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Blog log from R6 of 2022: Richmond vs Melbourne

Blog log for Richmond vs Melbourne, R6 of 2022

Bolton marks a Vlastuin kick inside 50 at the hotspot in front of Hunt and boots the first goal of the evening. (Q1 1:28)
Spargo runs up the outer wing and hits up Fritsch to mark in front of Gibcus 45m out on the flank and miss. (Q1 4:13)
Prestia roves a Balta contest 20m out but tumbles a punt wide. (Q1 6:50)
Brown draws a holding free on Tarrant in a pack 45m out on the flank. His set shot lands on the behind line, Gawn marks and misses. (Q1 9:24)
Pickett breaks up the kick in and passes to Neal-Bullen on the boundary 35m out, who doesn’t score with a shank. (Q1 10:11)
Lynch roves his own contest to a long Riewoldt speculator to a pack 20m out in front, then draws a holding free on Hunt for his first goal. (Q1 13:53)
Sparrow feeds Gawn for a snap across the body from the corridor 40m out but it goes wide right. (Q1 15:50)
Pickett roves a Brown contest in the pocket and tries an outrageous checkside off a step from 25m, it curls too much for an entertaining point. (Q1 17:11)
Oliver feeds from his knees at a stoppage in the pocket inside to Sparrow who snaps wide from 20m. (Q1 24:12)
May collides with the goal post as he rushes a wobbly Nankervis snap for a behind. (Q1 26:48)
Brown beats Gibcus on a lead to mark a Jackson pass to the pocket 25m out, he plays on and goals in the minute before QT. (Q1 28:04)
Harmes roves a Gawn contest in the pocket and gives over the top to Weideman who grubbers the go-ahead goal from 15m. (Q1 30:24)
Castagna roves and misses from the hotspot. (Q2 3:01)
Spargo roves a Gawn contest 25m out in the pocket, his snap bounces through but Vlastuin ad touched it off the boot, only a point. (Q2 4:51)
Petracca runs ahead of Broad through half forward, his snap lands near the behind post where Pickett marks and misses. (Q2 6:07)
Oliver takes a contested grab at 45m, bounces up and plays on to 45m on a slight angle but misses. (Q2 8:43)
Neal-Bullen gets a bit of a soft free for Nankervis getting in his back in a tackle 30m out on a slight angle. Crowd hoots, ANB misses, crowd cheers. (Q2 9:32)
Brown bounces a snap across the face from 35m on the flank. (Q2 15:34)
Spargo plays on to advantage from a holding free to Fritsch on Mansell at the hotspot, has a man on but grubbers it past him for the goal. (Q2 15:58)
Graham marks 45m out on a slight angle and delivers a lovely set shot for his first goal. (Q2 19:51)
Jackson engineers an attack out the front of the next centre bounce, shades of Q3 grand final as Petracca goes long, but Spargo roves and misses from the pocket. (Q2 21:05)
Riewoldt marks 40m out wide on the flank and slots his set shot, not many of them these days but he’s still got it. (Q2 21:53)
Throw in from the pocket deep in attack for Richmond, Nankervis taps it to the front of the pack where Baker roves and puts Richmond in front! (Q2 26:23)
Lynch sharks a Smith handball and snaps his second goal from 40m in the corridor. (Q3 0:57)
Langdon snaps wide from a pack 40m out on the flank. (Q3 2:15)
Bolton misses a quick snap from half forward. (Q3 3:57)
Weideman draws a contact free on Tarrant 30m out on the flank and kicks a steadying goal for Melbourne. (Q3 5:56)
Centre bounce: Oliver to Petracca to Jackson to Harmes who runs to 50m on a slight angle and blazes OOTF. So not quite like the 2021 grand final then. (Q3 7:18)
Sparrow ducks into a tackle 40m out in front by Rioli and gets a free but doesn’t realise and plays on for the snap which goes wide. Footy gods smile. (Q3 10:01)
Richmond keep turning the ball over on rebound, Fritsch is slung as he kicks to the pocket but Langdon marks anyway 25m out for the goal. (Q3 13:58)
Repeat inside 50s for Melbourne keep piling up, Fritsch roves and snaps a goal from a pack 30m out on the flank, Dees kicking away now! (Q3 15:52)
Pickett kicks over Vlastuin to Fritsch to mark at the top of the square for his second goal in a row. (Q3 18:38)
Fritsch marks in the pocket 20m out and gives over the top for Petracca to snap the goal. Demons have found the higher gear that no other team in the league has. (Q3 21:23)
Oliver passes short to Fritsch 40m out on a slight angle, too short for the mark so Fritsch plays on and misses. (Q3 23:37)
Prestia breaks up a Demon handball chain on the wing, receives back and goes long to the pocket for Riewoldt to mark and goal. (Q3 24:54)
Oliver gives to Petracca who blazes wide from 55m on a slight angle. (Q3 26:58)
Langdon intercepts a Short kick on the HFF, runs to 45m and kicks OOTF. (Q3 28:38)
Hunt misses a snap on the run from 30m in the pocket. (Q3 29:21)
Brown roves a Gawn contest and tries his luck with a Daicos special from the boundary 35m out but the ball doesn’t turn and rolls across the face for a point. (Q4 2:31)
Melbourne chain up the handballs from a stoppage on the wing, Oliver goes long to Fritsch near the hotspot, Weideman roves and goals. Simple game, footy. (Q4 5:12)
Broad rushes a Rivers kick to the square from CHF. (Q4 10:32)
Collier-Dawkins breaks a tackle at half forward and sprays a snap OOTF from 40m. (Q4 12:28)
Edwards feeds Riewoldt to snap a poster from 30m on the flank. (Q4 14:17)
Oliver feeds Petracca forward of a stoppage, he shoots from 45m on the flank under a tackle and misses. (Q4 19:32)
Rioli sails through a garbage time goal from CHF. (Q4 20:28)

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