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Blog log from R7 of 2022: Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R7 of 2022

Josh Kelly streams forward and delivers the ball inside 50, Greene rises over the back of the pack and marks it! He runs around quickly and slots the first of the afternoon (Q1 2:38)
Keays bombs it forward and Macadam tries a party trick off the ground, but kicks a behind (Q1 3:37)
Hogan takes a strong mark 30m out on the boundary, he goes back with the drop punt and slots it cool as you like! (Q1 4:58)
Preuss intercepts on the near wing and tumbles the ball back forward. Ball spills off the pack and into Hogan’s hands, but he misses (Q1 7:36)
Adelaide can’t get the ball out as Green sends it back and Hogan again marks 45m out in front. However the kick fades left for a behind (Q1 8:37)
The ball drops for Greene in the pocket, he goes back and tries a banana, but the kick was always right and it’s another behind (Q1 12:03)
The Giants get the ball forward in a messy fashion, but it ends with a quick Hogan handpass to a dashing Whitfield who gets fancy with a dribbler for the Giants’ third. (Q1 16:19)
Cumming catches McHenry high at the top of the square, and he’s able to convert for Adelaide’s first goal! (Q1 20:04)
The ball tumbles forward after a throw in and it’s Hill with the cleanest hands who gets a snap off, but kicks a minor score (Q1 22:29)
Callaghan streams forward and kicks to Greene in a 2v1 contest, but Brown is pinged for holding onto Greene’s arm. Greene goes back and kicks his second goal for the quarter (Q1 23:49)
GWS work the ball forward and Kelly sends the final kick to the square where Himmelberg takes an easy mark against Frampton and goals. A big blow right before QT (Q1 28:43)
Whitfield hits up Taranto before the siren sounds 50m out. He steadies himself and takes a shot, but it falls very short. Should’ve gone for a torp (Qtr Time)
GWS stream forward again and it’s Kelly who kicks inside 50. Hogan takes another mark, but his kick goes to the left for a behind (Q2 1:28)
Haynes takes another GWS intercept and kicks long finding Coniglio who is standing all by himself inside 50. The co-captain kicks truly and GWS kick the first of the quarter (Q2 5:31)
Hogan pulls down another mark, this time courtesy of Hamilton, 45m out on an angle. His kick is poor again and the ball pings around before hitting the outside post (Q2 7:51)
Perryman sends a kick to the square and Greene crumbs it perfectly, dashing into space and slotting his third (Q2 9:26)
Tom Green gets the ball after a stoppage inside the Giants 50 and gets off a handpass under pressure to Greene who kicks his second in a minute! (Q2 11:26)
Himmelberg marks the ball 50m and kicks to Hogan. This time he makes no mistake and the Orange Tsunami is coming! (Q2 13:31)
Sam Berry kicks inside 50, and the Crows dish the ball around under big pressure. Eventually the ball works out to Keays who has the poise to get one back for the Crows! (Q2 16:49)
Rachele catches Haynes napping but doesn’t get the free. Murphy crumbs the dropped ball but his snap hits the post (Q2 17:17)
The Giants work the ball outside after a stoppage with Ash dishing off to Whitfield who spins around and snaps on his left to kick a very nice goal (Q2 19:41)
Perryman lets loose from 50m out, but the ball drops just short and is rushed over by Flynn (Q2 21:51)
Tom Green catches Crouch and the Giants work it forward where Coniglio brushes off Jones and takes an easy mark 35m out on an angle. The kick is good and Cogs has 2 (Q2 23:31)
Green catches Murphy high about 20m out right on the boundary. He runs around and his snap looks good, but the goal umpire signals it grazed the post (Q2 27:32)
Kelly kicks a snap to Greene but the umpire calls touched, so Greene snaps quickly but Butts is there to make sure it’s just a behind (Q2 28:37)
Preuss wins a ruck free about 35m out on a slight angle, but as is the case with most rucks he can’t convert (Q3 1:41)
The Giants move the ball forward elegantly ending up with Kelly who has acres of space in front of goal but his snap is very average and only nets a behind (Q3 4:47)
Preuss knocks the ball down to Taranto who kicks to the advantage of Coniglio who marks 30m out on an angle. Another set shot, another goal for Cogs. (Q3 5:41)
Taylor applies a good spoil to prevent a Walker mark, but Murphy ends up with the ball regardless. His snap goes to the right however (Q3 7:56)
The orange jumpers surge forward everywhere and it resembles a training drill as the handballs are chained up before Taranto finishes with a superb team goal (Q3 11:21)
The Giants easily work the ball out and move forward again. Kelly spots Himmelberg 1 on 1 and he marks 20m out on a severe angle. He runs around and kicks another GWS goal (Q3 12:36)
A pause in play as Smith is stretchered off after knocking himself out taking an impressive mark. (Q3 21:11)
Adelaide manage to work it forward and the forwards are able to freely handball around finding Walker all by himself who kicks the third for the Crows (Q3 28:17)
Walker passes to Schoenberg who has a full head of steam, but the rare shot on goal is wasted for a minor score (Q3 33:40)
Walker draws a high free at a difficult angle about 40m out, but he can only manage a behind (Q4 2:31)
Adelaide get the ball back and Berry kicks to Walker 50m out. He crosses up Whitfield and unleashes, slotting a very nice goal (Q4 3:08)
Adelaide surge forward from the centre bounce as Keays kicks long. Cook cleans up the mess and spots Dawson running in who slams the ball through for another goal! (Q4 4:28)
Taranto spots a Hogan lead and produces a neat little kick to meet him. Hogan goes back and adds another Giants goal to the pile (Q4 6:23)
Greene marks 50m out but doesn’t fancy himself from that distance. His kick goes to the top of the square where it’s rushed through (Q4 9:09)
The Giants work the ball out of their D50 in quick fashion, kicking to Green who burns off his opponent and kicks to the lead of Hill who marks, goes back, and slots an easy goal (Q4 15:54)
Tex dodges and weaves away from Taylor and spots Schoenberg in space. Schoenberg marks and goals easily as Adelaide look to finish strong (Q4 17:49)
Whitfield bursts out from a stoppage 25m in front of goal and adds a third goal to his tally! (Q4 19:34)
Adelaide surge the ball forward from the centre and it’s Walker again who hits up a teammate, this time Murphy, and he converts for his first goal this season! (Q4 20:59)
Gollant receives a high free kick about 40m out in front, but his kick fades right (Q4 22:39)
Adelaide get the ball out and the crumb falls Macadam’s way who dishes off to Hately who kicks one against his former side! (Q4 26:19)

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