Blog log from R8 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Richmond

Daniels roves a Kelly set up kick from the HFF to the hotspot but misses. (Q1 0:41)
Bolton bolts down members wing and goes long to Castagna, Davis spoils but the smaller man keeps his feet as the Giant stumbles, Castagna soccers the first goal from 10m. (Q1 1:56)
Lynch draws a holding free on Keeffe 30m out on the flank but hangs his set shot left. (Q1 3:57)
Kelly sends another speculator from the HFF, this one to an outnumber at the top of the square but Jacobs beats two Tigers to mark and goal. (Q1 6:42)
Smith is pinged for encroachment to bring Giles-Langdon from wing to 35m on a slight angle, ZGL misses. (Q1 9:46)
Higgins feeds Bolton on the wing, has a man on his hammer but has a cheeky bounce then lets fly from 50m on a slight angle… swerves into the goalpost. (Q1 10:19)
Hopper baulks clear at half forward and goes long to the square, Grimes is pinged for contact from behind on Himmelberg who converts from 10m. (Q1 12:30)
Coniglio roves a Cameron contest and snaps off a step from 40m in front but Grimes rushes it on the line. (Q1 14:40)
Bolton gets caught HTB in the centre and the Giants swarm on advantage, Ash passes to Greene 40m out near the boundary, the set shot is straight at a die. (Q1 15:45)
Bolton roves, weaves through traffic on the HFF and passes to the boundary 25m out for Castagna, who tries a left foot screwing shot that misses. (Q1 18:23)
Corr gets caught HTB by two Tigers next to the Richmond goalpost as he dithers without realising he could rush it deliberately without penalty, Aarts takes the free and goal. (Q1 21:28)
Pickett marks a Castagna ball in front of Haynes 45m out on the flank, but he hurries the set shot and misses badly. (Q1 22:59)
Coniglio turns the ball over with a terrible clanger in midfield to Castagna, eventually Higgins snaps from 45m on a slight angle but misses. (Q1 23:36)
Hopper is pinged for a trip on Pickett as his tackle slips low after a stoppage 50m out on a slight angle. Pickett kicks long but just left. (Q2 5:24)
McIntosh misses a snap from near the boundary 45m out after receiving outside a pack. (Q2 8:30)
Short intercepts a Haynes dump kick to the Tiger HFF, he has the length in his boot but goes inside short to Bolton who plays on and snaps truly from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 9:34)
Perryman catches Martin high 45m out on a slight angle, Dusty plays on of course but this time he misses. (Q2 16:19)
Greene marks a clearance kick by Caldwell from the wing to 50m on a slight angle, leaping in front of Smith. Greene roosts a massive set shot for the go ahead goal! (Q2 19:25)
Coniglio toepokes the crumb from a pack 20m out to de Boer who gives to Kelly who snaps a fabulous goal from the pocket, GWS well beaten this quarter but are now kicking away! (Q2 22:38)
Finlayson flies over Vlastuin to clunk a Kelly ball in a pack 40m out on a slight angle, he kicks the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:12)
Greene flies in front of Vlaustin and draws a rather obvious contact free for a slap to the chops. He lines up from near the hotspot, goal umpire doesn’t move. (Q3 3:22)
Taranto snaps wide from the pocket after McIntosh coughs the ball up under heavy pressure. (Q3 9:03)
Daniels forces a turnover after the kick in but hits the post from 20m in front. (Q3 9:42)
Finlayson marks 40m out near the boundary and points at the goalface… it’s a shank but lands in the arms of Greene in the opposite pocket 20m out who goals. (Q3 11:12)
Martin shows good hands to mark a Lynch pass 30m out on a slight angle despite a front-on challenge by Perryman. Dusty kicks truly. (Q3 13:59)
Riewoldt is forward of a stoppage 20m out, somehow the ball squirts to him and he snaps an opportunist goal! (Q3 21:31)
Shaw roves on the last line but kicks OOTF 20m out, Martin takes the free, plays on like you knew he would and screws through another one! Tigers back in it! (Q3 23:31)
Lambert feeds Bolton for a running snap from CHF that bounces wide. (Q4 1:42)
Daniels roves a Cameron kick down the line from the HFF but his snap is touched and ricochets for a point from 20m. (Q4 6:32)
Lynch roves a Haynes drop and snaps off a step from 30m in the pocket… just across the face. (Q4 9:21)
Higgins and Pickett spoil each other going for a Martin ball to half forward, eventually Aarts snaps wide under heavy pressure from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 12:17)
Broad is pinged for contact off the ball, 50m penalty brings Daniels from wing to 35m on a slight angle who just misses. (Q4 13:20)
Whitfield hoofs a high ball to the top of the square, Himmelberg brings the ball to ground and it’s Greene who roves and kicks the likely sealer. (Q4 16:06)
Castagna runs away from a stoppage at CHB, he passes to Rioli running back with the flight to leap over Ash and take a skilful mark 40m out on a slight angle. Rioli misses badly. (Q4 20:03)
Haynes cuts off the next Richmond sortie on members wing, clock ticks under 2:00 as GWS plays tempo, this game is over. (Q4 21:09)

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