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Blog log from R2 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R2 of 2022

Moore marks 45m out near the boundary and gets a 50m penalty for encroachment to gift him the opening goal from the line. (Q1 2:07)
Finlayson marks in a pack 30m out on the flank, getting the better of Grainger-Barras. He hits the post. (Q1 9:14)
Breust shows vision in traffic at half back to hit the fat side to enable Newcombe to have a gallop, he goes long to Wingard who marks over McKenzie at the hotspot for the goal. (Q1 10:38)
Finlayson arrives late to a Scrimshaw mark on the wing to give away 50m, Scrimshaw lines up from 45m on the flank but his set shot is wide and rushed. (Q1 14:29)
Bonner sets up Drew for a long snap that goes wide. (Q1 17:31)
Georgiades is paid a mark that he struggled to hold, lines up from 30m on the flank and the footy gods grin as he misses. (Q1 21:11)
McDonald converts a long set shot from the boundary from long range, and he loves it! (Q1 22:43)
Worpel feeds Moore for a snap from 50m that just goes wide. (Q1 27:28)
Gunston roves and snaps from 35m for another one from the Hawks unanswered, Port is leading in most stats but forward efficiency is all going Hawthorn’s way. (Q2 2:14)
Lycett soccers a crumb through for Port’s first goal, not the most traditional source but they’ll take it at this stage. (Q2 4:44)
Moore screws through his second goal from a set shot in the pocket, Hawks getting reward for hard work off the ball in this game. (Q2 8:14)
Georgiades gives to Houston who launches from 45m for a trademark finish. (Q2 9:25)
Rozee is held by Frost without the footy to get a free just outside the hotspot, he converts. Port marching back. (Q2 11:34)
Moore gives to Ward who misses from 40m. (Q2 13:23)
Butters passes to Sinn at true CHF after both sides exchange turnovers in midfield. The first-gamer misses everything going for extra distance. (Q2 17:42)
Boak is paid a mark on the boundary in front of Sicily 30m out but doesn’t score. (Q2 18:41)
Boak catches Wingard high at a stoppage 40m out on the flank with a forearm jab to the chops. Wingard gets up ruefully and kicks the goal to silence the booing Port faithful. (Q2 21:19)
Nash roves a Lewis contest to a Worpel long ball to the top of the square and snaps his first goal. (Q2 23:00)
Moore misses from 40m, the Hawks peppering the goals in this period. (Q2 23:56)
Georgiades marks an Amon pass near the boundary 40m out and misses. (Q2 26:58)
Gunston snaps a fine goal from the pocket, his second to give Hawthorn a big lead heading into half time! (Q2 29:20)
Lewis converts a set shot to open Q3 scoring, Hawks continuing where the left off. (Q3 1:54)
Rozee marks on the lead and misses from 45m. (Q3 4:41)
Butters contests to allow Rozee to set Powell-Pepper up to snap a much-needed goal for the Power. (Q3 6:21)
Reeves marks in relief on the last line but his rebound kick is straight to Burton 40m out on the flank, who hits the post. (Q3 8:35)
Finlayson gives to Motlop in a phonebox, he thinks quickly and tries an outrageous right-foot checkside that curls in from 30m on a slight angle! (Q3 11:15)
Morrison runs to CHF after a stoppage on the wing, he kicks long to the square where Gunston stands in front of McKenzie to mark and goal. (Q3 13:51)
Lewis flies and marks a long Mitchell ball to 20m on a slight angle, had the sit over his man Skinner. He goals. (Q3 16:41)
Worpel marks at half forward and releases Ward to run to 40m on a slight angle and ram through another one, the Hawks are on FIYAH! (Q3 18:39)
Breust passes to the lead of Lewis sliding to 25m on a slight angle, the set shot sails through for his third, Hawks are rolling! (Q3 20:11)
Powell-Pepper roves a throw-in that bounces towards the hotspot and snaps across his body for a nice finish. (Q3 24:36)
Jiath fumbles under pressure at half back, Butters feeds Boak who snaps wide from the hotspot. (Q3 26:52)
Finlayson bounces a snap wide from mid range. (Q3 27:54)
Lewis converts another set shot, this one from 45m to extend the Hawk lead. (Q3 29:36)
Powell-Pepper screws through another goal off his left boot in traffic to give Port a slim chance heading into 3QT. (Q3 30:21)
Breust gives to Mitchell who misses a snap. (Q4 3:29)
McDonald misses playing on to advantage from a Gunston free on Jonas, Breust not happy with his lack of charity. (Q4 5:05)
Mead feeds Wines whose kick is not vintage, only a point. (Q4 6:54)
Gunston sets Breust off into the open goal after a coast to coast rebound, Hawks are officially home! (Q4 7:22)
Breust marks 40m out on a slight angle and converts with classic quality. (Q4 8:47)
Georgiades marks and misses, his third behind for the night. (Q4 12:09)
Bonner is pinged for deliberate OOB, Newcombe takes the free 20m out and goals. Hawks can do no wrong! (Q4 14:54)
Lewis converts another set shot for his fifth goal to put a cherry on top of his outstanding second half, after marking a Nash pass to the pocket 25m out. (Q4 17:29)
Powell-Pepper roves and misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 23:25)
Lewis rewards Breust with another Joe the Goose special, he’s had a couple of those but fully deserves them. (Q4 30:24)

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