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Blog log from R7 of 2020: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R7 of 2020

Lyons smothers and catches a Haynes kick from a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle from the Lions goal, he snaps off a step for the first goal! (Q1 1:09)
Gardiner is out of position as Cameron rises to mark a Corr pass unopposed 40m out on a slight angle, but Cameron misses. (Q1 3:08)
Zorko chases the crumb from a stoppage that rolls from the hotspot to the square, McInerney taps it to his feet and he toepokes it home! (Q1 5:36)
Coniglio misses from a big pack 20m out after a stoppage. (Q1 8:20)
Zorko snaps wide from a stoppage deep in the right pocket. (Q1 10:55)
McCarthy receives from McLuggage and bounces through the third goal for Brisbane from the hotspot after Haynes turns the ball over by foot on the HBF. (Q1 14:52)
Jarrod Berry checksides wide from 20m on a slight angle after another stoppage win to the Lions. (Q1 16:18)
McCarthy takes a big contested grab over Perryman 25m out on the flank and gives off to Neale to run into the open goal. GWS looking like a rabble in defence! (Q1 17:57)
Robinson mows down Finlayson on the wing after the next centre bounce to start at attack which ends with McCluggage passing over Haynes to Cameron 30m out on the flank, miss. (Q1 19:39)
Daniels runs away from a pack on the HFF but his kick is half a pass and half a shot, and ends up bouncing into the base of the goalpost. (Q1 21:09)
Ah Chee turns the ball over by foot in the BP from the kick in and it’s Himmelberg who spoils Rich, does a one-two with Daniels and snaps the first Giant goal. (Q1 22:14)
Finlayson catches Rich HTB in the centre and goes quickly to the HFF, Coniglio takes on Starcevich then gives to Taranto who screws through a fabulous finish from 40m! (Q1 23:44)
McInerney marks a Robinson kick in the pocket 25m out in front of Corr, he misses. (Q1 26:14)
McStay provides a contest in a pack 25m out in the pocket, the crumb falls to the back where Cameron roves and goals in the one motion despite a desperate Davis dive. (Q2 2:18)
Jeremy Cameron feeds Himmelberg after a stoppage on the HFF who runs from the pocket ahead of Andrews onto his right boot and snaps his second goal from 20m. (Q2 5:33)
Coniglio marks 50m out on a slight angle but chooses to pass to Finlayson on the boundary 25m out who plays on and screws through a fine finish. Giants back in it! (Q2 7:19)
Downfield free after the next centre bounce for contact by Neale on Taranto, Jeremy Cameron lines up 50m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q2 9:02)
Rayner passes to Charlie Cameron leading out of the square to 40m on a slight angle, with Shaw trailing well behind. Charlie’s set shot is a peach. (Q2 12:14)
After Whitfield turns the ball over in midfield, Jarrod Berry passes to Bailey at the hotspot who kicks truly. Lions have steadied after GWS bossed the first part of Q2. (Q2 18:39)
McStay takes a contested grab at half forward, wheels and hits the lead of Cameron 35m out on the flank with Shaw chuntering in the background. Charlie misses. (Q3 1:46)
Martin gets a rather obvious holding free on Mumford in rock 25m out on a slight angle, he goals. Brisbane have kicked away since halfway through Q2. (Q3 7:21)
Birchall choofs up members wing and hits the lead of Hipwood 45m out on a slight angle, he sails through a nice set shot and that’s another one for the rampaging Lions! (Q3 9:37)
Jeremy Cameron flies in a big pack at the top of the square to mark and goal, against the flow of play. (Q3 11:15)
Taranto gathers a bouncing ball and snaps across his body on the turn from 30m on a slight angle… starts left but takes a nice off break for a goal! (Q3 14:28)
Zorko passes short to McCluggage 35m out on the flank, his set shot is wide, short and rebounded. (Q3 17:01)
Gardiner tries to baulks out of trouble at CHF but his man Jeremy Cameron pounces to win a HTB free. The set shot is a thing of beauty, two big ones to Jezza! (Q3 19:56)
The Giants sweep forward after the next centre bounce, Daniels gives outside to de Boer who snaps off hte left boot from 35m on a slight angle… lands on the goal line, through! (Q3 21:27)
Robinson bombs from the centre square to the hotspot, Rayner flies third in line to clunk a sensational mark and goal! (Q3 24:32)
Starcevich is pinged for a hand in the back of Jeremy Cameron 50m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 25:56)
McStay roves a Zorko centre clearance kick but misses on the turn from 45m. (Q4 0:18)
Keeffe holds Hipwood on the wing and gives away 50m for timewasting with a petulant display. Hipwood doesn’t make him pay with a miss from 25m on a slight angle. (Q4 2:27)
Finlayson roves a Jeremy Cameron contest and snaps on the turn from 25m on a slight angle… across the face. (Q4 3:39)
Rayner performs a party trick from the pocket, a Daicos special from 25m on the boundary! (Q4 5:22)
A downfield free for contact on Ash gifts Finlayson a set shot from 50m on a slight angle, which falls short and is rebounded. (Q4 6:36)
Haynes gallops up members wing after a run from behind the centre by Daniels, he goes long to Jeremy Cameron who draws a contact free on Gardiner but misses from 20m on the flank. (Q4 8:27)
Jarrod Berry catches a very short McCluggage kick from the pocket, he storms towards the goal line with Hately hanging off him like a front rower, gets a kick off… touched point. (Q4 13:38)
Giles-Langdon fumbles in defence then Hopper catches Bailey high 35m out in front, who carefully steers through the official sealing goal. (Q4 16:28)
Corr has an acre of space on the HFF, runs his full measure to 40m and misses like a backman. (Q4 18:49)
McCarthy takes a screamer on the back of Ash at the Lion hotspot, he gets some cherries on top. (Q4 20:43)
Andrews is pinged for HTB next to the behind post, Himmelberg gets some junk. (Q4 23:08)
Mumford gives to Kelly for some garbage in the pocket. (Q4 25:13)

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