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Blog log from R5 of 2022: Essendon vs Fremantle

Blog log for Essendon vs Fremantle, R5 of 2022

Serong drops the knees after roving to draw a high contact free on Cox 45m out on the flank, he misses to the left. (Q1 2:39)
Caldwell slams a snap wide from a pack near the hotspot. (Q1 7:40)
Frederick gathers a loose ball on the HFF, looks inside but goes himself from 55m to an empty square… bounces through for a sensational opening goal! (Q1 9:45)
Taberner shows excellent strong hands to clunk a low Mundy ball to 45m on a slight angle with Laverde draped all over him. He kicks truly. (Q1 12:40)
Martin scythes through traffic after roving near the hotspot but blazes wide off the right. (Q1 16:07)
Walker turns the ball over by hand at defensive hotspot to Martin who bounces through a quality finish off the right. (Q1 20:13)
Credit to Guelfi for pressuring Walker into the clanger. (Q1 20:35)
Cutler intercepts a dump kick by Brayshaw from a stoppage to 45m on a slight angle, but he misses to the right. (Q1 22:45)
Redman strips Banfield in a tackle from behind but is pinged for getting in his back. Banfield lines up from 40m on the flank, Don fans boo then cheer as he misses. (Q1 26:05)
Chapman turns the ball over by hand in defensive goalsquare under a lot of pressure, ball is flipped out to Smith who misses off the right from 20m. (Q2 0:43)
Parish intercepts a Young pass at half forward and goes very short to Martin 40m out on a slight angle, who kicks his second goal. (Q2 1:30)
Switkowski roves a stoppage in the pocket and gives to Mundy who tries a checkside off a step from 25m on the boundary, but misses. (Q2 5:00)
Nik Cox marks a long Caldwell kick over Brennan Cox 15m out in front on the end of a fast rebound around members wing. He goals. (Q2 5:45)
Frederick smothers Ridley’s handball, roves and gives to Taberner who snaps the goal from the hotspot. (Q2 8:06)
Shiel to Parish for the next insde 50 kick following the bounce, Waterman marks on the lead in front of Ryan 35m out on the flank and kicks truly. (Q2 9:45)
Acres spoils a Cutler kick to Draper in the centre, Brayshaw roves and gives back to Acres for the pass inside 50 to Switkowski 40m out in front, who kicks the goal. (Q2 11:30)
Lobb passes short to Walters 45m out on the flank on the end of a switch rebound around members wing. He passes short to Brayshaw 4om out who draws a free on Caldwell, for a miss. (Q2 15:22)
Durham gets a holding free going for a ground ball in the pocket against two Dockers, he gives off to Smith who misses. (Q2 18:26)
Lobb catches Durham HTB at the Freo hotspot, Banfield plays on to advantage to waltz into the open goal! (Q2 19:35)
Freo bosses the next centre bounce, O’Driscoll darts the ball towards Walters who takes a circus trick mark matched up with Kelly 30m out on a slight angle, Sonny misses. (Q2 21:20)
Nik Cox bundles a snap wide from the hotspot off the left after a stoppage. (Q2 22:24)
Guelfi is over the back to mark a Smith ball to the square and restore Essendon’s lead. (Q2 24:28)
Frederick gives to Banfield who has a moment to measure a checkside off a step from 20m in the pocket and swings it through for his second goal. (Q2 26:08)
Nik Cox catches Switkowski HTB on the wing, HT siren goes but the ump pays 50m for the Docker gobbing off, Cox brought to 25m on a slight angle but misses. (Q2 31:56)
Brodie kicks long from the centre circle to the hotspot where Lobb flies to juggle a mark against Zerk-Thatcher, but he shoots wide left. (Q3 0:28)
O’Driscoll passes to the lead of Taberner 40m out on the flank who steers through his third goal with a careful set shot. (Q3 3:03)
Ridley mops up a chaos ball on the HBF but Walters catches him HTB 30m out… then shanks the set shot OOTF, disappointingly. (Q3 6:13)
Martin tries a centring ball from the FP but it’s cut off and Freo are away around outer wing, Frederick bounces twice then goes to the pocket for Taberner, free on Laverde, goal! (Q3 15:14)
Lobb goes long after the next centre bounce, Taberner can’t mark but Walters roves and gives to Darcy who snaps across the body off the left for another one for Freo! (Q3 16:59)
Taberner gets a free near the behind post for abuse by a Dons player off the ball, he boots goal number five! Wheels falling off for the Dons in Q3. (Q3 18:34)
Parish it was who was credited with the FA. (Q3 18:54)
Young centres from the wing to Brayshaw on the point of the centre square, he waltzes in space to 40m in the corridor and kicks another one for the Dockers! (Q3 22:19)
Taberner draws another contact free on Laverde going for an O’Driscoll kick to 20m on a slight angle. This for number six… it’s good! (Q3 24:14)
Another FA against Parish in the centre, Mundy goes long to the hotspot where most of the pack falls over but Banfield marks untouched then misses. (Q3 26:14)
Smith plays on to advantage from a Nik Cox free but hits the post from the pocket 30m out. Devon swears, as do Bomber supporters who have watched their team get flogged this term. (Q3 27:49)
Walters marks 45m out on the flank on the end of a rather easy move through midfield by Freo. Hasn’t kicked well today has Sonny… wide and rushed. (Q3 29:19)
Pearce falls over at half back going for a backwards kick by Mundy, his man Wright roves and runs to 45m on the flank but chips it across the face. (Q3 30:51)
Colyer thieves the footy off Heppell on the wing, does a one-two with Mundy, runs to 50m on a slight angle and bounces a kick for a behind. (Q4 4:43)
Switkowski passes to the lead of Taberner 45m out on a slight angle, nothing Laverde could do there. This for number seven… steered through! (Q4 6:38)
Frederick catches Zerk-Thatcher HTB after Brodie clears from the next centre bounce towards the hotspot. He joins the party with his second goal. (Q4 8:23)
Perkins marks 40m out near the boundary and hits the post. (Q4 10:16)
Colyer passes to Darcy 50m out on a slight angle who hoofs through a nice finish. (Q4 12:08)
Waterman outmarks Clark 40m out on a slight angle going for a long Perkins ball from members wing, he boots his second goal deep in junk time. (Q4 17:08)
Caldwell spins through traffic in midfield and gives to Draper who bangs long from inside the centre square, the ball pitches behind the pack 20m out and bounces through! (Q4 18:37)
Caldwell snaps a junk time special from half forward. (Q4 21:03)
Darcy marks at the top of the square in front of a tired-looking Zerk-Thatcher but hits the post. (Q4 23:04)
Colyer passes to Switkowski to mark in front of Draper 40m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q4 25:59)
Darcy takes a pack mark in the pocket in front of hapless Zerk-Thatcher from a Brodie speculator, and misses. (Q4 28:09)

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