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Blog log from R1 of 2022: West Coast vs Gold Coast

Blog log for West Coast vs Gold Coast, R1 of 2022

Rowell clears with a floating kick from a stoppage on the HFF to Ainsworth 30m out, falls short and Holman throws a boot at it in the square… but Hough touched it, just a point. (Q1 3:12)
Rowell roves a stoppage 35m out on the flank and leans into a tackle by Gaff to earn a high contact free kick. He hooks the set shot left and OOTF. (Q1 4:50)
Witts down to Miller for a clearance kick from the HFF, two pairs lead for it but it pitches and rolls on… Rankine gathers, jinks and kicks the first goal! (Q1 6:23)
O’Neill keeps possession of a Redden handball despite losing it around his back, he kicks to the hotspot where Langdon marks in a big pack and goals. (Q1 8:30)
After a stoppage on the wing, Langdon feeds Jones for a running snap from 35m on a slight angle, that one sails through to give West Coast the lead. (Q1 12:56)
Davies spins out of a Barrass challenge at the hotspot with some flair and passes to Rankine 20m out on the flank, who converts. (Q1 19:56)
Petruccelle roves a Kennedy contest in the pocket, breaks a Collins tackle and goals from 15m. (Q1 22:02)
Miller gives wide of congestion at the hotspot to Ellis who hits the post from 35m on a slight angle. (Q1 23:29)
Collins intercepts at half back but immediately turns the ball over by foot to Rioli under Kennedy pressure, Waterman marks 30m out on the flank and goals. (Q1 24:50)
Collins rushes a Kennedy set shot from the HFF. (Q1 29:00)
Barrass intercepts on the wing and gets a 50m penalty for timewasting by Rankine to bring him to 40m on a slight angle. Never kicked a senior goal… now he has! (Q1 30:39)
Sharp marks a short Rowell pass on the boundary 30m out and shoots OOTF. (Q2 2:33)
Rankine passes to Casboult 35m out on a slight angle who kicks truly, to his obvious relief. (Q2 4:58)
O’Neill roves a big pack at the hotspot and snaps an opportunist goal. (Q2 7:50)
Fiorini gets the next centre clearance kick and it’s Casboult who marks again 30m out on a slight angle despite heavy contact by Barrass. Levi shanks that one OOTF. (Q2 9:12)
Petruccelle chases a crumb from a Dixon contest rolling to the goal line and gets there ahead of Powell to soccer it home. (Q2 14:42)
McGovern intercepts a MacPherson inside 50 kick but Rotham is pinged for a block on Casboult, who goals from 20m on a slight angle. (Q2 16:55)
Rioli pushes Rowell to concede a free 40m out on a slight angle, Rowell gives off to Sharp whose snap is low and rushed. (Q2 18:47)
Fiorini scrubs a rebound kick to the HBF but straight to Gaff who goes very short to Williams 45m out on a slight angle, who misses right. (Q2 20:49)
Gold Coast goes coast to coast from the kick in, Rowell with the key kick to release Lukosius, ending with Holman giving Ainsworth the Joe the Goose special. Pretty football! (Q2 21:42)
Rowell roves and snaps wide from 45m in front following up from his own centre clearance. (Q2 22:30)
Naitanui misses from a ball in 25m out. (Q2 25:07)
Miller catches Naish HTB on the wing and goes long to a big pack 35m out on the flank where Witts flies to mark in front…. but he doesn’t score. (Q2 26:42)
Witts tries to outdo Naitanui by catching the ball out of ruck 20m out but he hoofs it wide off the left. (Q2 27:58)
Lukosius flies over a pack for a high Ellis kick and clunks it despite Edwards monstering him from behind, fantastic hand. He lines up from 25m on the flank and misses. (Q2 28:43)
Rankine can’t get a handle on a ground ball at the hotspot but taps it between his legs towards Chol who soccers it for a goal from 20m! (Q3 0:56)
Rankine is boundary side for a ruck tap in the pocket, he shoots from 20m but hits the near goalpost. (Q3 2:09)
Lukosius roves the spillage from a MacPherson tackle at half forward and delivers a sensational kick to Shark running back to goal, hits him in stride to waltz into goal! (Q3 4:26)
Suns hit the lead and should go on with it from here against an understrength Eagles outfit. (Q3 4:57)
Redden passes to Rioli to mark just inside the 50m paint on a slight angle from the goals. Rioli roosts a pretty set shot for his first goal. (Q3 6:02)
Powell intercepts a McGovern rebound kick to the wing and pumps it back quickly to Miller who draws an arm chop free on Foley, plays on around the mark and booms the goal from 50m! (Q3 8:56)
Rotham misses a target by foot at half back, Witts passes short to Lukosius 45m out on a slight angle who misses right. (Q3 10:56)
Rioli sharks a Collins handball in the centre and tries his luck from 70m, ball skids and sits up in the square for Ballard to dive and touch through. (Q3 13:10)
Lukosius catches Hough HTB at half forward and delivers a fabulous kick over traffic to Casboult 40m out on a slight angle. Levi misses, as he often does. (Q3 13:50)
MacPherson roves a Barrass drop 30m out on the flank but Edwards touches through his snap. (Q3 17:27)
Rioli flattens Rowell with a bump at half back to force a turnover then gets involved on a fast break, Kennedy has Dixon over the back to waltz into the open goal! (Q3 22:07)
Redden clears from the next centre bounce to the HFF where Petruccelle marks over Swallow and tries a set up kick that doesn’t work. (Q3 23:12)
Petruccelle gathers a bouncing pass and snaps in one motion from 45m on the flank but it curls too much into the near goalpost. (Q3 24:27)
Kennedy rolls through his first goal from close range after the Eagles rebound at speed from the back half. (Q3 27:47)
Fiorini passes to Rankine 45m out wide on the flank, McGovern spoils the pack in the square for a behind. (Q3 30:35)
Miller clears from the first centre bounce of Q4, Holman roves and starts a handball chain ending with Chol kicking the levelling goal from the line! (Q4 0:35)
Rioli runs away from the next centre bounce and sets up Jones to snap his second goal from 45m! Simple game, footy. (Q4 1:23)
Anderson roves Naitanui at the next bounce and passes to the lead of Lukosius diving to 40m on the flank. The set shot starts left and draws right inside the goalpost, goal! (Q4 2:59)
Gaff roves a stoppage on the HBF but dithers and is caught HTB by Rowell, who gives off to Weller for a snap OOTF. (Q4 6:55)
Ellis is dumped by Rioli after kicking inside 50m, Witts gets the downfield free 25m out on the flank. Any score for the lead… goal! (Q4 9:25)
Rowell gets a holding free for the next centre clearance which he gives to Fiorini, McGovern spills it at the hotspot and Holman roves and goals! (Q4 11:35)
Petrevski-Seton kicks low and hard from the wing to Petruccelle on his own 40m out in the corridor, who shaves the goalpost. (Q4 13:57)
Nelson kicks from a stoppage on the wing to Kennedy 45m out on a slight angle, Graham giving too much leg rope. JJK delivers his second goal. (Q4 17:46)
Waterman marks a Hough pass on the boundary 35m out and misses with a drop punt. (Q4 20:55)
McGovern’s aimless rebound kick is to two Suns, Powell passes short to Ainsworth 40m out on a slight angle. Clock under five minutes as he walks in… and goals! (Q4 24:35)
Davies snaps his first goal from the square after Gold Coast wins the next centre clearance! Wasn’t pretty but key contributions from Chol and Rankine. (Q4 26:35)
Roewll to Fiorini for the next centre clearance, Davies gathers on the HFF, spins and sends a little touch kick to Rankine 20m out in the pocket. Rankine boots his third! (Q4 28:05)
Gold Coast should have had this won earlier but they have the four points now. (Q4 28:16)
Fiorini passes to Rankine on the boundary 45m out who misses everything. (Q4 31:51)
Rankine marks next to the behind post just before the FT siren and boots his fourth goal. (Q4 33:16)

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