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Blog log from R8 of 2022: Richmond vs Collingwood

Blog log for Richmond vs Collingwood, R8 of 2022

Moore pulls Lynch down to the ground 10m out from goal, Lynch plays on quickly and kicks the first…. behind! Of the afternoon (Q1 2:24)
Richmond fumble the ball forward but cough it up and Noble is eventually tackled over for a point (Q1 5:24)
Pies work it forward and Sidebottom drills a kick to Mihocek who marks 45m out next to the boundary. His kick goes right and is punched over (Q1 7:22)
Mansell runs about 30m from the kickout and is pinged for running too far. McCreery has the shot and his run around kick smashes into the post (Q1 8:22)
Balta intercepts a Sidebottom kick and dumps it back inside 50. The pack run for it but it soars past and it’s Lynch who’s lurking out the back to kick that first goal! (Q1 10:40)
McCreery does some great crumbing work to get a handball to Henry, but his high kick flies to the left for another behind (Q1 12:55)
Two Richmond defenders both go for the ball causing it to spill and allows Ginnivan to draw a high free kick on Rioli 30m out on the boundary. He runs around and kicks a goal! (Q1 14:40)
Richmond surge forward with Lynch soccering off the deck to the advantage of Riewoldt. He runs into an open goal but kicks nothing but air as Quaynor arrives to rush it through (Q1 16:35)
It’s messy play as Richmond work forward but Castagna gets the ball inside 50 shrugging off a Pendlebury tackle and snapping Richmond’s second! (Q1 21:15)
Sidebottom tries to help out Moore with a shepherd on Soldo, but the umpire calls a block giving Soldo a free kick on the top of the square. He converts easily for another goal (Q1 22:54)
Balta turns the ball over in the middle of the ground and Collingwood capitalise ending with a McCreery mark in the square. His kick is after the siren and it’s a goal! (Qtr Time)
Maurice Rioli drags down Maynard who manages to get a kick off but it’s only as far as Cotchin who slides in a quick cheeky goal to start the second quarter! (Q2 1:06)
Bolton runs forward on the half forward flank and tries his luck at a goal but his kick was never on and it sails through for a behind (Q2 2:02)
Bolton marks just outside the 50 and fancies himself again. He goes back but the kick sails high and drops right before the line and is rushed over (Q2 3:22)
Bolton scoops up the ball and flicks to Pickett who dumps it high and long and it falls to Lynch who marks 25m out. His kick is a howler though and flies OOTF (Q2 4:30)
Maurice Rioli applies the pressure again forcing a turnover which results in another Lynch mark in almost the same position. He’s had a sighter and makes no mistake this time! (Q2 5:51)
Pendlebury intercepts in the middle of the ground and the Pies roll forward through De Goey, the kick spills off the pack and into Mihocek’s hands who slots it! (Q2 7:06)
Edwards tries a pass to Graham but misses slightly, Castagna is there to mop up though, but his running snap flies high and wide for a behind (Q2 8:06)
Maurice Rioli again is impressive on the ground, sliding through the Collingwood defence easily and getting a kick off to Lynch who marks right in front of goal and kicks another! (Q2 8:46)
Richmond rush forward with Dusty flicking a handpass to Bolton who runs into an open forward 50. He takes two bounces and his kick slides along the ground for a point (Q2 12:07)
Mihocek crashes the pack on an forward 50 entry and it gets to Hoskin-Elliot who was lurking out the back and he strolls in to kick a needed goal for the Pies! (Q2 12:41)
Collingwood chain the handpasses and dash through the middle. They work it to Henry who passes to Mihocek who then takes a shot but the ball slams into the post (Q2 14:27)
Collingwood burst from the defensive 50 and Lipinski sends it towards Henry and McCreery. McCreery marks 35m out on an angle, but his kick flies left for a behind (Q2 18:41)
The Pies turn it over again and they chain the handballs smoothly with Adams kicking to Henry who marks 30m out on a slight angle. He makes no mistake and drags the margin back! (Q2 20:27)
The pies surge forward once more with Bianco taking a shot at goal that falls short to Mihocek who tries a sneaky shot that spills to McCreery who soccers and… misses! (Q2 21:50)
Collingwood go forward again, taking advantage and kicking to Henry who marks 40m out. They need to capitalise on this advantage but Henry misses to the left (Q2 23:16)
Richmond wrest back the momentum with a contentious free kick on McCreery which results in another Lynch mark inside 50, 45m out. The kick is good and Lynch has 4! (Q2 25:17)
Broad’s entry inside 50 is marked easily by Lynch who looks untouchable right now! He walks back and slots his fifth goal in the half! (Q2 26:47)
Riewoldt gets a free kick for high contact right before half time. He stays calm and the ball goes straight through the middle to finish a late Richmond surge! (Half Time)
Lynch peels off Moore again, and spots Riewoldt in space who marks, and then spots Dusty in space in the pocket. Dusty takes the mark and goes the drop punt. Dusty’s back! (Q3 4:00)
Riewoldt marks in space again inside 50. This time he goes himself from 40m out in front, but his kick stays right for a behind (Q3 5:38)
Cameron taps to De Goey from a throw in, De Goey tries a quick running snap but it careens into the post (Q3 6:43)
Maynard spots a Mihocek lead who marks 45m out in front. Mihocek sucks in the big ones and slams through a vital goal for Collingwood! (Q3 8:01)
Martin marks 60 out and kicks long to the square, but the ball beats everyone and is rushed through by Lipinski (Q3 11:40)
Richmond turn the ball over and come back inside 50, ball comes to Lynch who flicks it to Martin who tries the checkside but it sails through for a point (Q3 13:01)
Pickett sends a ball to the top of the square where the Tigers have the numbers and Riewoldt marks, before coolly slotting his second (Q3 15:06)
Collingwood win the centre bounce clearance through a Begg handball to De Goey who passes to Crisp who then sprints and launches from just outside the centre square and goals! (Q3 16:21)
Henry interferes with a Balta mark and the balls spills to the ever-crumbing McCreery who snaps, but the ball hits the post (Q3 17:28)
Crisp sends the ball inside 50 and it’s Aiden Begg who marks on the 50. He doesn’t quite have the legs and the ball spills around ending with Daicos snapping at goal and missing (Q3 19:37)
The Tigers get down the other end with Cotchin kicking to Bolton who marks on the 50 with an angle. He winds up and opens up the angle with a thumping kick that flies true! (Q3 20:38)
Maurice Rioli screws a pass to Lambert who then chips it to Riewoldt who marks 30m out near the boundary. His kick sails off the outside of the boot and spills over the line (Q3 23:48)
Lambert scoops up the ball from a stoppage and throws it onto the boot to kick a very impressive goal (Q3 24:31)
The Pies manage to get forward again, but pass the ball around too much inside 50, with Josh Daicos finishing the play with another behind (Q3 26:58)
Grimes attempts to decapitate Ginnivan but fails and gives away a free in the process. Ginnivan needs to slot this one, and does, to keep the fire burning for Collingwood (Q3 28:01)
Maurice Rioli chips to Pickett who marks on the 50 and signals straight away he’s taking the shot. He strolls back and steams through and sends it into the stands! (Q4 2:17)
Collingwood cough the ball up and Lambert chips wide to Lynch who marks 40m out on an angle. The rain proves no challenge for the big Tiger and he kicks goal number six! (Q4 6:06)
Riewoldt marks a high Short kick in the pocket, he runs around and hooks the kick but it’s only a behind (Q4 6:06)
The ruckmen combine as Begg hits up Cameron inside 50, who in turn hits up Sidebottom running in from the wing. Sidebottom marks 35m out and kicks quickly but misses (Q4 10:42)
Maurice Rioli is the playmaker once more spotting Dusty in the pocket who then marks, plays on and gets called back before running around again and kicks his second goal (Q4 11:58)
McCreery slices a kick down to Ginnivan who marks 25m out with no angle. He persists with the run around kick and makes no mistake for his third goal to the boos of the Tiger fans (Q4 14:05)
Mihocek and Lipinski chain the handballs to Adams who goes from 45m out on the run and gets a late goal for Collingwood (Q4 19:34)
Mihocek marks on the wing and sends it to the pack where Hoskin-Elliot rises above everybody to take an impressive hanger in the wet! The mark deserves a goal and it gets one! (Q4 22:08)
Crisp dishes off to Daicos who streams into the 50 and takes a shot, but he misses (Q4 23:56)
Henry flies from the side of the pack to take an impressive pack mark 35m out on a slight angle. He kicks truly and the Pies keep piling on the late goals (Q4 24:38)
Maurice Rioli invents a clever tap to Martin who chips to Castagna marking 35m out in front. His kick is an absolute shank, and there’s no resulting score (Q4 27:23)
Rioli kicks from the half forward flank to an unopposed Bolton who pulls down the mark. He runs around and adds the finishing touch to a great Richmond performance! (Q4 29:23)
Adams attempts a late shot on goal with seconds remaining but it flies wide (Q4 30:14)

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