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Blog log from R8 of 2020: Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs, R8 of 2020

Ballard roves in the BP but Bontempelli catches him HTB 20m out. The Bont hits the post. (Q1 0:35)
Wallis sharks a Collins handball in a big pack 20m out and gives outside to Smith to snap the first goal from dead in front. (Q1 2:13)
Smith snaps wide from the HFF. (Q1 9:31)
Anderson provides a crumb for a centring ball to the hotspot to allow Sexton to rove and snap across the body off the right for the first Suns goal. (Q1 10:58)
Powell passes to the dive of King 45m out on the flank, who misses. (Q1 14:28)
Sexton marks an Anderson pass from the wing 45m out in the corridor and sails through his second goal of the quarter. (Q1 15:39)
After some kick to kick on members wing, Liberatore sums it up with a fine snap from 40m on a slight angle after a give by Crozier. (Q1 22:35)
Light rain that was falling in Q1 has intensified in Q2. (Q2 1:19)
Macrae passes short to Smith 45m out on the flank after Anderson turns the ball over by foot at half back. Smith misses. (Q2 1:48)
Powell mops up a Lipinski rebound dump kick and passes to Rankine 40m out on the flank, who kicks it straight as a die over the fence! What a talent! (Q2 6:47)
Cordy rushes a long ball to the square ahead of Day. (Q2 8:19)
Swallow misses from a stoppage 20m out on a slight angle. (Q2 10:00)
Swallow passes to Anderson on the boundary 35m out, who slices it OOTF. (Q2 16:03)
Ainsworth roves a Sexton contest and skids a snap just wide of the post from 35m. (Q2 18:04)
Bowes rushes a Liberatore snap from half forward that lands in the square. (Q2 20:11)
Lipinski snaps from half forward, Powell leaps on the line, did he touch it? Video review, umpire’s call stands and it’s a goal. (Q2 21:13)
Lipinski catches Greenwood HTB at the next centre bounce, he goes to the flank 40m out where Bontempelli takes a contested grab… but his set shot is short, wide and rushed. (Q2 23:52)
Day marks at half forward, twenty blokes stream forward but he picks up Sexton running behind them all to the top of the square for his third goal. (Q3 2:31)
Rankine holds Johannisen after disposal on the wing to concede a free plus 50m, JJ lines up from 40m on a slight angle and makes him pay with a big goal. (Q3 5:21)
Weightman sends a very high speculator from the HFF to the square, Powell and Collins fly and spoil each other, Wallis stayed down to goal with ease. (Q3 7:46)
Vandermeer marks 40m out on a slight angle, his set shot is a dirty shank that swerves into the post. (Q3 10:51)
Vandermeer passes to Weightman 35m out on the boundary, who kicks OOTF. (Q3 13:33)
Wood spoils and rushes a King ball to the square to deny Rankine a chance. (Q3 18:17)
Day roves a Rankine contest in the pocket 25m out and gets caught high by Keath, he centres to Ellis 40m out on a slight angle who kicks truly. (Q3 19:16)
Anderson roves a Day contest 40m out on a slight angle, has three blokes running past but goes himself off a step… well wide. (Q3 21:25)
Rankine hits the post with a snap from the pocket. (Q4 1:05)
Richards turns and chases his own crumb after competing with Lukosius at the top of the square, he tries a left foot volley and it comes off for an opportunist goal from 10m! (Q4 2:15)
Young gets a contact free on Ballard at the hotspot and kicks the Dogs clear. (Q4 3:50)
Gowers misses a snap from the pocket. (Q4 6:41)
Rankine skids a snap wide from half forward. (Q4 7:19)
Ainsworth plays on to advantage from a free kick to Miller at a stoppage and rams through a snap from 35m out in front. (Q4 11:20)
Rankine misses off his left boot from the pocket to bring the margin back to a straight kick, nearing 7:00 to play. (Q4 14:28)
Rankine leaps over Keath to take a chest mark from a Harbrow kick to the pocket 20m out, but he misses. (Q4 17:35)
Stoppage in the Suns FP, 1:30 to go. (Q4 23:02)
Keath dumps a rebound kick to the HBF, Greenwood kicks to an empty hotspot but the Dogs swarm and rebound, out for a throw in on the wing, 57 seconds. (Q4 23:30)
Greenwood kicks to half forward but Williams gets the touch… Budarick intercepts at CHB, one last chance… Bontempelli marks in relief at half back! (Q4 24:06)

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