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Blog log from R6 of 2022: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Blog log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R6 of 2022

Preuss holds Marshall in ruck by the jumper to give away a silly free kick 20m out on a slight angle, Marshall bangs through the first goal of the evening. (Q1 1:49)
A wobbling ball to 20m out favours Higgins to mark behind Haynes, but he misses a very gettable set shot, as he is wont to do. (Q1 6:03)
Long ball down the wing clears a big pack and it’s Membrey over the back who has Higgins running to the square for an easy goal. (Q1 10:13)
Gresham catches Green HTB after the next centre bounce, receives the ball back and runs to 50m where his snap is off hands for a point. (Q1 11:33)
Battle intercepts over Taranto at half back, goes quick to Hill on the wing who passes to Hayes 45m out on the flank in front of Ash, who misses. (Q1 12:50)
Green roves a Wanganeen-Milera fumble on the wing and bombs long, Greene contests to give Idun a crumb, he gives back to Greene whose high ball is marked by Hill 20m out, goal. (Q1 14:33)
Higgins roves a long Steele ball to a pack 20m out on a slight angle and drops the knees to draw a high contact free on Haynes, again he misses a soda. (Q1 17:30)
Greene roves and misses off the left from 20m out in front. (Q1 18:50)
Hayes takes a strong contested grab on the lead from a Windhagen pass despite Taylor being draped all over him. He lines up from 45m on a slight angle and kicks straight. (Q1 20:49)
Marshall gives away a holding free to Preuss in a marking contest 25m out on a slight angle, who pops through the goal. (Q1 23:34)
Himmelberg gives to Whitfield who flashes a right-foot snap across the body wide after Idun roved a ground ball. (Q1 25:33)
Preuss takes a contested mark 50m out on the boundary, his set shot is pretty good but lands in the square to be easily rushed. (Q1 27:32)
Perryman handballs in the back pocket but Gresham rushes in to pick it off, he tries a checkside off a step from 20m and curls it through! (Q1 29:04)
Ward runs to CHF after the next centre bounce and sails through a very popular goal, then gets swamped by his teammates. (Q1 30:49)
King has a set shot after the QT siren from 50m on a slight angle, long enough but slices into the right goalpost. (Qtr Time)
Flynn flies from four deep to clunk a long Green kick up the guts to 20m for the first goal of Q2. (Q2 0:51)
King takes a circus trick mark leaping in front of Keeffe 40m out on the flank but misses. (Q2 3:34)
Bradley Hill turns the ball over by hand on the wing and GWS is off to the races, Greene kicks to green grass for Idun to rove in the pocket 20m out but he snaps wide. (Q2 5:54)
Coniglio to Kelly for a long clearance from a stoppage on centre wing, Howard is pinged for a hold on Flynn who kicks his second goal with style. (Q2 7:54)
Kelly runs up the guts from half back then goes long over two Saints to Greene 45m out on a slight angle, Greene goes back for the set shot and misses. (Q2 14:39)
Greene is again over the back to mark a quick kick 35m out on the flank, he gets this set shot on target for his first goal of the campaign. (Q2 15:55)
Perryman kicks OOTF from the last line under pressure, Crouch takes the free 25m out and tries a checkside set shot… curls it through! (Q2 19:55)
McKenzie is pinged for some fairly undemonstrative dissent after Ward marks on the HFF, Ward is brought to 20m out for a charity goal. (Q2 22:20)
King beats a flailing Flynn one out to mark a high Paton ball to the hotspot, but he spurns a rather easy set shot with another shocking kick. (Q2 28:00)
Idun roves over the back of a pack 20m out on the boundary, tries a dinky snap but shanks it wide. He’s not a natural forward, young Connor. (Q2 29:22)
Hill runs away from three GWS chasers on the wing, reaches the HFF and kicks to the feet of King leading to 45m on a slight angle, King roves and torpedoes wide. (Q2 30:52)
Coniglio passes to Himmelberg 45m out on a slight angle after the Giants rebound up the guts from a stoppage deep in defence. Himmelberg shoots left. (Q3 3:07)
McKenzie intercepts a dump rebound kick by Perryman to the HFF and goes quickly back to the boundary for King to mark 30m out and miss. (Q3 5:27)
Chain of handballs brings the ball from the HFF to CHF for St Kilda, Gresham lets fly with a snap but Haynes gets back to touch it through on the line. (Q3 6:08)
Green gives away a high contact free at half back and the Saints take advantage, Higgins has no one inside 50 so goes himself from 55m in front… ball skids through! (Q3 10:03)
That goal was started by a Preuss handball clanger towards Green. (Q3 10:41)
Stein is first back to a Gresham kick to grass at the hotspot on another fast break, he gathers but handballs to grass himself, Higgins arrives to goal, Saints in front! (Q3 11:56)
Whitfield drops an easy mark on the wing and the Saints whip it forward, Ross passes to Higgins 45m out on the flank who boots the third goal in a row! (Q3 16:53)
Greene marks in the pocket 25m out and gives off to Kelly who hits the post off the left. (Q3 18:53)
Keeffe is pinged for a rather obvious jumper tug on King 20m out on a slight angle. Come at the King, best hope he miss. He don’t. (Q3 20:56)
Higgins roves a long Membrey ball to the square but gets his snap smothered for a point. (Q3 22:13)
Wood roves at the top of the square but misses under a heavy Taylor tackle. (Q3 28:59)
Ross passes to the lead of King deep in the pocket 30m out, marking over Taylor. King’s screwing set shot doesn’t bend, across the face for a behind. (Q4 1:53)
Taylor rushes a Gresham snap from the HFF that lands in the square. St Kilda have the territory early in Q4. (Q4 3:38)
Bruhn is pinged for a trip on Crouch 45m out on the flank, Crouch’s set up kick is also rushed. (Q4 5:51)
Whitfield roves and goes long from a stoppage on the wing, Paton receives from Lienert but gets claimed HTB by Himmelberg 15m out for the goal. (Q4 11:24)
GWS rewarded for a lot of territory in the last five minutes, Saints are flooding back so it’s hard work scoring. Maybe some centre clearances might decide this one. (Q4 12:11)
King uses all his height to mark a high Higgins kick to the pocket 35m out. Now comes the hard part, from a tough angle… just misses right. (Q4 15:52)
Ward roves a Stein contest and tries a Daicos special from the boundary 15m out but it skids into the post. (Q4 17:03)
Kennedy marks the kick in and goes to the pocket 25m out where Flynn marks then plays on with a handball to Himmelberg who misses badly. (Q4 17:55)
Ross mops up a dump kick by Whitfield and passes across half forward to the flank 45m out for Gresham. This would ice it… across the face. (Q4 22:02)
4:32 and two straight kicks in it. (Q4 22:02)
Stoppage after stoppage in midfield but no GWS breakaways. (Q4 27:29)
Coniglio receives a handball deep on the pocket 25m out and tries a checkside off a step, he shaves the goalpost with Whitfield inboard waving his arms. (Q4 28:56)
Saints finally bust out of a stoppage on the slingshot, Higgins marks 25m out and gives Crouch a Joe the Goose special for the sealer. (Q4 30:12)

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