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Blog log from R8 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs St Kilda

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs St Kilda, R8 of 2020

Ladhams holds Marshall in ruck to concede a free 20m out in the pocket, the Saint screws through the first goal of the evening. (Q1 2:17)
Clurey is pinged for deliberate OOB 25m out, his man King takes the free but doesn’t score with a shank OOTF across the face. (Q1 4:05)
Dixon turns rover for a Gray contest at the hotspot where the crumb falls to the pocket, he gives behind to Powell-Pepper who screws through the goal from 25m. (Q1 9:16)
Jonas is pinged for a hold on Parker sitting under a Paton ball to 40m on a slight angle. Parker shanks for no score, Port crowd cheers. (Q1 16:01)
Butler tries a Daicos special from 20m on the boundary but it skids and doesn’t turn, into the goalpost. (Q1 18:36)
Powell-Pepper roves a Dixon contest and tries a left-foot roller from 40m on the flank, that one doesn’t turn either and slides across the face for a point. (Q1 19:51)
Ebert passes to the lead of Gray 40m out on the flank, clearing Coffield who was sitting in the hole. The Power crowd roars as Robbie slams that one through. (Q1 22:22)
Houston receives from Ebert for a running snap for the HFF which bounces wide. (Q2 6:28)
Parker fumbles, butters up and passes from the wing to the flank 40m out for Butler to mark in front of Westhoff, he kicks straight as a die. (Q2 7:38)
Georgiades takes a contested mark on the wing and sends a long ball to the corridor where Ebert does the same with a leap over a pack to mark 40m out, he his the post. (Q2 11:49)
Georgiades marks a Wines pass on the lead 45m out in front. and delivers a very serviceable set shot for his first goal. (Q2 13:31)
Hill roves, runs down the wing towards the HFF and sends a long speculator to the hotspot, Jonas is pinged for contact on Ryder who kicks the goal. (Q2 15:46)
Marshall marks 40m out in the corridor, his set shot starts leftish but just sneaks inside the goalpost for his first. (Q2 18:16)
Membrey keeps his feet to chase and soccer through the crumb from a King contest at the hotspot that spills to the top of the square. (Q2 21:09)
Hind catches Powell-Pepper HTB on the wing, a 50m penalty for timewasting brings him to 45m on a slight angle, crowd boos but he kicks the big goal! (Q2 23:01)
Ebert snaps wide after a stoppage on the HT siren. (Q2 25:20)
Byrne-Jones gets the first centre clearance kick of Q3, Dixon marks in front of Howard 40m out in front and goals. (Q3 0:32)
Farrell just misses a free from 25m on the boundary against Howard for OOTF. (Q3 5:05)
Kent runs into the open goal playing on to advantage from a free to King at half forward, Saints regain the lead! (Q3 14:18)
Marshall converts another set shot from near the hotspot to give St Kilda a bit of breathing room in a tight affair. (Q3 16:20)
Duursma marks in front of Ryder 45m out in the corridor and sails through an arrow. (Q3 18:33)
Hind is front and centre for Membrey contesting against two Port defenders, he gives outside to Gresham who dribbles the first goal of Q4 from 25m on the flank! (Q4 4:22)
Wines passes short from CHF to Powell-Pepper 45m out on a slight angle. SPP saunters in and misses. (Q4 5:52)
Duursma passes short to Gray 35m out on the boundary, his set shot is across the face and rushed. (Q4 7:40)
Westhoff beats King to intercept mark in defence but his short kick towards CHB is intercepted by Butler 40m out who makes the Hoff pay with a massive goal! (Q4 9:07)
Ryder is spoiled in the pocket but catches the crumb and rolls through the goal from 20m, his teammates get around him as well they should! (Q4 12:00)
Steele snaps very high to the square from a stoppage at half forward, Jonas spoils but Membrey had tried a bicycle kick and the ball snicked his boot on the way through, sealer! (Q4 16:12)
King takes a contested mark drifting in front of a pack 25m out on the flank, he gets some cherries. (Q4 22:05)

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