. (Q3 27:26)
Florent passes to McDonald leading in front of Thompson near the boundary 25m out, he slots the drop punt just before 3QT. (Q3 28:27)
Ainsworth passes to the lead of Casboult 40m out in the corridor who boots his first goal of the afternoon. (Q4 1:27)
Ainsworth is playing in front to mark a quick kick from a stoppage to 45m in front, his set shot is straight but short for Paddy McCartin to intercept for no score. (Q4 2:48)
Swallow intercepts on the HFF and goes short to MacPherson just inside 50m out on a slight angle, his kick is also short and no score results. (Q4 3:32)
Miller snaps wide from the pocket. (Q4 4:44)
Chol tries a Joe the Goose special from the pocket but Tom McCartin chops in front of Holman to rush. (Q4 6:16)
Holman snaps wide from half forward. (Q4 12:01)
Florent baulks at half back and finds a channel to run up the guts, he goes to the hotspot where Ballard spoils but Warner roves and snaps from 35m… bounces into the goalpost. (Q4 14:08)
Not much goalmouth action this quarter but Gold Coast are doing the bulk of the attacking, a bit like Q1 in that respect. (Q4 20:34)
Rankine roves a stoppage in the pocket and draws a high contact free 25m out, Mills rightfully pinged for being too eager. His set shot is wide, however. (Q4 21:24)
Warner picks off a Powell kick across half back and goes long and high to the teeth of goal, Collins is playing in front of Franklin and rushes it. (Q4 23:09)
Holman roves a Chol contest to an Ellis kick to the hotspot, two Swans tackle him, ump doesn’t blow for a stoppage and Holman reefs out a handball to Casboult for the sealer! (Q4 25:34)

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