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Blog log from R15 of 2020: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Blog log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R15 of 2020

Mihocek drifts in from the side of a pack at the top of the square to clunk a long Pendlebury ball from the HFF for the first goal. (Q1 3:32)
Hipwood roves a dropped intercept mark by Moore and falls into a Moore tackle to get a lucky free kick. He shoots from 45m on a slight angle but misses. (Q1 5:55)
Lyons gets around Phillips on the wing and goes to the lead of Cameron 45m out the flank, his set shot is short and eventually rebounded. (Q1 8:10)
Fullarton misses a snap off the left across the body from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 9:09)
Robinson passes to Rayner 45m out on a slight angle. Brisbane are producing a lot of low-percentage shots like this which is one reason they kick inaccurately… this one is OOTF. (Q1 18:25)
Berry passes to the lead of Hipwood in front of Andrews 35m out on a slight angle for the first goal for the Lions. (Q2 3:30)
Zorko snaps wide from a ball in to 20m in the pocket. (Q2 5:48)
Tyler Brown kicks inboard from the BP but straight to Rayner 40m out on a slight angle, the crowd roars as he gets a long set shot on line. (Q2 8:01)
Berry runs from a pack at the hotspot and screws through another good finish off the right boot across the body. Accuracy is catching! (Q2 9:46)
Berry had sharked a pressured Roughead handball inside that pack to create the chance. (Q2 10:20)
Brisbane wins a ground battle fought for a full minute at half forward for Collingwood, Cameron roves and starts a fast attack, McCluggage has Hipwood over the back, big goal! (Q2 14:50)
Pendlebury clears from the next centre bounce, Cox uses his height to beat Andrews in the air for a mark at the hotspot, he steers through the goal. (Q2 16:04)
McCluggage roves a Robinson contest and snaps the goal from 30m on a slight angle, followed by a massive melee! (Q2 20:17)
Maynard started that by dropping Robinson after the goal, but mystifyingly there was no free kick paid. (Q2 21:30)
Daicos has a moment to steady for a snap from 35m on a slight angle but chooses a kick across the body that lands on the line for Gardiner to rush. (Q2 22:05)
Phillips roves a Mihocek contest and is caught high by Rich 20m out on a slight angle. The crowd boos, Flippa shanks it well wide right, crowd cheers. (Q2 23:45)
Cameron gets the first inside 50 of Q3 and it’s a lovely pass to the lead of Hipwood 30m out on a slight angle after Moore slips. Hipwood leaves it left. (Q3 0:28)
Zorko passes to Coleman who marks in front of Maynard 20m out on the boundary and hits the behind post OOTF. (Q3 2:01)
Lyons roves a stoppage on the HFF and snaps another nice finish from long range, the yips have been given the slip and Brisbane is slotting them from everywhere! (Q3 11:44)
McCluggage roves near the hotspot and squeezes a snap off under pressure but it flies wide. (Q3 15:42)
McInerney roves in the BP but fumbles and falls, he is claimed HTB by Callum Brown who screws through the goal with the left boot from 20m. (Q3 16:44)
Cox marks on the HFF and has Mihocek over the back but Checkers drops the pud under no physical pressure and it spills for a behind! (Q4 3:25)
Elliott marks 35m out on the flank and splits the middle, reward for the ball being in Collingwood’s half for the early parts of Q4. (Q4 5:46)
The ball is still mostly in the Magpie half but so far the Brisbane defence is holding like the Queensland Origin rugby league team on their own try line. (Q4 15:01)
Lyons snaps wide from a pack in the pocket after two other Lions had their attempts smothered. (Q4 17:00)
The Pies almost go coast to coast but Elliott loses the handle on the crumb from a Cox contest in the square and the moment is lost, Berry rebounds. (Q4 18:05)
Adams snaps from near CHF to the square, three Collingwood talls there, Moore brings the ball to ground and it’s the beanpole Cox who kept his feet to volley the goal! (Q4 19:21)
1:29 at the next centre bounce, two kicks in it, it has to be Cox with his height to kick at least one of the two to win it. (Q4 19:50)
Grundy to Crisp at the bounce but Starcevich and Rich team up to intercept at half back, they switch but Adams sends it back, Cox to Pendlebury who is pinged for a throw! (Q4 21:21)
Brisbane plays tempo, game is over now. (Q4 21:21)

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