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Blog log from R10 of 2020: Geelong vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Geelong vs North Melbourne, R10 of 2020

Daw gathers the bouncing inside 50 from the first centre bounce of the game by Simpkin, he gives off to Mahony who goals off a step, first major inside 20 seconds! (Q1 0:42)
Hawkins marks on the boundary over Walker 25m out and screws through his first goal of the evening. (Q1 2:57)
Zach Guthrie kicks an inside out torpedo from the HFF, the ball pitches behind Hawkins and bounces through for an unlikely goal, his first in senior footy! (Q1 6:12)
Simpson gets a high free on McDonald on the flank 45m out, he sits the kick up to the square, eventually Fogarty snaps wide from 20m. (Q1 7:38)
Goldstein drops a difficult Higgins pass at half back with three Cats nearby, Menegola stands up in a tackle and gives to Miers who does the rest from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 8:56)
Zach Guthrie starts a rebound around the outer wing, Close hits the lead of Dangerfield 45m out on the flank who misses left. (Q1 11:24)
Hosie gets a free for Henderson falling into his back 20m out on a slight angle and boots his first goal in the big league in game number one. (Q1 13:42)
Miers roves a stoppage in the pocket and runs onto his left boot with a snap from the hotspot tat screws through, his man Atley nowhere near him. (Q1 16:58)
Miers baulks on the HFF and hits the lead of Hawkins on the boundary 30m out, his set shot drifts and doesn’t score. (Q1 19:23)
Anderson catches Tuohy HTB 45m out in the corridor but misses. (Q1 21:13)
Scott roves in the pocket and gives to Hosie at the top of the square who gets caught high by Henderson for his second goal. (Q1 24:26)
Bews sprints through the centre and bombs long, the ball falls next to the behind post where Dangerfield marks and hits the far goalpost. (Q2 0:28)
Miers marks a Henry kick inside 50 to 45m on the flank, he runs out to the right and kicks straight as a die for goal number three. (Q2 1:58)
Daw misses a flying snap from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 6:12)
Duncan has Simpson in the square for an easy goal but somehow misses the kick from half forward and the ball flies wide. (Q2 9:42)
Hawkins marks on the boundary 30m out, plays on and screws a snap wide. (Q2 10:45)
Guthrie gives to Tuohy who misses on the run from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 16:42)
Hawkins marks a Cam Guthrie pass 35m out and gives inside to Atkins for a snap from the hotspot which hits the post, disappointingly. (Q2 18:57)
Hawkins marks 40m out on the flank just before the HT siren but pushes the set shot across the face for a point. (Q2 22:54)
Cam Guthrie gets the first centre clearance handball of Q3, the Cats run in a wave ending with a Tuohy snap from the hotspot that wobbles wide. (Q3 0:32)
After a long period of North pressing forward, the Cats rebound and Miers leaps over Hayden to mark 40m out on a slight angle for his fourth goal. Sums up the game. (Q3 8:10)
Stanley provides a crumb for a Bews kick to the square, Simpson gets to it ahead of Pittard to volley home. (Q3 11:00)
Cam Guthrie passes to Hawkins leading to the HFF after the next centre bounce, the Tomahawk delivers a peach of a set shot. Geelong ain’t giving this one up. (Q3 12:37)
Anderson runs away from the next centre bounce and finds Walker 20m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q3 14:15)
Simpkin marks in front of Henry 40m out on a slight angle and kicks truly. (Q3 16:56)
Simpson runs free playing on to advantage from a Dangerfield free on the wing, he bombs from the HFF to the square where Stanley drops the mark and the moment is lost. (Q3 21:59)
Will Walker mows down a slow-looking Selwood to skew a snap from 45m in front wide. (Q3 22:34)
Bonar strips Menegola in a tackle on the HBF and North rebounds around the wing, ending with a Hall pass to Scott at the hotspot for the first goal of Q4. (Q4 0:36)
Blicavs gets a contact free on Goldstein on the HFF and goes long to the pocket where Hawkins marks 20m out and boots his third goal. (Q4 4:23)
Daw takes a mark going back with the flight into a pack from a Simpkin kick to 40m on the flank, he kicks truly. (Q4 10:48)
Close closes on Pittard to force a kick from the last line to skew to Zach Guthrie 35m out on a slight angle, he is the unlikeliest bloke to kick the sealing goal. (Q4 12:07)
Hall snaps a goal from the pocket, he likes it but it’s too late for the Kangaroos who never really threatened to come back after Q1. (Q4 15:07)
Will Walker passes short from the HFF to Polec 40m out on a slight angle, who rushes the set shot a little but still kicks the goal. (Q4 16:46)
5:46 left, three kicks in it, but this is still extremely unlikely for North Melbourne. (Q4 17:33)
Daw ruck tap but Dangerfield centre clearance to the HFF, the crumb falls to Duncan who has options but goes himself from 40m… rolls through for a champagne goal. (Q4 19:23)
Hawkins pickpockets Goldstein and passes short to Menegola 40m out on a slight angle, who adds some cherries. (Q4 21:03)
Stanley marks 45m out on a slight angle in front of McKay, he gets some very smelly junk with 15 seconds to go. (Q4 26:33)

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