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Blog log from R2 of 2021: Port Adelaide vs Essendon

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Essendon, R2 of 2021

Fantasia bombs long after a secondary centre bounce, the ball pitches behind Georgiades and sits up for Dixon to gather and boot the opening goal. (Q1 1:30)
Butters marks a Ladhams kick 40m out on a slight angle and kicks truly. Bad signs for Essendon early, could be a long afternoon. (Q1 4:20)
Cox coughs the ball up on the wing, Port counters quickly, Boak finds Fantasia 30m out on the flank who plays on and misses. (Q1 11:08)
Gray passes to Georgiades running forward to 30m on the flank, his set shot is a peach. (Q1 12:31)
Georgiades dives to mark a lovely long ball from the wing by Amon to the hotspot for his second goal. It’s one-way traffic starting from the coalface so far. (Q1 15:09)
Drew kicks long after a free at the next centre bounce, Dixon brings it to ground for Ladhams who snaps off the left, it bounces through for another one! Port is on FIYAH! (Q1 16:29)
Hooker marks a Wright kick from a stoppage in one pocket that lands in the opposite pocket. He goals from 20m. (Q1 17:53)
Wright soars majestically over a pack 20m out on a slight angle to clunk a long speculator by Caldwell from the HFF. Two-Metre Peter shanks it horridly for a point, however. (Q1 19:51)
Shiel tries to soccer the crumb from a Langford ball to the square but it comes off a Port leg for a behind. (Q1 21:58)
Houston hits Dixon on the left nipple with a low ball to the hotspot, beautiful disposal there. Charlie boots his second goal. (Q1 25:42)
Smith’s set shot from the HFF goes wide but the ump saw a hold by Aliir on the behind line, Wright takes the free and hands off to Shiel who hits the post. (Q1 30:08)
Francis leaps on the goal line to touch through a snap from a stoppage 40m out on the flank by Boak. (Q2 4:10)
Drew gives to Amon standing flat-footed on the HFF, he launches off a step from 45m and the ball swings right to left for a nice finish. (Q2 6:09)
Caldwell gets the next centre clearance, the ball bounces off Hooker’s chest at the hotspot but lands in the lap of McDonald-Tipungwuti who snaps truly. (Q2 7:29)
Dixon marks on the lead 45m out in the corridor, his set shot sails through the big sticks for another one for Port, who are in near complete control. (Q2 8:31)
Drew is Johnny on the spot for a shank kick by Hartlett that lands in his arms at the hotspot, but he misses. (Q2 11:09)
Butters marks a Georgiades pass on the HFF and bounces twice then goes short to Ladhams 20m out in front for another one. (Q2 13:47)
Ladhams to Boak for the next centre clearance, it flips over the back where Fantasia zooms onto it but he misses. (Q2 15:30)
After an Aliir intercept on the wing, Wines roves a pack at half forward and kicks to the hotspot for the benefit of Motlop, who marks and goals. (Q2 16:53)
Hooker gets a contact free on Clurey going for a Ham speculator to a pack 40m out on the flank. He kicks truly. (Q2 19:01)
Cahill is on the end of a chain of handballs at half forward and finds Langford in space 35m out on a slight angle for a goal. (Q2 23:26)
Jones marks just outside 50m on a slight angle, his set shot is wide, short and rushed. (Q2 25:35)
Another flowing move by Port through midfield ends with Boak hitting the lead of Motlop 30m out on a slight angle to restart the party with his second goal. (Q2 27:12)
Ham is the one to take a surprising mark three deep in a big pack 40m out on a slight angle, but he misses. (Q2 30:05)
Fantasia marks at half forward, wheels and kicks to just inside CHF where three Port players have a raffle, Gray wins to mark then give off to Hartlett for a miss. (Q3 2:29)
McDonald-Tipungwuti has Hooker over the back on a fast break but kicks to grass, Hooker gathers and baulks clear of the chasing Jonas but misses off the left from 25m. (Q3 5:48)
Byrne-Jones plays on to advantage in the centre and goes wide for Georgiades 45m out on the flank. Georgiades kicks his third goal. (Q3 6:48)
Fantasia catches McGrath HTB 20m out on the flank and converts against his former club. (Q3 9:07)
Merret has Hooker over the back to mark and run into an open goal after a Butters kick clanger in the centre. (Q3 12:14)
Amon does a one-two with Butters and misses on the run from CHF. (Q3 13:45)
Two Power defenders rise to spoil a speculator to Shiel at the hotspot but the ball falls for McDonald-Tipungwuti to goal from 15m. (Q3 14:52)
Dixon marks over Hind 40m out on a slight angle and boots another one for the cruising Port. (Q3 17:09)
Georgiades saunters into the open goal, Port just having a laugh now. (Q3 20:16)
Motlop passes to Dixon 25m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q3 22:34)
Fantasia misses a flying snap, Power are peppering the goals now. (Q3 24:50)
Snelling wins a HTB free on Burton and goals from 20m on a slight angle to kick off Q4 junk time. (Q4 0:47)
Snelling passes to Cox 30m out on the flank who hooks that one through for some garbage. (Q4 2:27)
Smith mops up a kick clanger by Jonas and shoots off a step from 40m on a slight angle but hits the post. (Q4 4:29)
Houston roves a Wright tap in ruck and launches off a step from 45m on on the flank for some junk. (Q4 7:28)
McDonald-Tipungwuti gets some more garbage. (Q4 10:23)
Lycett marks a Wines kick to the pocket with the one mitt if you don’t mind, the circus tricks are coming out now. He goals from 25m. (Q4 12:23)
Boak feeds Fantasia for a very smelly goal from the top of the square. (Q4 18:43)
Smith runs away from a stoppage on the wing towards CHF and passes to the fat side for McDonald-Tipungwuti 30m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q4 24:49)
Dixon marks a Ladhams ball on the lead 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 29:04)

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