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Blog log from R19 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R19 of 2020

Menegola passes to Hawkins on the boundary 40m out after the Cats boss the opening centre bounce, but Hawkins’ set shot doesn’t score. (Q1 1:04)
Rohan catches Hartlett HTB on the wing and sails a high speculator to Stanley who draws an arm chop free on Clurey 40m out on a slight angle and hits the post. (Q1 2:55)
Ebert roves a Dixon contest 20m out in front and tries a quick dinky kick over the left shoulder but it floats wide. (Q1 5:25)
Geelong clears from a stoppage on the HBF around outer wing, Rohan sends a high ball to a pack at the hotspot where Stanley marks too easily for the first goal. (Q1 6:49)
Ebert sends a low ball from the HFF to the hotspot where Dixon is contesting, the crumb falls down for Motlop to gather and roll home Port’s opener. (Q1 13:01)
Powell-Pepper to Wines to Boak for the next centre clearance kick, Dixon draws an extremely obvious holding free on Taylor at the hotspot and goals. (Q1 14:56)
Selwood misses a high snap from a stoppage at the hotspot after Stanley gets the next centre clearance. (Q1 16:19)
Henderson passes to Kolodjashnij 45m out in front, his set shot hangs right. (Q1 20:04)
Hawkins marks a short Guthrie pass 35m out on the boundary, he misses to the right. (Q1 22:30)
Hawkins leads out of the square ahead of McKenzie to mark a Rohan pass 20m out on the flank, but misses again. (Q2 2:14)
Tuohy has a man on him for a give by Hawkins to the hotspot after a stoppage inside 50, he beats Duursma for strength to bounce through a big goal! (Q2 7:09)
Ebert gets a free for a push in the back by Tuohy on the boundary 25m out, after some fractious play. He hits the post. (Q2 14:06)
Marshall sets Rozee off on a scoot from wing towards half forward, long ball to Dixon of course who has two on him but the ball falls over the back for Motlop to soccer home! (Q2 15:30)
Hawkins beats McKenzie comprehensively to mark 25m out on the flank, he plays on and misses again. (Q2 18:09)
Tuohy marks on the HFF and misses. (Q2 21:41)
Atkins roves at a stoppage in the pocket 25m out and gives behind to Selwood who throws the ball on the boot for a very high snap… wobbles and lands over the goal line! (Q2 24:00)
Ebert slips over but still marks an inside 50 kick by Wines after the next centre bounce in front of Stewart. HT siren sounds, he goals from 40m on a slight angle! (Q2 25:15)
Dixon passes to the lead of Ladhams in front of Henderson 35m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 0:52)
Henry dithers in the centre and is claimed HTB by Duursma, Port have men everywhere on the counter, Rozee hits Butters 20m out in the pocket for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 3:22)
Guthrie misses the diagonal kick from HBF to centre, Houston kicks inside 50, Byrne-Jones mongrels a kick to Motlop who snaps a sensational finish from 20m in the pocket! (Q3 7:07)
Boak sharks a Guthrie handball and snaps quickly from near the behind post under heavy pressure but it’s wide. (Q3 12:52)
Selwood slips over in the centre to allow Ladhams to mop up a Duncan rebound kick, Marshall contests in the pocket, Motlop is smothered but Ebert roves and goals from 20m! (Q3 18:38)
Parfitt gathers on the HFF, has Byrne-Jones and Hartlett corralling, jinks and baulks, shoots off a step and misses from 40m. (Q3 20:54)
Jonas drops a defensive mark in the centre as Port is playing a very high line, Dangerfield roves and has half the field to run, he bounces away and runs 75m into the open goal! (Q3 26:33)
Dahlhaus passes to Hawkins on the boundary 45m out who misses another low percentage set shot. (Q4 4:43)
Hawkins fumbles a crumb near the hotspot but Stanley gets a snap off, it goes near Hartlett’s finger but on review the goal umpire’s call stands of a goal. (Q4 6:51)
Port centre clearance, Butters dives for a loose ball at the hotspot against two Cats and comes up with it, he gives off and it’s Marshall who snaps the goal from 15m! (Q4 9:21)
Dixon provides a crumb against two at half forward for Motlop to rove and go inboard, Marshall marks 45m out in the corridor. This to ice it… perfect! (Q4 18:21)
Burton spoils a Dahlhaus pass to Blicavs for a rushed behind, Port is home now you’d think. (Q4 20:51)
Hawkins marks a Dangerfield ball next to the behind post, plays on and screws the footy into the goalpost off the left. (Q4 24:15)

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