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Blog log from R14 of 2020: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Geelong, R14 of 2020

Bontempelli gets the first centre clearance and the Bulldogs lock it in, Daniel passes to Dunkley 45m out on a slight angle for the first goal of the night. (Q1 1:45)
Hunter reefs out a handball behind a pack to Crozier standing 40m out on the flank, he snaps a rare goal. (Q1 4:31)
Duncan snaps wide under very heavy pressure from 10m out after a stoppage. (Q1 6:19)
Bontempelli leaps in front of Wallis’ lead to mark 40m out on the flank, his set shot is straight enough as well. Bulldogs have the jump, engineered by clearance dominance. (Q1 8:21)
Hunter weaves through traffic after the next centre bounce and hits the lead of Naughton near true CHF, he misses left. (Q1 9:23)
Wallis gives wide of a huge pack at the hotspot to Daniel who snaps wide off a step from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 10:24)
Naughton takes a contested grab in front of Henderson in the pocket and quickly centres to Liberatore 35m out on a slight angle for another one! (Q1 12:10)
Smith gets the next centre clearance kick to the pocket, Dogs swamp the fall, Wallis gives to Dunkley who checksides into the post from 5m out under a tackle. (Q1 14:08)
Dangerfield passes to Hawkins on a rare inside 50 for Geelong in Q1, the Tomahawk lines up from 45m on the flank and tugs it left. (Q1 19:06)
Liberatore gives outside a pack to Richards who screws through a nice finish across his body off his left from the hotspot. (Q1 20:36)
Richards roves an English contest in the pocket and centres for McLean 25m out on a slight angle who converts. The Bulldogs are getting them on the outside! (Q1 24:56)
Johannisen misses from 30m on a slight angle after a 50m penalty. (Q2 3:57)
Hawkins marks 50m out but chooses to pass short to Miers 40m out on a slight angle. Miers’ set shot is ugly as usual, but straight as it often is. (Q2 5:47)
Geelong’s attack is lugubrious and labour-intensive, which is great when you’re leading but may not be as suited when behind. (Q2 11:15)
Miers catches the hapless Gardner HTB under a pack at the hotspot and kicks his second goal. (Q2 11:47)
The crumb from a long ball to 20m out on a slight angle for Geelong falls over the back and Stanley volleys it for an unlikely goal! (Q2 14:32)
Gardner’s handball clanger leads to a loose ball heading towards the Cats goalsquare, Hawkins throws a boot at it but it’s rushed on the line. (Q2 17:33)
The Dogs handball their way through traffic on the wing, Johannisen finds Bruce to mark in front of Henderson next to the hotspot for his first set shot, which misses. (Q2 19:32)
Henry beats Dickson to a long Williams ball that bounces to the square for a rushed behind. (Q2 20:52)
Dangerfield gets caught high by Bruce 55m out on a slight angle and goes back for the set shot, which is predictably short and rushed. (Q2 23:00)
Williams kicks very high up the guts to 20m out, Naughton gets to the front of the pack to mark and boot the first goal of Q3. (Q3 2:56)
Rohan gets around Gardner on the wing and goes long over Keath to Hawkins 20m out on a slight angle for his first major. (Q3 5:34)
Duncan is on the end of a chain of handballs from a stoppage on the wing but Richards catches him HTB at the hotspot as he tries to bounce past trouble, no score! (Q3 9:09)
The Bulldogs rebound around members wing, Wallis passes to Bruce 35m out on the flank who just misses. (Q3 10:21)
Close wins a HTB free on Daniel 40m out on a slight angle but hooks the kick left. (Q3 15:04)
Miers has four Dogs closing at half forward and Rohan to aim at but goes himself from 50m on a slight angle… touched through by Gardner. (Q3 19:08)
Hawkins roves and gives to O’Connor who screws a nice snap over his left shoulder for a rare goal. (Q3 20:10)
Parfitt gives to Miers on a fast break but his ungainly snap from 35m on a slight angle goes wide. (Q3 22:26)
Atkins tumbles a punt to the HFF where Dangerfield marks over Williams, turns and has Rohan over the back at the top of the square for the first goal of Q4. (Q4 5:51)
After that Q1 blast by the Bulldogs, the Cats have relied on their elite defence and reversing the clearance dominance to restrict the opposition, while scoring slowly themselves. (Q4 7:08)
It is going to take most of those three quarters to claw their way into the lead, but it almost seems inevitable now. (Q4 7:35)
Rohan roves and grubbers wide from 20m on a slight angle under a tackle. (Q4 8:11)
Hayes baulks on the HFF and turns his eyes inside for a lovely pass to Hunter on his own 20m out on a slight angle. He kicks truly, a very rare goal for the tricolour after QT. (Q4 10:17)
Stanley roves on the flank 40m out and gives to Dahlhaus who performs a party trick checkside off a step that curls inside the left goalpost for a fine finish! (Q4 12:02)
Dogs win the next centre clearance, Richards bombs to the pack 20m out, Bruce contests and the crumb flips over the back for Naughton to gather and goal! (Q4 13:43)
It has turned into a bit of a shoot out all of a sudden, which probably benefits the Dogs who revel in running and gunning. (Q4 14:10)
Johannisen fumbles on the wing to halt a Dog attack, Cats switch then Guthrie roves and goes inside to Duncan 45m out on a slight angle for the turnover goal. (Q4 16:23)
Dahlhaus puts his body on the line for a loose footy at half forward, Tuohy passes to the lead of Hawkins 35m out wide on the flank who slots the go-ahead goal! (Q4 18:16)
5:07 to play and it’s anyone’s. (Q4 19:36)
3:01 to play and the ball in on the wing. (Q4 23:21)
1:42 and it’s a stoppage in the Geelong FP, they are still up by a kick… Hawkins snaps wide from that ball in. (Q4 25:22)
Kick in to the HBF is punched out for a throw in by Dangerfield, 1:27. (Q4 25:52)
Macrae gets a rebound going but Close mows down Johannisen at CHF for Geelong, his pass goes to ground but Rohan checksides the sealer from 20m! (Q4 28:22)

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