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Blog log from R17 of 2020: St Kilda vs West Coast

Blog log for St Kilda vs West Coast, R17 of 2020

King drops a mark over Barrass 30m out on the flank, he gathers and snaps wide off a step. (Q1 3:58)
Lonie mops up a rebound kick by McGovern and gives to Hill who delivers a lovely touch pass from the wing to Ryder 40m out on the flank for the first goal of the night. (Q1 4:54)
King soccers the crumb to a Kent contest 25m out on the flank wide under pressure. (Q1 7:09)
King roves his own contest and gives to Jones who snaps wide from 35m on the flank. (Q1 8:40)
Membrey marks 50m out on the flank, two Saints lead out of the goalsquare so he kicks it over their heads to bounce through! (Q1 10:18)
Darling marks just inside true CHF and hoofs through a typically professional set shot for his first goal. (Q1 11:55)
Duggan gives Ryan a Joe the Goose special after a calamitous turnover at half back by foot by Wilkie. (Q1 17:36)
Hind snaps across the face from 30m on the flank after Ryder beats Naitanui in the centre. (Q1 18:10)
Kelly clears from a stoppage on the wing for Darling to mark in front of Wilkie 40m out on a slight angle and miss. (Q1 21:50)
Lonie passes to Jones 30m out on the flank who misses. (Q1 24:39)
Lonie kicks to the square, Membrey misses the mark, the ball bounces to the square where Butler throws a boot at it, what happened? Video review inconclusive, umpire’s call goal. (Q1 27:38)
Ryan kicks long after marking 50m out on the boundary, Allen claims a mark on the behind line and after review is paid it, he goals. (Q2 6:30)
Jones fumbles in defence, Kelly pounces and baulks clear but just misses off a step from 25m. (Q2 11:28)
Kelly centres to Brayshaw 35m out on a slight angle after Gaff tapped a loose ball away from the boundary, the first-gamer misses. (Q2 15:16)
Paton is one out with Kennedy and gives away a holding free 20m out on a slight angle, but JJK sprays it right. (Q2 16:25)
Gaff marks a Kelly pass 40m out on a slight angle, the set shot flirts with the left goalpost and falls in. But there’s a review… it stays a goal. (Q2 18:55)
Gaff clears from the next centre bounce up the guts to Darling who marks with strength in front of Darling who goals. Eagles now kicking away! (Q2 21:12)
Long catches Brander high near the boundary 45m out after the next centre bounce, Ryder rushes the set shot for a behind. (Q2 23:32)
Ryan marks 40m out on a slight angle and gives inside to Kelly who misses on the lope from the hotspot just before the HT siren. (Q2 25:34)
Jones roves and snaps wide off a step from 25m on a slight angle. (Q3 2:20)
Butler roves and misses from the pocket. (Q3 3:38)
Rain has been hanging about most of the evening and is starting to affect play now, skills not as clean. (Q3 9:52)
Rotham passes to Petruccelle on a switch play 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 12:52)
Schofield and Barrass team up to rush a Clark snap from half forward. (Q3 19:07)
Ryan intercepts Coffield in midfield and has no one ahead of him, he chooses to kick past Howard from 70m, Howard turns to run and taps the behind from the square. (Q3 21:22)
Sinclair tumbles a kick down the flank to 20m, Ross is front and centre for the crumb from Lonie and tumbles his snap inside the right goalpost for the first goal since HT. (Q4 0:48)
King beats Naitanui to a ground ball on the Saints HFF, kick goes to the square, the crumb falls for Butler who toepokes clear then soccers the levelling goal! (Q4 2:35)
Saints were banging the door down in Q3 but couldn’t score… the dam walls have finally burst. (Q4 3:48)
Naitanui sets Gaff running around the boundary from a stoppage on the HFF, he punches a snap low from 30m but it’s narrow. (Q4 5:22)
Marshall roves and goals from 20m to restore St Kilda’s lead! (Q4 7:01)
Duggan kicks long from near CHF after the next centre bounce but it goes over the head of Kennedy for a behind. (Q4 8:15)
King marks a Steele pass in front of Barrass leading to 35m on the flank, but misses to the left. (Q4 9:17)
King snaps wide from a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle. (Q4 9:17)
O’Neill spoils from the Saints square to the pocket, Hill is in space but snaps wide from 15m. (Q4 13:35)
Brander passes to Kennedy just inside 50m on the flank. Kennedy has a bit of a limp up, but he stutters in and roosts a sensational finish to get the lead back for the Eagles! (Q4 14:35)
Darling roves a Kennedy contest to the next centre clearance and gives to Kelly steaming up from the bounce, he wobbles a snap from 35m through for a massive goal! (Q4 17:21)
Darling roves a Kennedy contest in the pocket and goes to the square where Allen draws a contact free on Geary and goals! (Q4 19:34)
Ryder roves a Brander fumble and snaps quickly from the hotspot but it’s wide. (Q4 21:50)
Ryder kicks inside 50 from a stoppage but Sheppard marks in relief and gets dropped by Marshall to concede 50, 2:09 to go, Saints running out of time. (Q4 25:21)
Gaff stops the next attack on the HBF, Eagles home now. (Q4 27:06)
Cole gets a free on Hill for a rabbit punch and goals after the final siren from point blank range. (Full Time)

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