Blog log from R17 of 2020: Carlton vs Adelaide

Betts roves a Casboult handball to grass near the top of the goalsquare and snaps into the post. (Q1 0:12)
Frampton marks on the HFF and pokes a pass down the line to Smith who kicks the first goal from 30m. (Q1 1:57)
Fisher hits the post with a spin and snap from a pack 35m out on the flank. (Q1 5:53)
Sholl roves a stoppage 35m out on the flank and has a moment to steady, he snaps his first goal with a drop punt. (Q1 8:13)
McAdam volleys the crumb from a Fogarty contest at the top of the square into the goalpost. (Q1 10:14)
Sholl intercepts the kick in 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot is short and rushed. (Q1 10:39)
Sholl bounces a kick wide from 40m in front. (Q1 11:59)
Carlton just can’t rebound past half way, McAdam marks a Lynch pass 45m out on a slight angle and kicks another one for Adelaide. (Q1 13:24)
Himmelberg grabs the ball out of ruck and snaps another one for the Crows from 25m on a slight angle. (Q1 18:56)
Fogarty hits the square from the HFF, Frampton marks untouched as Jones misjudged it, he goals again. (Q1 23:58)
Himmelberg sharks a Jones handball on the HFF, runs to 40m and tries a grubber that goes well wide right. (Q2 4:53)
Setterfield snaps a goal for Carlton, their first, from 30m on the flank after Gibbons roves a McKay contest and gives a handball outside. (Q2 5:53)
McKay flies against two to clunk a Walsh pass to 25m on the boundary, his set shot is a low checkside that is touched on the line by Hartigan, point confirmed on review. (Q2 8:05)
Jones marks on the lead 45m out on the flank, his set shot starts right and curls inside the goalpost for his first. (Q2 9:50)
Lynch bang through a running snap from 50m on a slight angle after Walsh drops a mark in midfield. (Q2 14:36)
Keays gives to Brad Crouch who snaps on the turn from 45m on the flank, that one sails through as well. (Q2 16:54)
Matt Crouch gives to McAdam who just misses with a snap across the body from the hotspot. (Q2 23:38)
Betts roves a McGovern contest at the hotspot and snaps over his shoulder, it’s through but called touched for a behind. (Q3 2:38)
Gibbs passes to Keays 45m out on a slight angle, who chips the set shot wide. (Q3 9:42)
Butts falls over to allow McKay to mark unopposed from a Gibbons ball to the hotspot, McKay turns and runs into the open goal. (Q3 10:40)
Murphy centres from the HFF to Cripps at the hotspot who stutters in and shoots left. (Q3 12:18)
Cripps spins out of pack then baulks his way to 50m on the flank and sails through a lovely finish for another one for Carlton! (Q3 17:18)
McKay flies over Hartigan to clunk a Gibbons ball 25m out on the flank, he goals. Carlton are finally playing footy, but it’s probably too late given their horrid start. (Q3 21:21)
McAdam receives from Schoenberg for a snap on the run from the hotspot under not much pressure but sprays it, disappointingly. (Q4 0:16)
Betts strips Schoenberg in a tackle at half forward and starts an attack, McGovern goes high to the top of the square where McKay marks in front of Butts and plays on to goal! (Q4 2:15)
Himmelberg marks a long Laird kick over Jones 15m out in the pocket but misses. (Q4 4:00)
Simpson is dropped after disposal, downfield free to his target Casboult just inside 50m on the flank who just misses. (Q4 6:32)
Plowman drops a defensive mark, Scholl roves and snaps the goal from 20m on a slight angle. (Q4 7:49)
Plowman tries to get one back for the Blues himself but misses a snap from half forward. (Q4 9:58)
McGovern marks a Simpson ball from the HFF over Smith at the hotspot and kicks truly. (Q4 11:16)
Brad Crouch catches Petrevski-Seton HTB but misses from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 15:28)
Himmelberg marks in front of a pack 40m out in front and kicks the official sealer. (Q4 17:02)
O’Brien converts a set shot from 45m in front after marking a very short Fisher pass. (Q4 18:46)
Cuningham hits the post with a sap from half forward. (Q4 20:15)
McKay marks a De Koning long ball to the square and turns into the open goal, Butts beaten again. (Q4 22:49)
Sloane passes to Gibbs 45m out on a slight angle. The Crow and Blue fans in the crowd give him a cheer in his last game, but he misses. (Q4 25:13)

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