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Blog log from R18 of 2020: St Kilda vs Western Sydney

Blog log for St Kilda vs Western Sydney, R18 of 2020

Steele gets a holding free on Coniglio at the first centre bounce, kick up the guts and Membrey marks in front of Corr at the hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 0:29)
Riccardi marks a Whitfield kick to the hotspot in between three Saints but misses. (Q1 4:58)
Butler roves a Hopper drop from a slightly misdirected Whitfield pass at half forward and hits King 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q1 7:41)
Lloyd roves a Riccardi contest and snaps on the turn from 40m on a slight angle, the ball falls inside the right goalpost for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 9:59)
Battle sails through a lovely snap for his first goal from 50m on a slight angle after keeping his feet in a contest with Haynes to rove and shoot. (Q1 16:14)
Finlayson passes to Taranto to mark in front of Geary 25m out on the flank after the next centre bounce. Taranto hits the right goalpost. (Q1 17:14)
Riccardi roves a Howard drop near the hotspot and snaps wide. (Q1 19:22)
Lonie pushes off a trainer to dive and mark 40m out on the flank, he limps off so Hill takes the kick… and nails it! (Q1 20:59)
Green roves on the HFF, baulks to 40m and misses. (Q1 22:42)
Finlayson marks a repeat inside 50 kick by Perryman leading to the boundary 40m out, he didn’t score. (Q1 23:45)
Long bombs inside 50 from the wing, Ross roves and gives to Steele who curls in a nice snap from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 2:48)
Williams receives from Riccardi, baulks onto his left boot and snaps wide from 35m on the flank. (Q2 3:47)
Ross snaps across the face from the HFF. (Q2 7:19)
Cameron marks on the lead 40m out in the corridor but misses, disappointingly. (Q2 9:15)
Riccardi marks at much the same area and shows the reigning Coleman Medallist how it’s done with a nice set shot. (Q2 11:04)
Greene snaps his first goal after roving a Cameron contest at the hotspot where the crumb falls in his lap. (Q2 13:44)
Membrey snaps high and wide from a pack 40m out in front. (Q2 15:20)
Butler snaps his first goal from the HFF after hitting the crumb from a King contest and baulking away from a lumbering Idun. (Q2 18:13)
Jones pokes a very short pass to the diving King 35m out on the flank, who hits the behind post OOTF. (Q2 20:29)
Shaw just misses a long kick from the HFF. (Q2 24:53)
Marshall is paid a contested mark for a ball that hit the ground on replay, he converts from 30m on a slight angle. (Q3 1:47)
King skids a grubber across the face from 25 in the pocket. (Q3 3:19)
Hannebery snaps wide from a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle. (Q3 5:19)
Whitfield kicks up the guts to an empty square, two Saints and Riccardi chase, Howard it is who rushes it through. (Q3 9:32)
Riccardi marks at half forward on a corridor attack, waits, waits some more and goes to Green 50m out on a slight angle who hoofs it well wide. (Q3 10:58)
Repeat inside 50s to the Saints, Lonie runs onto a crumb from a King contest against two and into the open goal. (Q3 14:48)
Another long ball to King drawing two defenders at the hotspot, again the Saints small forward swarm the fall and it’s Billings who grubbers home the goal. Simple game, footy. (Q3 18:33)
Marshall juggles a pack mark from a Geary kick 35m out on a slight angle, he misses. (Q3 23:02)
Billings goes quick and long to a pack 30m out on the flank, King contests yet again and this time gets a pushing free on Keeffe for his first goal, well-deserved. (Q4 1:17)
Williams roves on the last line but Battle catches him HTB, Ryder plays on to advantage for some cherries. (Q4 4:00)
Buckley slides to rush a Butler grubber from the pocket. (Q4 5:21)
Greene misses a set shot from the HFF, but we are deep into junk time now. (Q4 14:15)
Lonie roves yet another King contest and grubbers home some junk from the pocket 10m out. (Q4 17:01)
Steele puts an exclamation point on a BOG performance with a rolled goal from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q4 19:40)

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