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Blog log from R12 of 2020: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R12 of 2020

Wicks catches a very short Papley inside 50, breaks through a tackle at the hotspot and gives outside to Rowbottom who screws through the first goal of the evening. (Q1 3:43)
Blakey kicks long from the wing to green grass in the pocket over two contests, they turn and chase but the ball skids for a behind. (Q1 8:26)
Hutchesson goes long to the square from the wing, Himmelberg provides a crumb and Langdon snaps wide from 15m. (Q1 12:00)
Dawson passes to Foot 40m out on a slight angle after Parker starts a switch play from congestion on the wing. Foot gives off to Dawson who sails through the goal! (Q1 16:42)
Rowbottom shrugs a flying Haynes tackle on the wing and hits Dawson 45m out on a slight angle, who punches the set shot low and straight. (Q1 23:14)
Dawson marks 25m out in the pocket but doesn’t score with a shank. (Q2 2:09)
Parker feeds Blakey after a stoppage for a running snap across the body from 40m in front, that one sails through as well. (Q2 3:39)
Cameron gets a rather soft contact free on Rampe 40m out on a slight angle, he belatedly kicks the first goal for GWS. (Q2 12:49)
Blakey intercepts a dump kick by Caldwell to 30m out on the flank and sails it right through the hi-diddle-diddle. (Q2 18:15)
Caldwell this time is Johnny on the spot for a dump kick by Mills to CHF, he dives to mark then hoofs it wide and short for no score. (Q2 20:40)
Foot drops a mark on the HBF, Williams roves and passes very short to O’Halloran 40m out on the flank, who doesn’t score either. (Q2 21:40)
Finlayson plays for and gets a contact free on Melican 25m out in the pocket and screws through his first goal. (Q3 3:46)
Foot takes a clever mark over Ward going back with the flight to 25m on a slight angle, he kicks his first senior goal. (Q3 11:57)
Giles-Langdon intercepts Rampe 35m out on the flank but hangs the set shot right. (Q3 15:31)
Papley gets a free on Shaw off the ball 35m out wide on the flank and misses. (Q3 16:46)
Shaw intercepts in midfield and the Giants counter up the guts, Kelly tries his luck from 60m to an empty square but the ball skids wide. (Q3 17:44)
Papley flies and misses a Sinclair pass to CHF but it bounces off Shaw behind him, he butters up and snaps from 45m on a slight angle under pressure.. just misses. (Q3 21:48)
Finlayson flies over a pack next to the hotspot and clunks a Himmelberg ball after Melican gave away a free on the wing. He shanks the set shot as the 3QT siren sounds. (Q3 22:47)
Hutchesson roves and snaps wide from a stoppage 25m out in the pocket. (Q4 1:08)
Thurlow fumbles a ground ball and gets a free for Williams falling into his back, he converts from 30m on a slight angle to ice the game, though GWS haven’t looked like it at all. (Q4 4:55)
Parker misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q4 8:10)
Hayward marks in front of Keeffe in a big pack in the square, the mark is set on the behind line but he goals anyway. (Q4 12:10)
Foot gives outside to Stephens who performs a checkside from 25m on a slight angle for some champagne footy. (Q4 15:00)
Bell gathers a bouncing Papley ball in the pocket and snaps some garbage from 20m. (Q4 18:25)
Stephens is pinged for getting in the back of Giles-Langdon when tackling 20m out on a slight angle, fairly unluckily. ZGL kicks some junk. (Q4 21:48)

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