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Blog log from R18 of 2020: Collingwood vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Collingwood vs Port Adelaide, R18 of 2020

Port gets the first centre clearance, big pack near CHF, Maynard and Quaynor fall into each other to allow Ebert to rove and bounce through the first goal from 40m! (Q1 0:16)
It was Lycett down to Boak and a give to Rockliff for that clearance and goal. (Q1 1:15)
Duursma marks at the hotspot after a long ball clears Dixon who drew all the heat. He converts, Port are dominating turf and leather early. (Q1 4:55)
After a Noble fumble in the centre Port have numbers on the counter, Rozee runs a long way across CHF and just misses from 40m under no pressure. (Q1 13:49)
Mihocek is somehow allowed to mark untouched with Lycett trailing well behind on the handover, he converts from 30m on a slight angle. (Q1 17:41)
Treloar bounces out of a pack in the pocket after a stoppage and snaps a nice goal from 20m. (Q1 20:43)
Bonner drops a seemingly easy defensive mark from a Pendlebury inside 50, the crumb falls to Hoskin-Elliott who feeds Elliott for the goal from 20m in front. (Q2 4:34)
Mihocek gives to Tyler Brown who blazes OOTF fro the HFF. (Q2 6:36)
Stephenson turns the ball over on the HBF under Amon pressure, Ebert passes short to Motlop 45m out on the flank whose set shot is a peach for the go-ahead goal. (Q2 9:59)
Cox down to Elliott for a clearance from the HFF, Hoskin-Elliott marks but plays on as he didn’t hear the call, he gives off to Mihocek who snaps truly to save Will’s blushes. (Q2 12:04)
Ebert marks the next centre clearance by Wines and converts from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 13:47)
Dixon trails Grundy to the fall of a throw-in to 20m, but Grundy’s tap to grass bounces up for Dixon himself to rove and goal! (Q2 18:49)
Motlop breaks a tackle on the HFF and gives inside to Wines who hoofs an ugly snap wide off a step from 45m. (Q2 23:49)
Grundy tackles Duursma without the footy to give away an obvious free 40m out on the flank after a number of Port repeat inside 50s. Duursma doesn’t score. (Q2 25:19)
De Goey snaps from a pack 40m out on the flank as the HT siren goes… but it’s into the behind post OOTF so no review needed. (Q2 27:32)
Lycett gives over his shoulder to Ebert running up the guts, he crosses the paint but misses from 45m. (Q3 0:54)
Pendlebury has a moment to size up his options outside a pack at the hotspot after Cox contests, he chooses Greenwood who snaps the goal off the left boot off a step. (Q3 3:47)
Collingwood’s forwards try to handball one of them clear for a snap in the pocket, it’s Stephenson who takes the shot from 25m off the right and it wobbles through! (Q3 9:31)
Duursma feeds Rockliff who snaps on the turn from a pack 20m out in the pocket… the ball bounces high and through! (Q3 11:16)
Dixon gives to Rozee who snaps across the body from the hotspot off a step but it sails wide. (Q3 13:01)
Motlop roves in the pocket, doesn’t have a left foot for the conventional snap but his right-foot checkside is a pearler for his second goal! (Q3 13:47)
Gray beats Moore to a bouncing Marshall ball on the HFF, turns and hits Powell-Pepper in the pocket 20m out, who converts. Port making their move in the premiership quarter. (Q3 16:51)
Ebert misses a set shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 19:48)
De Goey bobs around like a cork in the ocean in the pocket but snaps OOTF. (Q3 23:30)
Hartlett dives to touch through a Thomas grubber from the pocket. (Q4 2:38)
Pendlebury snaffles a bouncing loose ball in the centre and immediately starts running forward, he gives to De Goey who rams through the goal from 45m. (Q4 3:44)
After a few Port turnovers on the outer wing they hold firm then switch through the centre, Amon runs free and passes to Marshall 25m out on the flank who goals. (Q4 8:05)
This has been another one of those ultra-conservative 2020 games where both sides skirt the boundary, but that was the right time to hit the corridor. (Q4 8:33)
Lienert wins a ground battle with Brown on the wing to prevent a fast break score. (Q4 10:36)
Cox marks a Noble speculator from the HFF to a big pack in the pocket 20m out but misses. (Q4 16:36)

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